Matthew Joseph Julian

1997 ~ 2022

Matthew Joseph Julian unexpectedly went back to his heavenly home early in the morning on Sunday, June 26, 2022. We are devastated but also believe he is now encircled in the arms of God and loved ones, and free of the struggles and pain of earth life. Matthew was a very loving son, brother, and uncle. He was very sensitive and kind, and a peacemaker. He was a blessing to all who knew him. He was especially adored by his dogs Molly and Lola, and his young nephew Adam. He was Adam’s best bud and taught him how to play games of many kinds on the computer and Nintendo. Matthew had a special bond with the dogs. He played with, fed, and walked them daily, and took great care of them. His Twitch fans were also uplifted by his charitable nature. He was artistic, a hard worker and very intelligent. He could solve a fully scrambled Rubik’s cube in 14 seconds flat!

Matthew was born to Mark Wesley Julian and Karen Knight Julian on February 16, 1997, in Reston, Virginia. When he was two years old, our family moved to Germany and moved every few years after that; to Florida, back to Germany, to South Korea, and Germany again. We then moved to Utah where Matthew has lived for the last nine years. Matthew studied computer science at UVU. He was self-employed. He developed a Twitch channel where he streamed and taught followers how to beat games, especially one called Spelunky. He participated professionally in an international Spelunky tournament and also in a charity event. He really enjoyed this and had many devoted fans.

Through all of the moves, Matthew became close to his siblings. These are their fond thoughts of him:

Abby: “Matthew had a very loving, patient and generous personality. I’ll always treasure our fun times together as kids and the memories we made.”

James: “He was very intelligent and talented. He learned how to beat basically any video game very quickly, got straight A’s in all his college classes, and competently started and promoted his Twitch channel.”

Alex has appreciated Matthew’s creativity and kindness. He noted that no matter how Matthew was feeling, he always took time for his dog Lola and his young nephew (Alex’s son) Adam.

We have a huge hole in our hearts and in our family. We know that he is happy and whole in the next life, but we will miss him more than words can express until we meet him again.

We would like to thank everyone for the many acts of kindness and for the love, service, support, and prayers that have buoyed us up during this very difficult time.

Private services for family will be held on Saturday July 2, 2022, at Larkin Sunset Gardens funeral home in Sandy, UT. The interment will be in the adjacent cemetery after the service.


My condolences for your loss. Matthew was an amazing person, he was entertaining and kind, and he's given me and my friends hours upon hours of enjoyment, I only wish I could support him more before his passing.

- Michael Oryan

I was a tier 3 subscriber to Matthew's twitch for over a year. Every stream, when joined I would always say "go twiggle go!" and he would always take time to greet me and invite me to play when he did multi-player.

His streams got me through a tough time in my life and I admired the dedication he had when streaming as he made the games look so easy.

He will be greatly missed, my heart goes out to his family and friends and I value and treasure the time we got to spend together.

- Jynkies007

Whoever is reading this, whether it's family, friend, or anyone else, he didn't deserve it. I met Matthew from twitch and he always made my day whenever I would watch him or play Spelunky with him, he was the nicest person I had ever met and I still can't believe he is gone. My heart breaks to those who knew him in person, I can only imagine how much harder it is for you, I'll never be able to open Spelunky a day in my life without missing him. Rest in peace twigg, I'm sorry we couldn't help enough. twiggLuv

- Nate

Hey i was a viewer of Matthew’s youtube channel, i just want to say he made a lot of people extremely happy with the content he made and he will always be remembered in many peoples hearts.

- Timothy Marvel

I was a frequent viewer of Matthew's content, and fondly recall looking forward to when he went live on Twitch, or whenever he would upload a new video. Matthew's incredible incredible talent for editing, and gaming, his bright personality and charming demeanor will be dearly missed and forever in our memories.

- Gabe

- Gabriel

I always loved how creative his videos were, he was chill and just really cool, looked up to him a lot, and I'm really sad, can't even imagine how his family feels...

Fly high Twiggle, You'll be missed.

- Gavin

Rest in peace to the kindest friend I met through the Spelunky Community years ago. Your presence and friendship will be greatly missed.

