Jon Alan Haag

1961 ~ 2021


July 19, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
1800 Mueller Park Rd, Bountiful, UT 84010
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    July 20, 2021
    11:00 AM
    1800 Mueller Park Rd, Bountiful, UT 84010
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  • A True Renaissance Man
    Jon Alan Haag was born on July 20, 1961, in Boulder City, Nevada, to his father Albert Alan Haag and his mother Ruth Pauline Bowman. In his 59 years, 11 months, and 3 weeks on this earth, he accomplished more than 10 normal men with longer lifetimes. The impact of his life has affected thousands of individuals and brought many souls closer to the Master, Jesus Christ. Like the dear Savior, Jon ‘went about doing good.’ He has been a spiritual guide to many and has acted as the Savior would, gathering His lost sheep.
    Being the youngest of three very rambunctious brothers growing up in the early 1960’s on the Mojave Nevada desert, Jon was never far behind his older brothers, Tracy and Alan, and the other older boys. As a result of being the ‘young gun’ in these early boyhood adventures, ‘Little Jon’, developed a level of confidence and abilities far beyond those his age, and was a great example to his younger sister Janie. Jon was a combination of Tom Sawyer, decathlon athlete, and your high school senior voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed Big Time’.
    He was a natural leader. Jon excelled at everything he put his hand to, including football, track and field, gymnastics, swimming and diving, music, art, school, etc. To say he was competitive would be a huge understatement. He later became a scratch golfer and enjoyed playing with his sons and older brothers. He made friends easily and was known for being a very loyal and genuine person. Jon had a reputation for standing up for those who were deemed outcasts or occasionally bullied. His loyalty to friends was unquestioned.
    From an early age Jon felt he was meant for important things in this crazy world. He knew who he was and his purpose here in this life. In his school years, his level of confidence could border on cockiness. But as he matured, that belief in himself became more intertwined with a dependency on a higher power, on his Savior, Jesus Christ. Consequently, a humbler Jon Haag developed.
    Whether in college or starting his own business in his 20’s, he was always busy working. Like his dad, Jon learned to work hard and long; this was a pattern that continued throughout his life. Unlike so many people who become overwhelmed by life’s constant challenges and crushing disappointments, Jon did not get bogged down with setbacks. He was always moving forward. Yes, he made mistakes, but he did not justify them as so many do. He enjoyed ‘doing hard things’ and sticking with a task that others would quickly give up on. Whether it was learning to play lead guitar in a local band, building a custom 1954 Ford pickup, traveling halfway around the world to learn Japanese and serve a voluntary mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or packing out a 1,500 lb. Alaskan Moose across miles of tundra, Jon was up for the challenge. Jon was ‘mentally tough’ and had other important qualities that made him a great leader, a trusted friend, a kind husband, and a dedicated father.
    His interest in creating and building beautiful things is part of the underlying reason Jon became a very successful custom home builder with his brother-in-law Bart Carlson. There were no short cuts on a Jon Haag Yukon Construction home. He could easily have been a great sculptor or an artist in other fields for he has that type of a creative and problem-solving mind. And what greater achievement than to build a beautiful and eternal family?
    On this very important ‘project’, his criteria list for a spouse was as extensive as his own talents. Jon seemed to know exactly what he wanted in an eternal companion and sweetheart, and finally found a woman that fulfilled them all, Annette Carlson.
    Jon Haag and Annette Carlson were a perfect match and were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple on August 22, 1987. Annette helped Jon grow from a very capable young man into someone much more than he could have ever become by himself. Over the past 34 years she has been Jon’s best friend and sweetheart and helped him become the kind of Christ-like man he was destined to be.
    Jon would agree that his greatest achievement and eternal legacy is his beautiful family; a loving and spiritual wife in Annette, two talented sons Zach and Matt, and one princess of a daughter, Mandy. His eternal family has been expanded with two beautiful daughters-in-law Christina and Marriah, and two adorable grandkids little Princess Ally and the next generation adventurer, little Indi.
    Jon Haag was a child at heart always ensured the Haag home was full of fun and laughter. His youthful and adventurous spirit has inspired many individuals under his stewardship to work harder and achieve goals they never thought possible. His influence was expanded when he was called as Bishop, and later into the Stake Presidency in the Bountiful Area. Jon is in many ways like the good Samaritan. He never passed by those in need and his generosity ensured they were not left hypothetically desolate at the inn both financially and spiritually.
    Though he accomplished much in his mortal life, he desired nothing more than to be remembered for his love of family and his testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. He taught his children the importance of listening to prophets and apostles, following the spirit, and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He is beloved by all who know him and will continue to bring souls to Christ through his example and legacy.
    Jon Haag is survived by his mother Ruth, brothers Tracy and Alan, sister Janie, wife Annette, son Zach and his wife Christina, son Matthew and his wife Marriah, daughter Amanda, and two grandchildren, Allyena and Indiana.
    Jon’s viewing will be Monday, July 19th from 6-8pm. His funeral will be held Tuesday, July 20th at 11am. If you are unable to make the viewing the night before, there is a viewing from 9:30-10:30 am the morning of the funeral. All events will be at the Bountiful Mueller Park Stake Center building located at 1800 Mueller Park Road, Bountiful, Utah, 84010.
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    Dearest Haag family,

