Hans J. Berger

1941 ~ 2022

Hans J. Berger, beloved husband, soulmate, father, grandpa, great grandpa, mentor, and master teacher transitioned into the heavenly realms on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. as the sun rose in the east signifying a new beginning of his journey and he was held in the loving arms of his family. True to his joyful spirit and magnetic personality, Hans’ contract for life is “I AM a Blessed Man”.

Hans was born September 6, 1941, in Zwoenitz, East Germany, into the family of Bruno and Johanna Vogel Berger. Hans escaped to West Germany with his family in 1954 similar to the Von Trapp family in the famous movie The Sound of Music. Hans’ father quietly told everybody to get into the car and the Berger family rode in silence through the night to the West German border. They did not look back.

Shortly after his escape, when Hans was 17 years old, he immigrated to America alone with a one-way ticket and just sixty dollars in his pocket, not knowing a word of English. He eventually made it to Utah where he attended the University of Utah and met Sally Breinholt Berger, the love of his life and eternal partner. They were married on April 28, 1972. Hans and Sally were inseparable during their marriage which allowed them to create their own business together in 1985, the Impact Trainings. Together Hans and Sally created a vision for their company: “To empower the human spirit towards free, unconditionally loving and harmonious living.” Impact Trainings allowed Hans to share with others his story and the gift of freedom he so deeply treasured. As Hans and Sally engaged in their purpose and passion together, they created a ripple effect with over 100,000 graduates living the vision of Impact Trainings worldwide.

Hans and Sally recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their legacy of four children, thirteen grandchildren, and two great grandsons. Hans is survived by his beautiful and beloved sweetheart Sally Breinholt Berger, his children Elisa Berger Evans, Hollie Berger Atkinson (Justin), Heidi Jane Berger, and David Hans Berger (Kamber), and his grandchildren Ericka Evans Jones (Griffin), Adam Evans (fiancee Ashley), Brooke Evans, Kaylee Evans, Emily Atkinson Kordakis (Chris), Jake Atkinson (fiancee Ashley), Ben Atkinson (fiancee Vanessa), Sierra Pierson, Tiana Pierson, Sachseni Pierson, Sadie Berger; Amberly Berger, and Josh Berger, and his great-grandchildren Hugh Jones and Maxwell Kordakis.

Services to celebrate Hans’ magnificent life will be at 12:30pm on Thursday, May 26, 2022, at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy, Utah 84092. The family will receive guests on Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 8:00pm and again on Thursday morning from 11:00am – 12:00 pm prior to the services. Interment Larkin Sunset Gardens.


All my love and prayers to Sally and all their children and grandchildren at this time. I Loved Hans very much as a an employer and friend. The Impact Trainings changed me from the soul on thru. Thank you all

- Angel Lambrose (formerly Hubbard)

Hans has been called to a Higher Realm to continue the work he has been doing here on Earth. His life here has been a great blessing to many people – he is so loved – we will miss him. I am sure he is still "seeing what he can create", just like he always taught us to do. Thank you, Sally and Family, for being there for him these last months. Thank you to family for continuing the work of his and Sally’s vision - Impact Training. It has been such a great blessing to our family. We will forever be grateful. My Impact Training holds a sacred space in my heart. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Much Love and Blessings Always
Anne Ellsworth

- Anne Ellsworth

Hans, you were my first trainer. Can you change my life. Thank you so much, my friend! May you live your joy with God! Do you everyone else you know you, I love you all. I hope you’re living in enjoying your lives, making a difference in the world.

- David Jenkins

Dear Hans,
Thank you for all you have done in this world. It has been blessed by your presence and will continue to feel your positive vibration. You will live on in peoples hearts you have touched and taught. You continue to reach an infinite group of humans all around the world. ❤️4444…

- Dawn Perazzo

Hans, The MASTER, the LEGACY, the IMPACT of you will always be remembered, as you assisted me to Re-member who I truly am! As your legacy lives on and many others will attend the training, learning of you and feeling you in the training room and in taking the training outside of the training room. Thank you for showing up, thank you for being YOU! I am filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity of both Hans and Sally to facilitate my LMT training. I am sure when the thermostat adjusts opposite of what Sally sets it at, we will all know what happened ;-) Many Many happy memories-life is a celebration and it is time to celebrate Hans! My heart to yours and to your AMAZING family! Much Love--Trish LO 319 <3 <3 <3

- Trish Van Doren

Earlier this evening I was thinking about Hans and Sallie Berger and what wonderful people they were and the huge impact they had in my life. I actually just Googled the names and found out about the passing of Hans. It's certainly not a coincidence that I was thinking of him on the day of his funeral.