Sincere condolences to Matthew's family.


- Mathieu, aka saturnin55

I really didn’t get a chance to know Matthew. I wish I had gotten to know him better.
My favorite
memory and last memory of him was in my kitchen sitting at the kitchen table with Abby, James, Matthew & myself.
We were just hanging out talking about fun times and joking with each other and he and Abby were just laughing their heads off ! Abby has the cutest laugh! But I had never seen Matthew enjoying himself that much …. He was always so quiet and reserved . I’m glad I had that experience with him because it was the last time I was around him.! It was a good positive memory to remember him by that I will always treasure.
It’s hard to know what to say regarding this heart breaking news!
I’ve had my share of this kind of tragedy believe me, there isn’t much people can say to relieve the pain . Just known I grieve with you and know somewhat of your heart ache!
May Matthew Rest In Peace !
Much love and condolences to you all , Mark, Karen, Alex, James and Abby. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Lois Julian

I watched every single one of Matthew’s streams every time they were live. He was a comfortable presence and allowed me to find a way to escape school and the struggles of daily life. Thank you to Matthew for allowing me comfort and continuing to be an inspiration in my life. Rest in peace Twiggle.

- Ryan Volcik

Matthew really made my days better. I'm so sad he's gone.

- Harry

<3 FatRat27

- Kinnijup

Dear Julian Family,
Words are really inadequate to attempt to express how sorry we are for your loss. We hope the Lord will comfort you at this difficult time and please know you will be in our prayers.
Patrick and Diane Healey

- Patrick & Diane Healey

Matthew was an amazing twitch streamer and an even greater person. Not only has he changed my life for the better, he made me want to follow in his footsteps and become a streamer just to make people as happy as he made me. I hope wherever he is now he knows he was loved and will be missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends during this hard time and I hope healing comes soon. Forever in my heart you will be, Twiggle.

- Raymond Dangler

Thank you for hundreds of hours of entertainment. You will be missed.

- Harlequin

I hope Twiggle family and friends be fine, it’s a very sad and hard new, when i knew he are no longer with us i really felt so much sadness asking why, why nice and lovely people left this world? We lost a really beautiful person, I send all my best wishes to his family and friends, rest well spelunker

- Joaquin

really loved watching Matthew's stuff, may he rest in peace.

- Loota

Dear Alex, Mr. and Mrs. Julian and family,

I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of losing a cherished son and brother at such a young age. It is obvious that Matthew was loved far and near and touched many lives around the world in his time here. May your memories of him bring you comfort. May he rest in eternal peace.


- Majeda Humeidan

Twiggle provided me and many others with so many hours of entertainment and joy. He'll be missed. Rest easy.

- Alexander

Today I heard from his passing and it has occupied my mind for the rest of it. A year ago I experienced a deep depression myself, couldnt breathe, was scared of everything, just wanted to sleep - but sleep made it even worse. So I needed something to keep me awake. And oddly enough, Twiggles Spelunky streams were the only thing I could watch! And I didnt even care for the game, it was he, that calmed me down.
In a weird way, he helped me through a very rough time - which makes it so hard realising, that he was in pain himself... I did not know his real name, he lives in a completely different part of the world than me and doesnt know me at all.
But his passing brings me the cold sweat. I am deeply sorry you, twig. You are a wonderful being. May you finally find the comfort that you deserve!

- Marius Bendix Meyer

Thank you Matthew for everything you gave. I myself found you on Twitch a while back when I got into Spelunky 2 and the things you taught me dramatically sped up my learning. You were always such an even tempered and kind person and a joy to watch.

My daughter, who was 8 at the time, started to play Spelunky and became obsessed with your YouTube channel. I always felt comfortable letting her watch your videos as I know you kept things mostly so mature and kid friendly, despite the occasional rowdiness in chat. She has become an insane Spelunky player thanks to you and it has inspired hundreds of hours that we have been able to spend together playing our favourite game together. Even though we never met, for that I will always be thankful.

