James Francis Fox

1961 ~ 2024

James made a hasty exit on June 7, due to injuries sustained from a tragic fall. He is, and will be greatly missed by his family, partner and his many friends.

Jim was born December 20,1961and grew up in the Avenues of Salt Lake City. He was the precocious youngest child, who when referring to his birth order said, " it took them six times to get it right". Small in stature, Jim was large in heart and personality. He was authentically and unapologetically himself, virtues, vices and all. Man of many talents and monikers; James, Jamie, Jim, Jimmy, Jimmer, Shimmy, Shim, the Shimmer, Shimdaddy and in Mexico, Jaime.

Curious and mechanically inclined from a young age he enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. This served him well in his careers as bike shop owner, chief engineer on crab boats and fish processors and as an Innkeeper. A hardcore Deadhead in his younger days, he followed the band coast to coast. He married his high school sweetheart Carolyn Hurley (Dodie) in 1993 (divorced 2019) and parented his stepdaughters Amie and Megan Lloyd with love, generosity, and adventures. He adored his granddaughter Addie, who was always close to his heart.

James was a mountain biker and skier. He particularly enjoyed skiing Mt. Baker and bicycling with Brad Hamblin and Jim Rice, good friends who stayed connected over the years. Jim loved little kids and dogs, and they loved him right back. He was always willing to play, tell stories and plan and execute adventures. A favorite uncle who made every child feel special. His self-deprecating humor and quick wit kept us laughing and unable to take ourselves too seriously. A teller of tall tales and funny stories (he often stretched the truth). James was Catholic and attended mass regularly.

James shared a special relationship with his closest brother John, from their wild adolescence to years of commercial fishing. Their shared history and humor gave them, according to our dad, a secret language of in-jokes, obscure references, and an uncommon bond. John’s daughter Madeleine inherited that same bond with her Uncle Jamie. Jim was also very close to his sister Julie. He loved spending time with her in Moab. Those two made each other laugh, celebrated the good times, and always helped each other through their tough times.

A Burning Man devotee, Jim made great friends there, especially Tod and Kelly, Mira, Maor, Burak and Eliaron. Jim loved his time in Alamos, Mexico and had muchos amigos there; Pancho and his family, Polo and his family, and Luli, who took care of his home in Mexico. Most especially, he loved the people of the Village of Guajaray particularly Antigua María and her husband Eleazar. They all treated him as family.

For the last few years Jamie took care of our father devotedly, lovingly and with a special humor. He could always make dad smile and jolly him out of a funk.

Jim met his soulmate and partner Darlene just three years ago, but they shared an incredible bond. They traveled the west together, visiting national parks, fishing, camping, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors. They loved one another unconditionally and non-judgmentally. She was a source of real comfort and joy.

James is survived by his partner Darlene Davis, sisters; Julie Fox, Cathy Rice (John) and Nancy Fox (David Fogle) brothers; David Fox (Liz) and John Fox (Anne McBroom) daughters; Amie and Megan Lloyd and fourteen nieces and nephews. James was preceded in death by his parents, Eileen Ruth Hinckley Fox, and Harvey Ralph Fox.

Jim always helped people in need, especially strangers down on their luck. In his memory, please perform an act (or two) of kindness for a stranger. You are also welcome to donate to the Utah Food Bank in his name.

A celebration of life memorial is planned for October.