My heartfelt wishes go out to all the family. I was in Liftoff 124 and did my training during the summer of 1998. What an impact Hans has had in my life. Because I just happened to be thinking of him today tells me that he is really not far from us.
Annette (I am a Loving, Inspiring, Powerful, Divine Woman).

- Annette Burns

My heart to yours. Thank you for the positive influence you had on my life. I'm grateful for you and Sally and the gift you both have been to me and to so many others. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. 4

KT & Steven MacKay

- KT MacKay

Sally, I was in Lift-off 123 and Seth Wilks’ mom. We are so sorry to hear of Hans’ passing. Please feel our thoughts and prayers for you and your family at this time. ❤️

- Martha Wilks Harrison

Hans had so much influence on my life trajectory after I met him 13 yrs ago. Im honored to be one of the many people impacted by his legacy and commitment to living intentionally.

So grateful for Hans and Sally and everything I learned from them.

One random evening I was feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for my life and the things that were happening for me and I decided to just call the training center to express it. It was like 8pm on a Thursday or something. Hans picked up the phone and I was able to tell him directly. Its one of my favorite little memories.

Such a small thing that might not register for him. But he lived in such a way that his energy left an impression on me to where I remember a 60 second phone call from a decade ago.

Thats who he is and how he showed up.

Much love my friend.


- Preston Pugmire

I can’t imagine missing the funeral today! Wow what a perfect celebration of Hans life. You all did an amazing job, I laughed, I cried, but most importantly I felt the IMPACT of his life in this world. I am so grateful for all of you, I love how you shared his life with us Through your words and music, I’ve been trained by Hans, I’ve been processed by Hans, but most importantly I have been unconditionally loved by Hans, I am forever changed because of the impossible dream he had! God bless you all! Sally you are a ROCK STAR in my books! Love to the family!!!🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love your friend Mona !

- Mona weidner

Dear Sally, we express our sincere gratitude to you and Hans for the important lessons of life you have taught us. We love you and Hans dearly. this life is but a small moment compared to eternity and you two will continue your important work there. Thank you, Hans and Sally, for your dedication to your life’s work!

- Ken and Helene Larkin

- Ken and Helene larkin

Hans Berger was an incredible human. I’m grateful for his commitment to freeing the human spirit, which I believe changed the trajectory of our family. His ripple effect ran through our family like wildfire, and I’m sure the ripple continues today (over 25 years later). I’m sure he is at peace knowing what a difference he made here on earth. Much love and hugs to his family ❤️

- Summer Gardner

Sweet Hans. Though I have not seen him in 30+ years, my Lifespring experience was nothing without him. I will never forget his intention statement of creating a training that was more conducive to the teachings of Christ. Though I never went through Impact, I heard of many people that did and loved the training!

Thank you Hans for taking a stand. I am so happy to have touched shoulders with you. Until we meet again my friend.

Sandy Daniels Hecky-darn!

- Sandy Daniels

A beautiful life lived and legacy left behind. Thank you so much to Hans and Sally. The impacted trainings completely changed my life for the better 24 years ago. You have my eternal gratitude. You will be missed here and welcomed with applause and open arms where you're going. So much love to the family during this time.

Trina Wilks

- Trina Wilks

So sorry to hear of Hans's passing!

- Ann Jacobsen Given

I Loved his HUMAN, and Love his SPIRIT!❤️ Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Hans🙏💜🙏444. Love and Light to you, Sally and the Family💜☀️

- Deborah J Ross

Where does one even start when we think/feel
Hans Berger? 💜🔥💜
I have many beautiful memories of him, including Sally. I attended my Quest training in November of 2011, my Quest Friday- 💝🐺 being on 11/11/2011.
It was not so significant at the time, but nearly one year later as I took on my life mastery training I realized that I lived on 161 Casi way and my birthday was 08/01/1971. "The power of one was my big breakthrough in the Life mastery one training!"