May you rest in peace
James and Ava x

- James Cadman

To Matthew from another random from a place around the globe who never interacted with you directly.
to you who inspired me in a meaningless task which is spelunking and grinding the Cosmic Ocean, you who showed the world that impossible or near inhuman things can be possible, that it's about dedication, patience, and learning. Even if it was non intentional you left a deep mark in a community and myself.
Rest in peace you'll never be forgotten.


- Gonzalo Ivan Ibarra

Devastated to hear that we've lost one of the most genuinely kind-hearted people I've ever known. I'll always cherish the time we spent together chatting and playing games. Love you Twiggle. You've had such a positive impact on so many others. I hope you've found peace. You're one with the cosmos now.

- Zen

Thank you Twiggle. In my freshman year of high school, I remember watching you stream on twitch. Seeing the daily runs being uploaded while in my history class always made me happy knowing that I could go home and watch you. May you rest in peace.

- Salty

Hi, my name is Eatay.
I've been watching the content of Mathew, or as I have known him, Twiggle, and I would like to let you know I've never seen a more wholesome, friendly, creative and relatable person in my life.

He has been such a comfort for me to listen to, and I believe he was for you as well.

I wanted to wish all of you the best during these difficult times, and I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Best regards from Israel,

- Eatay Mizrachi

Would have never heard of you if not for my 13yr old son who is an avid Spelunky player. He wanted to be as good as 'Twiggle' and looked up to him for all things Spelunky related.

Rest in Peace, Matthew. Though my son and I never met you, you certainly made an impact on our lives.

- Jay

I loved watching this guy's content and always loved the personality he put out for everybody. It's so sad to see what's happened, it feels unreal, I hope you guys can get through this.

- Enmanuel Canabal

A beautiful soul. I spent countless hours watching and interacting with him and his community on twitch which helped me through a difficult, lonely period in my life. If I miss him, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain his family is experiencing. He will be forever remembered as a kind, intelligent, dedicated, and generous.

- Ryan Grube

I was not that close to him, but Matthew always seemed a quiet, kind hearted sort. Considerate as well. He will be missed by all who knew him.

- Mike Martin

I have been watching wiggle for more than a long time now and I just discovered his death and I want to talk about this here because I don't have anywhere else to put this message at, twiddle has helped my through tough times and I loved all his videos I can never replace the time I have spent watching his video's I couldn't have spent that time any better than I did, I can never replace the hole this persons death has left in my heart. He was an amazing man even though im not related to him I am still so sad.


- anonymous user

I cannot express how much joy and happiness Twiggle brought me and how he helped me regain my will. When I was in a terrible place in life, his videos and presence helped me connect with my friends again and join together to play Spelunky. We would bond over his content and the game and helped me grow stronger and better from where I was in life. He truly was an incredible person and will always live on in the community and by those he loved. Thank you for everything, Matthew

- Aaron M

GG you made it to 7-99 and now its sad to see you go we will remember you


- Luna kubasik

I'd only known him through his spelunky speedruns, but I always watched just to see him. At first, I only watched for the speedruns, but quickly grew a liking to his personality. He was one of the only YouTubers I truly felt a connection with. Just the small things like never getting angry at the game, instead just accepting that that's how the game works, as well have never cursing really made him a likable guy. A truly kind and gentle soul that passed too early, I hope you rest well Matthew, you deserve to be in the greatest paradise the afterlife can offer.

- Aaron

Dear Julian family,

I am sorry for your loss. In the time I watched his content I was astounded by the fact that someone just a couple years older than me could make such great content and interact with so many people all while playing such complex games and performing difficult strategies. I remember tuning into his videos on slow mornings and sharing them with friends and the joy we felt on the train rides home as he would put on CGI filters of himself dressed in all sorts of costumes for his fans like the time he made himself a talking potato. I and thousands of others will always cherish him.

Roger Bumgarner

- Roger Bumgarner

Twiggle was a huge part of the Spelunky 2 community, and a huge idol for me. You got me through the game, and to a near-professional at it. You may not know me, but thank you. Thank you a lot.

- Jaxton P.

Thank you so much.
For all the streams, all the funny moments, all the smirk remarks. Genuinely, thank you.

- Kev Lavrin

Thank you so much.
For all the streams, all the funny moments, all the smirk remarks. Genuinely, thank you.

