Kyli Marie Bahr

1995 ~ 2022

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Our sweet Angel went to join our Lord and Savior in Heaven, on December 16th at exactly 4 P.M.

She left this world surrounded by her family, receiving hugs and kisses from her parents, her big brother, and her sister Bella. She joins her grandma Ione, grandma Ruth, and her grandma Ione's sisters, Nana and Lorna in Heaven. We take great comfort and joy knowing she's with them again, causing all sorts of mischief and trouble together. Running around together, being able to walk and talk with them. Completely free of the bonds and struggles that ailed her every second of every day.

There are so many adorable things we will greatly miss about her. From being the boss of the house and ruling over us telling us every little thing we need to do and clean. Letting us know when something was out of place around the house. And NOBODY was allowed to touch her stuff. We miss her get going finger wave, and her come here finger. We'll greatly miss her smile that'd flash all those cute little crooked teeth of hers. How her smile would light up the room and melt any heart. We'll miss her knocking and pounding on the table when she wanted our attention. We'll miss how the knocks would get louder and louder if we weren't paying proper attention to her. We'll miss how she'd hold her ear when she wanted us to listen to her. We'll miss her always telling us thank you. We'll miss the way she'd lean with her head resting on her hand and the sigh that would accompany it when she was bored. We miss how her laugh would brighten up your day no matter what.

Her brother greatly misses how she called him Bubba. How special it made him feel, because that was the only word she'd ever say. They both looked forward to seeing each other and spending as much time together as possible. They had a bond that was unbreakable. She'd spend as much time as possible at his place with him and Bella. She waited by the door every day for him to come home from work, so she could go over to Bubba and Bella's house. She'd then want to sit on the couch in between them. And Bella would cuddle with her and twizzle her hair. She would almost fall out of her chair laughing when anyone would accidentally fall or drop something or make a loud noise. Sometimes to the point she'd be wheezing and turning red. She loved spending time and getting together with family for parties and barbecues.

She loved watching Little House on the Prairie with Grandma Ione, who she'd call Adda. Grandma would sing to her Mini-Me all the time and you could tell how much she loved it. There are a million more things we could talk about that we absolutely adored about her. Kyli was our princess, our world, our Angel, and the light of our lives. She always came first, no matter what. We learned so many precious lessons in life thanks to our sweet baby girl. Our hearts and souls left with her, and we will greatly struggle carrying on with our lives. Because we feel so lost and lonely without her supervision and bossiness. We looked up to her, she was so strong and fearless. She faced and overcame every battle without a complaint, and most of the time with a smile on her face. She was a true Angel, and we will miss her dearly.

We love you Kyli, with all of our hearts and souls. May you be at peace and enjoy your freedom with everyone you joined in Heaven.


My deepest condolences. May you find comfort in all the wonderful memories you shared with your beautiful daughter.

- Jessica Hernandez