"Every single one of us by and by...." just as the song says - make our own unique 💎Blueprint -&- You-nique footprint in this life.👣
A few of my favorite quotes he often says is "Don't believe everything I say, but don't discount it either!" & "We create worlds; it doesn't have to look like a physical world!" I realized in that moment I co-created four4 beautiful beings - four4 beautiful worlds! I'll never 4get one time during a quest walk-in, he approached me in the crowd and said "Your hair is blue!" and I said "Wow, so is your shirt!" and he was wearing one of his amazing marble colored shirts with the white and blue! His eyes lit up and we laughed and mosty because he was speechless and that is a very rare moment indeed!
The last time I saw him was at the December Christmas party in 2022. I saw him walk in the room and my heart is filled with joy, even tears... I made it a point to make my way across the room and connect heart to heart, soul to soul, eye to eye, he said "Sherry it's so good to see you," with a big hug!
Hans is always so happy to receive our love and our light back to him as the ripple, he is the "Light keeper!" "The Light Bringer!" The new dawn, the new beginning!
I Am Sending you all light and love..to all the ripples of your own families, too many to name but you all know who you are 💕💘💗💝🌈
Han has a very special way of reaching souls to remind us of our magnificence. And I will never forget mine because of the stand that he bravely, courageously took!
Thank you Hans, thank you Sally & family, thank you, thank me! Espavo 🎉🎊
"Welcome Home!"
~444 Ever~

- Sherry Ewell Steed

DaerSally and fily,

Our hearts really go out to you and you family! We love you!

Tracey (Jensen) and Jon Sto

- Tracey Jensen Stofleth

There are no words to adequately express our love & gratitude for Hans and Sally! Hans came into our life at the most perfect divine moment in 2003. We could not have imagined the shift & change that day would bring nor could we have ever imagined the Joy Peace Love Light Wisdom Truth Tenderness & so much more that Hans & Sally would constantly mirror to us. From the deepest part of our heart, thank you for taking a stand for humanity. Thank you for the gift you are and sharing your gift with us and countless others. Thank you for walking beside us as the master teachers you are. You have blessed our lives in unmeasurable ways & we are filled with love & gratitude! May Holy Angels surround Sally & your precious family filling hearts with peace comfort love & joy. We love you all, Carla & Glen Walker

- Carla & Glen Walker

It is said that the Greeks would ask one question when a man died, "Did he have passion?"

My experience of Hans is he most certainly lived and loved with passion! I am forever grateful for His and Sally's divine impact on my and my family's life.

From my heart to the entire Berger family, thank you, thank you, thank you ... and God bless.

Mike and Jennifer Tilley

- Mike Tilley

My heart to yours.

- Kathleen Terk

So sad to here this. Such an amazing man. May you Rest in Peace.. Thanks for everything. ❤️ May peace and love be with you all.

- Billie Sorensen

So sad to here this. Such an amazing man. May you Rest in Peace.. Thanks for everything. ❤️ May peace and love be with you all.

- Billie Sorensen

Hanz and Sally I am forever grateful for your service to mankind and especially for the life transforming experience of my life. Thank you for facilitating that experience that has forever transformed and impacted my life! Love you both so much! Lift off 117 Sherrie Burnham

- Sherrie Burnham

Dearest Berger Family, my name is Dell Hill. We met Hans at Impacts first training in San Diego, California about 1989, and our families lives have never been the same since. I thought that he was an arrogant bully but then I came to see the real man that he was.
He had the gift to see (and say) things that most others didn’t see (and wouldn’t say).
Hans, may your work on earth continue while you work on heaven.