- Kev Lavrin

I'm heartbroken to hear about Matthew's passing. I knew him as Twiggle and he was such a delight to watch - always welcoming of everyone on his chanel and never having a bad word to say about anybody.
I know this won't ease the sadness and pain of his close friends and family, but I hope you know how loved Twig was online. I hope he knew as well.

I'm so very sorry for this devastating loss and I'm sending you my love from Europe.


- Ana

I can't imagine the pain you're going through but I wanted you to know how much Matthew will be missed by thousands upon thousands of people. Whenever I had the pleasure to watch his streams, he was a calm, polite, caring, and down to earth person who I knew would brighten my day. You have my thoughts and prayers through this hard time just as he helped me through my own. I am truly grateful I was able to be able to have had the pleasure to know him and I send my deepest condolences.


- Eoghan Ryan

I am a huge fan of Matthew's. His videos always brought me happiness in my darkest times. I hope that he is at peace and I wish everyone who knew him the very very best. <3

- Ethan Porter

Cheers Twiggle.

- Tom

I'm so sorry this happened. I used to watch his videos a lot and they made me really really happy. Again, I'm so sorry this happend. May he Rest In Piece.

- Rowan Gibson

This is devastating news and I'm so sorry to hear of Mathew's passing. I knew him as Twiggle, a Twitch streamer and Youtuber. I very much enjoyed his content, and so did thousands of other people. He was very entertaining and made me smile even on the saddest days. I hope this is of any comfort to you in this period of mourning.

I would also like to add, my cousin also died at a young age. She was just 20 years old, only older than me by a few months. It truly is a heartbreaking thing to lose a loved one, especially when they're so young. I've found that it helps to remember the pleasant times you've spent with them and how they impacted you and those around them. Once again I am truly sorry to hear of this news. May Mathew rest in peace and as I stated earlier, I hope this message is of any comfort to you in this period of mourning.

- R

This man got me into spelunky and helped make the roguelike genre one of my favorites.

I loved the content he made because not only was it informational but it was entertaining. (His potato bit was one of my favorites)

Rest in Peace, TwiggleSoft
Fly high! o7

- GodlyDiamonds

I never met Matthew but I always enjoyed watching his content, both on his YouTube channel and on his Twitch livestreams. He was always such a joy to watch and could always light up mine, and many others' day with his presence. I was both shocked and saddened to hear of his passing, but I hope that he is now resting peacefully.

- Anibal

i knew Matthew as Twiggle and always found his channel a source of comfort. may his memory be a blessing to all.

- beejo

Matthew, who I knew only as Twiggle struck me as an exceptionally kind and gentle young man. It gave me genuine comfort to know we had such a warm and inclusive rolemodel in our little community. He brightened many of my days and I know he did the same for many others. He was exceptional at the game we have a shared love for but it was his kind and gentle nature that stuck out for me. He did a lot of building our community and made people feel welcome and like there was a place for everyone who wanted to be there. He lent many of us a sense of belonging during a weird time when that was harder than usual to feel. I am very sad to learn that he is no longer with us and he will be missed by many. My heart goes out to his family, friends and all those who are feeling his absence hard right now.

- Clodagh a.k.a. clobolikesrocks

I did not know him personally but he gave me hours upon hours of joy with his content and personality. It hurts to see such a great person take his own life. I hope hope he finds peace and that his family and friends will eventually get through this.
Deepest condolances to his family and friends and seriously thank you for everything matthew.

- Rafz

You were an inspiration to us Spelunky players and content creators. I loved coming by your streams and watching you breeze by the game so easily. You were the best in the world and this world will truly miss you.

- Kaleb

I can't count all the ours I was entertained but Matthew. I hope he is in a better place and at peace. We all struggle, remember to speak up and look for help, so this doesn't have to happen anymore.

Rest in peace.

- Daniel

I offer my sincerest condolences to the Julian family. I only knew Matthew through his videos and streaming but he was an inspiration for me personally as well as my kids. We loved watching his videos and streams together. His calm demeanor, warm and kind personality and quirky humour will be dearly missed. You will be in our prayers.