    I was so influenced for good by your sweet Jon. I loved growing up with you all as my neighbors. Jon was always so fun, enthusiastic and I loved seeing him. Seeing you all last summer at Lagoon was such a fun surprise. I sure treasure that picture we took together. I’m praying for you and pray for Gods love and peace to smile down on you

    - Heidi Herd

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I didn't know Jon well but the little I did know seemed to be conscientious and foundationally admirable.

    - Barbara Clendennen

    It is so hard to say goodbye to those we love and care for. Jon was such a bright, happy leader. We enjoyed every bit of our time while he was Bishop and then in the Stake Presidency. He was always upbeat and encouraging. Straight to the point. Funny. Bold. Charismatic. Just a very easy man to love and appreciate. It is hard to believe that he is gone from this mortal existence and we are so blessed to know that he will always be in our minds and hearts and to know that he is happy and will live through the eternities. We celebrate his life and memories with you. He left a great legacy behind and can be proud as he stands before the Lord as he has served so many of God's children so very well for so many years. We love you and pray for your continued future success. Good bye for now Jon.

    - Ralph Thompson

    To the Haag family,
    I was heartbroken when I heard the news of Jon's passing. It's so hard to believe... Just last week I was thinking of "Bishop Haag" and thinking I should send him a message or drop in and say hello one Sunday. I wanted to tell him again how grateful I am for his friendship and for all the time he spent with me talking about the Savior and our relationships with Him. As I told Jon of my experiences, he said to me, "I've never met someone whose experiences seem so personal with Christ. It's like you actually know Him." I would laugh and wonder why that was so unusual in our Church, given all we know... But it was clear that Jon knew the Savior too. And now, he gets to reunite with Him and he'll get to know Him even better. I'm just a little jealous... And if there was any way I could have gone in his place, I would have, just so he didn't have to leave his family and friends and church members, who love him so much, without him. So, we must trust that God had His reasons and that the service Jon and your family has given and the sacrifices made at this time, will be rewarded, if not now, with treasures waiting and being built up by Jon in heaven. No doubt, God has some "mansions" for him to build. Thank you so much for sharing him with me and so many others who would line up outside his office every Sunday. I will cherish those meetings and all the beautiful blessings he gave me in them. May God Bless you and may He allow the veil to be thin between you and Jon until you meet again. Cydney Neil

    - Cydney Neil

    Haag Family, I love you and I mourn with you at this very difficult time. Your husband and father was such a wonderful, kind, and fun son of God. He will be missed by all who knew him. I have been praying for your family ever since I heard of the diagnosis of cancer. I pray you can be wrapped in the arms of our Savior who gives hope and peace in our sorrows. I think of Elder Renlund's talk in the last conference where he talked about infuriating unfairness and I believe that is what is happening to you right now. Hold on to your faith and the Lord will sustain you. I will continue to pray for you. Jyl Marsden

    - Jyl Marsden

    We are grateful for the blessings of friendship and caring leadership we have enjoyed in our association with dear Bishop Haag and the inspirations that he and Annette have given to our life. He and Annette have made our ward feel like family. They have been sweet examples of followers of Jesus Christ. Jon was always so positive in directing the work of the Lord. His hearty hellos and sweet encouragements made hard things into pleasant pursuits. We have been blessed in many ways by the loving leadership in our lives. Love and prayers to Annett and the Haag family. Love and thank you

    - Ross and Bonnie Whatcott