- F Dell Hill

So sorry to hear of Hans passing but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him and to feel of his love and spirit!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!❤️❤️

- Kristi Curtis

I consider it one of the greatest privileges in my life to have known Hans, Sally and the Berger family. To have the opportunity to engage in the trainings and see the results continue to manifest in my life 20 years later. On a daily basis, as I live my life I am reminded of the concepts that have taken root in my consciousness. I am even further moved by the opportunity to have known Hans on a personal basis and work with him to assist in executing his vision of the Trainings. It still is and always will be one of the most valuable experiences in my life. All my love to Sally and the family and the memory of Hans in this eternal moment. And so it is!

- Erik Peterson

I will always be grateful. I love you Hans and Sally! Sending oceans of love and big warm hugs! Love, Chandra LO 61

- Chandra Thompson Roberson

Thank you so much for the impact experience your contribution to the world has been the missy amazing experience of my life thank you so much

- Dirk Ellis

Thank you so much for the impact experience your contribution to the world has been the missy amazing experience of my life thank you so much

- Dirk Ellis

Hans and impact changed my life for the better. I am a member of 197. My condolences to sally and family.

- Joanie Bell

My prayers, love and energy are being sent to you all. How blessed he is, so many loves touched. So many inspired to touch as many lives as he has seems like a daunting task, but challenge excepted. Love and a peaceful heart to you all.

- Wendy Hvolboll

It is with much mixed feelings that I find this news. Sadness and joy along with compassion and love for all who loved you are dear father and husband. A warrior of the light his gift too many who had the chance to know him! I am eternally grateful for his gifts to me! Much love and respect Richard Tucker LMT 183

- Richard Tucker

In honor of a great BEing and a dear friend. Thank you for your unconditional love & service to me and 5 others of my family. Forever grateful. ESPAVO

- Rick Smith

Hans and Sally’s incredible vision served to heal my family. I once shared this truth, in tears, with Hans. We shed a few tears together that night.

I am confident that without the influence of this fine man I would not be living my calling and providing for my family as a professional speaker for the last 25 years.

I bless the day that this incredible man came into my life.

Brad Barton
Lift Off 73

- Brad Barton

My heart is very heavy. Impact training was one of the best experiences of my life. I can't imagine a place more full of love. A very sacred place to learn how to be vulnerable and how to love unconditionally. Hans had quite a gift to look past people's walls and see their true selves. He was tough yet full of love. I really wanted to continue with the life mastery classes with Hans. I know his legacy and impact lives on in many ways through many people. All my deepest condolences to Sally and the family and friends. Many hugs. May you rest in love and peace Hans.

Nate Williams
Lift Off 299

- Nate Willams

I've attended Impact training. It changed my life. Thank you Hans and family for you dedication for bringing the world, light and love. I'll be forever grateful!

- Nora Ostler

Hans made the world a better place. His influence remains with the entire Impact family and everyone else whose lives he touched. The love and light in my heart is travelling to you from the Netherlands. Thank you for assisting us in being a light of love in the world. We will keep your flame of love burning bright until we meet again. Hugs and so much love.
Katherine (Rucker) Rugenbrink

- Katherine Rugenbrink

There are no words for the beautiful impact Hans had, and will forever have on our family. Simply put, he was, is and will forever be the embodiment of love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sending our love and deepest gratitude for the gift of Hans J. Berger.
Amber LO 174
Shane LO 173
Morgan, Jenson, Carter & Grace

- Shane & Amber Mc’Millan

Hans, I am so very grateful for my experience of getting to know you and feel your spirit. I was one of the lucky ones who learned from you and your Beautiful Wife Sally. The spirit beings you were surrounded with are oh so very bright and I will feel your presence in my life forever. Thank you for sharing your vision of love and gratitude with this world. My heart and love is being sent energetically to your family, thank you for staying with us for as long as you could. Espavo !!!!

- Darnell Marin White

Sending you all love and light, peace and comfort , thank you for all you have done for making the world a better place.
love you Terri
Lift off 391 LMT 2020❤

- Terri F Hoover

Thank you for assisting me. 4444 love and light ❤️

- Dominick Jackson

What a beautiful life and legacy! I still hear Hans in my mind frequently. His lessons and love changed the course of my life, and I am eternally grateful for him and the entire family at Impact. Sending love to you all.