- Jesse

Thank you for your streams, your videos, and your cheerful personality. You will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.


Matthew will be missed. He brought light to the days of everyone he reached online, and his relationship with his community was so friendly and uplifting that it was a comfort to simply know he was out there.

If you’re reading this, just know that he will be missed by many thousands of people. I count myself lucky for all the little interactions I had with him in streams, and it hurts to know that I will never wake up to a twiggle livestream again. Count yourselves lucky to have known a man who could face anything with a calm disposition and kind attitude. He never ceased to brighten a day, even when his own was dimly-lit.

My deepest condolences, may he Rest In Peace.

- Piers Baker

To the Julian family,

I am so sorry to hear about Matthew's passing. I only knew him as Twiggle, or twigg, hanging out and playing games on Twitch. I was always glad to see him start streaming -- his gentle spirit... he could spend hours trying to achieve one thing, and have it go wrong, and all he'd say was a calm "oops" or "uhoh" and then just start all over again. We'll miss him dearly, my deepest condolences.

- Dave B

I've never met Matthew personally, but I can tell that he was a kind man who will be missed by everyone who knew him. Thank you for everything, Matthew. You were truly the voice of reason, and a shining beacon of light and positivity in the online gaming community. You will be dearly missed by everyone you met while on your journey. No one can replace you. You were truly the best of what the world had to offer. We will never forget you <3

I send my condolences to the family.

- fjordbro

Brought me many hours of joy with his content, this sudden passing is quite sad. I hope he gets the rest he deserves.

- YepImOnTV

I never really knew much about Matthew, I 9nly watched his YouTube videos now and then. Me and my friends always wanted to be lile him because of his spelunky videos. And it's sad receving these news about him. I wish I interected with him more. But I'm afraid it's too late. Rest in peace

- Marcel

So sorry for your loss. I was just a fan of Matthew and I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling. My deepest condolences.

- DJ Kirkwood

Dear Julian family, My prayers are with you during this difficult time. I’m so sorry.

- Tammy Lindley

Devastating. I was damn lucky enough to talk to him on his stream chats and he as an amazing and kind person. I'm so sorry for the loss. We won't forget you Twiggle, rest in piece legend. </3.

- Rin

He is one of the few people I could ever genuinely and honestly say is a purely good person. I know I would be taken aback if he ever had a negative thought about anyone, ever. He is such a kind person and I still see things about myself in him, in a way that made me feel less bad about myself. From the awkward humor, to the artistry, and the desire of perfection towards his skills, and to the genuine kindness for everyone around him, I feel like I always wanted to be someone like him.

My prayers are going to the family, as I know how it is to lose someone so valuable and blessed. He will be with all of us.

- Matt Wingate

Dearest Uncle Mark, Aunt Karen and family. My heart has been breaking so much for you ever since I heard the news about Matthew. I’m struggling to find the right words to say right now, but I want to make sure at the very least that I let you know how much I love your family and think so fondly of you all. I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I pray for your family to have peace and comfort as you mourn the loss of sweet Matthew. I love you all and praying and thinking of you often.

- Sally Husk

Thank you for the inspiration you provided to thousands of people, myself included, you will live on in Lunky forever be known as the best!

- 5Izzy5

Twiggle was, and always will be, my favorite person I've met online. I had never felt more welcomed in a community than in his Spelunky 2 streams, and I would spend hours every day hanging around in chat. It was such a treat, and the positive community he fostered brought light to my life during difficult times. He supported my art and supported many fellow streamers as well. Everyone in the Spelunky community adored Twiggle. The community will always see Twiggle as a shining light and he will be missed dearly.

- Augusata

Twiggle (Matthew) was an awesome and friendly guy despite his personal struggles. He will be very sadly missed.

- Fortune

While I was not part of the Spelunky community for very long, I already know about the significance and irreplaceable influence of Matthew on the community. His videos brought a smile to many people all around the world, and we thank him for being such a great and friendly person to all of us.

