Kathy Lynn Cash

September 22, 1944 ~ February 19, 2021


Feb. 24, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Larkin Sunset Gardens (1950 E 10600 S, Sandy, UT 84092)
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  • Kathy Lynn Stevenson Cash was born in Salt Lake City on September 22, 1944 to Fred and June Stevenson. She is the oldest daughter and second child of six. She states, “I was proud of my parents who sacrificed constantly to be able to raise me and my five siblings… my parents taught me work, courtesy, listening, honesty, family prayer, lower tones of voices, good works in secret, return something better than received, and waste not want not.” She indicates that in school she was only allowed to wear a dress/skirt, loved sports, babysat every weekend, and excelled at grades but tried to make it look like she didn’t. She married Don Cash at a young age in the Logan Temple by candlelight in a large storm. Kathy stated in her history, “My ambition was I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A WIFE and MOTHER.” They eventually moved to Coronado Island to join Don’s Navy squadron. They survived having had four children (a girl then three boys) and moved to northeast Ohio for seventeen awesome years. Two more boys were born in Cleveland where they moved from a suburban setting to a seven-acre farm to raise cows and kids. Kathy seemed to be able to milk the cows, run her own bakery business, take boys to the emergency room, apologize to the neighbors for motorcycle noise, split logs and so much more all while being the kindest, loving, most nonjudgmental human this world has known. She loved to smile, laugh, work, pray, play, and focus on people rather than things. No one was thriftier or loved a garage sale more. She constantly took her children and their friends on local adventures to the point that friends secretly hoped for adoption. It was eventually time to move closer to family in Utah when her physical health declined. She passed away peacefully in her sleep at home on Feb 19. Her family can only imagine the reunion she is having with two of her sons, a sister, and parents in heaven right now. She writes, “I pray that the Lord will stay IMPORTANT in all of my progenitors lives.”

    A visitation will be held on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at Larkin Sunset Gardens (1950 East 10600 South) from 6 to 8 PM. Masks and proper social distancing are required for everyone’s safety, but the family would love to connect safely if you are able to attend. Please remember to bring your smile.

    Funeral services for family and close friends will be held on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 11:30 AM. The services will be available for all others on Zoom which is encouraged for COVID reasons. To view the recording of the services, please use this link here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/vL1NZO-xZpzbehWApzSg8zrSNn0B1P1NNRS-Nz4dcCjPG3RX4EZhcSNqj86-ZhYR.0Ohr9467JaApNZq2
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    Br. Don and Family, What an uplifting and edifying service for Kathy. I spent the last hour listening and learning from each of you and especially from Kathy and the examples you told about from her life. Brother Don, we love you. Your influence as our Home Teacher will be forever felt and appreciated. Thank you for your example and testimony. Love from the Winterhollers....always. John & Donalyn

    - John Winterholler
    Don so sorry for your loss we love your family so dearly you have always been so good to me and becky if you need anything or to just hang out let us know we would love that take care and give your family hug from us

    - Clair Stewart
    Don and Family, We are so very sorry to hear of Kathy's passing. She was a wonderful woman with a wonderful smile. She will definitely be missed. Sheldon & Stacie Wayne

    - Sheldon & Stacie Wayne
    Kathy, Thank you for always welcoming me into your home. You made me smile even when it was I who had come to visit to make you smile. I look forward to being great friends in the life hereafter where we will be free from all that troubles us here. Enjoy your boys and your family that you have so dearly missed. We will keep our eye on Don and will love every minute we spend with him talking about his incredible wife. Welcome home.

    - Linda Hendry
    Your wife/mom was such a beautiful person, a true example of living a Christ-like life! She had a quiet, loving way of helping those in need. I remember being at church as a young girl. I watched on multiple occassions as Sister Cash handed over jars of fresh milk to my dad for the family. I will forever have that memory engraved in my head - the image of what it means to be a faithful servant of Christ!

    - Tammy Willis-Zendarski
    So sorry for your loss. Thinking of you at this time.

    - Dave and Jolene Bishop
    How grateful I am for the letter you sent last month. It was so special to get it and now it is even sweeter to have it. Your family has gone through so much but I know this will be one of the hardest. My love and prayers are with you and your family.

    - Kathy Ellen Naef
    Cousin Kathy was always so kind to me. Memories of Christmas evenings at Grandpa and Grandma Lund’s house with the whole dang Scandinavian family there. After opening our present we would draw names to determine who we would get a present for next Christmas. By todays standard, Grandma’s living room wasn’t very large but there were at least 30 family members there. My highest regards for Don and their children for the loving care Kathy received as her health declined. I will never forget Kathy’s visit and comfort for my Mother in the last few hours of Mom’s life. Love you all, Ray & Nan Walton

    - Ray Walton
    My Treasured Friends : Don, Cash & Stevenson families I have so many sentimental & cherished memories spent with Belle Miss Kathy Lynn , Don thee Stevenson & Cash families ,I feel truly Blessed & Grateful to have/ had Y'all upon My Stage of Life... I have been reflecting back many decades of fond memories spent with Belle Miss Kathy/families ... furthest back was having thee Stevensons having to wait for Little Davey LeRoy to arrive at thee crack of dawn y before thee Stevensons could have their family prayers ( Miss June would laugh& smile when she related that story plus another one about SOS- lol) I recall sitting on thee lawn during thee summer month folding newspapers & listening to KNAK on thee radio .. when Miss Kathy was dating Bubba Don two of her favourite songs were Will I See Ya In September & Sealed With A Kiss (thee latter song popped up on my website thee day after I heard of Miss Kathy passing I listened brought memory tears) later Miss KAthy & Bubba Don trusted me to watch their kids if they wanted to go to ARCADE & 1976 during thee Cannon 7th BICENTENNIAL Bus Tour with Bus Driver thee Cash family invited a group of us to their home for a visit & Belle Miss Misty fixed thee group a soda I think she called thee PURPLE COW?? Belle Miss Kathy Lynn Thanks for Thee Memories and teaching this silly Lil Rascal what thee Word Charity meant.. enjoy thee Heavenly Reunion with Ya Loved- Ones & thee Cannon 7th Ward Family... Teddy Bear& Puppy Hugs of Gratitude & Love to Y'all Fondly Little Davey LeRoy

    - David LeRoy ( Virge)
    Don, So sad to hear of Kathy's passing. While I only had a brief encounter with her many years ago she impressed a genuine kindness that is too often missing in today's world. My heart felt condolences to you and yours.

    - Earl Rabold
    So sorry for your loss sending love and prayers to all the family.

    - Sheila Williams
    My sincere condolences to the cash family

    - Stephen bankos
    Know that I am with you all, Don, Mindi, Tiffany, Holly, Dallin, and family. How proud you all must be to have come from such an amazing woman. And she continues to be through all of you. As I think of your mother, what a GIFT she was. I adored and admired her, and always will. And, Your father, he is my hero. With all my love, and respect, Christine Demill

    - Christine Demill
    So many great memories with Kathy when we were young and in the can’non 7th ward young women’s program We played a lot of sports, and hot a lot of fun activities. Also when they married Don and her we also have a lot of great times in the ward. Love them both. Love Whole Stevenson family.

    - Beverly peck
    RIP Aunt Kathy XOXO Tom & Kim Sankovich

    - Kimberli S Sankovich
    Kathy, Don and family have eopalways been very special people. We have loved being near them and even visiting in Ohio and there other places of abode. May you all be blessed as you wait for a Happy reunion on the other side. Thanks for being so good to our family.

    - Paul F Smart