- Amie

Love and gratitude for Hans! And Sally,

- Tracy Atkinson

I value what I learned from Hans. He and his family changed how I saw myself and how I am. I thank him for all that he taught me.

- Catherine Murray

My dear friend you will be missed … Words cannnot express to you the gratitude We have In our hearts for the difference you have made in our lives…You are an amazing man of light and I know you will make a difference on the other side as well …

- Michael and Michellle Shurtliff

We are grateful to Hans for all he has done for us in conducting his training classes.
Life really is eternal. We look forward to meeting him again.

- Keith Gwin

I am grateful for the gift the Berger family shared with myself and my family. I feel blessed by Hans and Sally's investment in humanity to make heaven on earth and inspiring all who choose to take on their life like the Devine beings they are. May the Creator's love fill the hearts of all !!! that's better than a Hal a leu ya

- Bill LeFevre

Are you ready to start your training. 🙏🏻😇🤗

- Mike Mylroie

So sorry to hear about Hans. He was such a great man and a wonderful teacher he will always hold a place in my heart God bless you sally

- Corinne stout

I'm sorry for your loss. You and Hans are two amazing individuals. You changed my life. I'm so blessed that I got to know both of you. Keeping you and you're family in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and light.
John Hoover

- John Hoover

Dearest Berger Family,
My name is Jocelin and I attended Impact training in 2013. I want to say you all have impacted my life forever. Your teaching and lessons I'll forever hold dear in my heart. I feel so privileged to have met and worked with Hans. I share your sorrow deeply with you. Thank you for forever influcing my life, my husband's, and children's for generations to come. Thank you for being perfect human beings and inspiring the world to change. My greatest condolences and deepest sympathy. May Hans rest in God's hands.
Sincerely the Wells family.

- Wells Jocelin

I’m so very happy for the reunion Hans is surely having with many other beautiful souls. “Be the change” is certainly what Hans is. I feel so very grateful to have met him, to have taken on his training that I continue living these so many, many years later. He will be missed but certainly not forgotten. Until we meet again Hans.

My love goes out to his family at this time. May they find the beauty and peace in his passing and may their hearts always be full of love for him.

Don Clark
L/O 229

- Don Clark

Sadness in my heart as a space missing here but also joy knowing that the next life is incredible. My love to the family at this time. I will be out of town during the services so I will say what is in my heart directly to Hans. The world is different without him but he can do even more from the spirit realm. So grateful for my life changing due to Hans and Sally living their dream of creating a training to changes lives. There is nothing like it! Job well done! Forever in gratitude and love.

- Edette Erekson Crump

Dearest Sally, and family, I'm so sorry for your loss! What an amazing man Hans was! I feel honored to have met him and enjoyed being in his presence! He will be missed by many, but not as much as you and your family! I pray for peace and love for you all
Love, Sheri Christensen

- Sheri Christensen

My heart swells with love and joy for Hans to transcend to the next realm. I love him and Sally and the entire family so much! I use the tools I learned from Hans and Sally daily! I love you all. He will be missed Your will never forget his wonderful hugs ❤️❤️❤️ And smile

- Michelle Wayman

I am grateful for this great man and his legacy of good. He has helped 1000s of people get a sense of their divine worth and potential. I will always remember him for the kind things he said to me. RIP Hans Berger!

- David Bailey

I am forever grateful the impact Hans had on my life in teaching me about a higher form of love and respect for not only myself but mankind. He’ll be deeply missed. I am and will continue to use and cherish his teachings and spiritual/earthly insights and knowledge.

- Jay Anderson

I truly love this man. He was one of the greatest men i have ever met on earth. Condolences to the family. Hopefully his love and light will shine on through those who knew this great man (family and friends) and continue to be a blessing to the world. I love you Hans, I vote you a 4 ! Xoxoxo thanks to you, I continue manifestingmiracles.com

- Rodney G Maxwell

Hans made a difference for so many on a personal level that numbered in the thousands.

All my best to his family


- Todd Reid

Sorry for your loss. Sending loving.