- Alex

Matthew’s streams have been a favorite in our house for some time. You could feel his sweet spirit and calm presence, and his love for his nephew and dogs were evident. My deepest condolences to the family - holding you all & Twiggs in my heart

- KM

My deepest sympathies and condolences go to the family of the man I was fortunate enough to call a friend for the last several years of my life. There is a void not only left on the internet but in all of our hearts. I love you Matt and I know you are at peace.

- Lauren B aka Laurennnnnnn on Twitch

So sorry for your loss.
Thanks for all the content we all loved.

Rest in Piece.

- jaydane

He has created a safe space for so many on the internet, giving hundreds a little bit of what has been missing in their lives. He was always respectful of everything he's been told and made everyone feel welcome.

I want to express my gratitude for his actions and send my condolences to his family.

We'll miss you, Twiggle.

- NeonColored | Manuel

I am so sorry to hear about his passing. When I was 14, my mom died of cancer, and Mathew’s videos genuinely helped me feel a sense of happiness. I know it does less than llittle in this time of hardship, but you truly have my deepest sympathy.

- Ryan

I did not know Matthew personally, but I pray that he knew the Lord. I hope you all can be reunited one day in Heaven. Keeping the family and friends in my prayers.

- anonymous

Rest in peace my friend. He would not know me but he might remember my twitch name as I often said hello to Twig.
I went through a harship last year. And every night when I saw his video, I could comfort myself when highly anxious and go to sleep with his voice on.
I really wanted to express my sincere gratitude. And I feel really sorry to do it at this time.
Rest in peace my dear friend Twig.

- Yeonggwang Park

Matthew brought me and many other fans great entertainment on his Twitch channel. I loved being there for his streams, talking to him, and seeing what crazy stuff he would do. He was such a talented and lovely person, and I wish I could've gotten to know him better. We will miss him so much, may he rest in peace.


- jis

I only knew Matthew through the internet, but he seemed like an amazing person. Rest in peace Twiggle, you and your family will be in my thoughts for some time to come.

- Drew

I spent hundreds of hours with him though we never met. I am so grateful for the time spent with him, for his love of a game which brought us all such joy during such a terrible world disaster, and his kindness. He always stopped to ask me how I was and thanked me for being there. I am grateful. Please kiss Lola for me.

- MissMirandah

Matthew, more well known as twiggle, was an amazing person. He brought me hours of joy and entertainment in an otherwise tough time for me. He brought amazing content, and it was shared to a lot of people. I’m sad to see him go, knowing he’s in a better place now.

- Kian Jessop

Matthew, or as I knew him, FatRat27 and later as Twiggle, was a mainstay in my life for years. Although we never met in person, we talked in twitch streams on a daily basis. He was the nicest kid in the Spelunky community, and he made us all proud with what he accomplished in his life as he grew up, both in the game and out of it. We’ll miss you, bud.

Love, Ruddigger and Ruddaughter.

- Ryan Rudd

This man provided an uplifting voice and a cheerful place to hang out to many, many people. He will be remembered as a pillar of his community, the cause of many smiles and laughs.

- Froakieguy

Matthew had a heart of gold. We only crossed paths a mere handful of times, and even still, it was impossible to not see what a deeply kind and caring soul he was.
To Matthew's family: I have you in my heart.

- Travis

Matthew, I never got to meet you face-to-face. In spite of this fact, I was always happy to talk and spend time with you. Everything you did for the community we shared will eternally be immensely appreciated. The impact you had on not only myself, but hundreds of others, is beyond the scope of any human language.

On behalf of the entire Spelunky 2 community, rest in peace, Matthew. Your contributions and legacy will continue to be treasured. I hope the Cosmic Ocean treats you well.

To his family: I am so, so sorry for your loss. Give Lola some extra love today.

- Eileen (aka "egg")

Thank you, Twiggle, for everything you did for the Spelunky community and more. You did so much for so many years, more than I could ever know. RIP to a legend twiggLuv


- Cloiss

He was a really funny dude with an amazing talent for video games. He'll certainly be missed by all of his fans.

- Mitch

I'm so so sorry to hear about Matthew's passing. Watching his streams helped me a lot with easing stress during a period of crunch towards the end of my university studies. He amazed me with his mastery of a game I love, and always made me smile when he posted a new video. I wish the best for his friends and family in this devastating time.

- Matthew Hart

First i found out techno was dead and now i realise twiggle also died. Why are so many people dying at such a Young age. RIP

- Anon

I knew him as Twiggle, and he helped so many people with his streams in a time when many people needed a friend and a place to spend some time with other people. He won't be forgotten soon <3

- Bort

A man of many talents and commitment to go above and beyond to do things no other person can do. With captivating streams and a laid back nature, I bid farewell and my condolences to Twiggle's family. Thank you for playing a huge part in Spelunky's community

- Lion

My condolences go out to Twiggles family and friends. May you find peace. It was a pleasure getting to know him through his streams. Everyone knew how much he loved not only gaming but his family and dogs. Especially Lola. We all loved him and his personality in the Spelunky and Twitch community ❤ 💙. With a heavy heart I say rest easy my friend. One love! You will be forever in our hearts.

- Ray Enigma_133

Matthew was very influential to others on the games he played. His community misses him and wishes him peace

- Harrison Barett

Twiggle entertained so many people and really made days happier for hundreds. Thank you for your hard work and positive impact, we'll never forget you.

- Hari Edwin

I will forever miss you my dear friend, you were one of the kindest and most amazing person I knew...
I hope you rest in peace, free of pain.

I love you.

Bloo aka Celeste

- Celeste


- kat

My deepest condolences to the family. Twiggle was such a kind and thoughtful man, I really enjoyed all the time I spent watching him play games on twitch. It was his personality and kindness that kept me around

- Austin

Loved watching his Twitch content. Very sad to see him go.

- BonkSlingr

Fan here. In the Cosmic Ocean forever 🙏

Rest in peace.

- Tora

My now 7 year old, husband and I have watch Twiggle for a few years. We all loved watching him play what he loved - Spelunky. I am so very sorry for your loss. We all knew what a kind and gentle heart he had by the way he conducted himself to an audience who loved him also. We are devastated.


Dave, Jessica and Matilda

- The McKean Family

His Spelunked series always made me laugh out loud, even when I was feeling down. I'm going to miss him.

- Nicholas

Goodbye to my greatest spelunky idol. You showed me more than I could've ever learned from my friends. You've made us laugh with your funny compilations and streams. It was especially awesome when you commented on the mii I made for you. It's truly truly sad to see you go. Rest easy man.

- Linguini

What devastating news. I did not know you in person but I was lucky enough to interact with you in the Twitch chat and experience your kindness and wholesomeness. One thing I never told you is how much companionship you kept me with your live broadcasts, especially when I was going through some rough times. Goodbye fellow spelunker, the community will never forget you <3

- brodino

Twiggle was an awesome guy and his passing is deeply saddening. He provided many of us hundreds of hours of entertainment. He will be missed.

- Pencwenz

Mark, Karen, and family,
I love you guys and have been praying for you.
I hope you are each immersed in the love of your Father in Heaven and that comfort of the Holy Ghost is constant and uplifting to your souls. I mourn with you, and although not there physically, I am thinking of and praying for your family at this difficult time. May the Lord heal your hearts, give solace to your souls, and bring you comfort, peace, and joy.
Much love,

- Robert Teague

We were devastated to hear about your son Matthew! I know what it is like to lose a spouse, parents and siblings but not a child! I can't imagine having to go through it! You are in our thoughts and prayers--we love you guys and hope we can get together with Aunt Virginia soon!

Love, Cousin Ronnie

- Ron Julian

To Alex, Zoe, Adam, and all of Matthew's Family,
I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved family member. I can only imagine the pain in losing him. I wish for you to find comfort in each other. Thank you for sharing your memories of him.
Becky Conrad Davenport

- Becky Conrad Davenport

So very heartbroken over your loss. There will never be enough words to provide comfort and peace. I hope your hearts will heal. Our prayers are with you. (Love the Ford family: Carrie, Nick, and Caylee)

- Carrie Julian

So sorry. So sad.
Love you all.
May the Lord hold you up and comfort you, the way only He will be able to.

- Karen

We will always miss and love you Matthew.


- Mark W Julian