- Patricia Tracy

Dear Family;
We are heartbroken to hear of Hans passing. We are sending prayers to your family at this difficult time. Hans blessed all our lives and we are better people today because he was born with great purpose. God will be well pleased in him and in his great life filled with service! Thank you for sharing him with us; his legacy will live on in our hearts forever. He was truly one man who changed the good of mankind to “impact the eternities.”
Linda and Nak Urza
David and Kellie Mease, Alec, Karlie & Savanna
Leah Mease Heath, Jabez & Asher
Christa and Jeff Harbach

- Linda Urza

Hans was a mentor, teacher and friend. He taught me to keep my mind open, trust my natural knowing and follow my contract. He was his magnificence and lived and loved larger than life. His presence was felt when he entered a room. I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes, his heartfelt hugs and willingness to mentor others. He will be greatly missed.

- Brenda Forbes-Griffith

Hans is a legend in my family. The skills I learned from him and Sally more than 25 years ago have served me throughout my life. I’m grateful for the sacrifices Hans made and his sacrifices to show people how to have beautiful, peaceful relationships. My heart is with the whole family in their mourning.

- Trina Jameson

Sending much love to Sally, you won’t have someone to change the thermostat on cold; you guys always were a beautiful sight. I love you both dearly.
Let’s celebrate this sweet soul life!! I am grateful for him, you Sally, the rest of his Family, and his legacy: Impact Trainings.
So long my dear friend Hans!!! I love you!! ❤️
Mara Chinchilla

- Mara Chinchilla

Sending a huge heartfelt hug to Sally and the whole family. Hans impacted and continues to impact me personally like soooooo many!!!! What a wise ,fun and loving BEAM of light he will always be remembered as. A life truly lived and what a huge example of authentic unconditional grace and love!!!

- Terri Kazmierczak

I have gratitude to Hans and Sally Berger for taking a stand for humanity. I met Hans through Impact Training. It saved my life and restored healthy relationships with my children and grandchildren.
I am. <3

- Christopher Cloud

My heart to Hans' family. He and Sally had a powerfully positive impact on my life and I look back with gratitude. Love to you all. 4

- Steven Gardner

I will always cherish my training with the Master, Hans Berger. There is a hole in my heart.

- Marvin Jensen

Dear Sally, David & Kamber & all of Hans family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time with the loss of your husband, father and grandfather. He was a great example to his family. I know he is rejoicing on the other side with family who has gone on before. He’s having a wonderful celebration with loved ones as we celebrate his life of goodness and unconditional love.
With love Lisa Westover

- Lisa Westover

Our deepest condolences go out to the Berger family for the loss of Hans. The Dave and Kamber Berger family have become dear friends over the last few years. If their kindness, loyalty, and overall goodness reflect this great man's influence (and I know it does), then Hans most certainly left this world much better than he found it.

- Carter & Amy Osborn

Thank you for showing up and changing my life for the better. Love and light to the Bergers and extended family.

- Darlena Dickson

A new journey has started for Hans, he was such of remarkable soul. I will miss him, but forever will be celebrating his life and in gratitude for assisted me to see beyond my eyes.
My love and light for all the family of Hans Berger, he knows now all the secrets of the universe. Rest In Peace wonderful, loving and remarkable friend.
Mara Chinchilla

- Mara Chinchilla

He changed my life for the good.

- Gerard Beauchamp lift-off 8

Sending love light & peace. The legacy you both created will carry on for generations. My heart feels for you as I lost my husband last month. It’s a new normal to create. Sending all my love to you and your family 💕 thank you for the gift he is and the gift you are.

- Sarah ulrich

To Sally and the entire family; my heart is full. I am full of tears, sorrow, and gratitude, as I know you all are. Ernie just said, so aptly, “the best way we can honor Hans is to live his dream.” I am committed to that. I know and feel that Han’s ripple is only intensified and magnified, and he he well satisfied with the work he has done here. Love and hugs to you all. 💗

- Phyllis Vandermolen

So sorry for your loss - I am sure he was a beautiful man

- Paula Berg

My you all Be blessed. Thank you for the life of service and love. You all touched my life forever for the better. I am eternally grateful. I humbly and tenderly join you in celebration of a life well lived. I sing the praise of a life Impacted for the better. ".... may we meet again...:

- Lawrence Barlow