Joseph Glen Erickson

September 5, 1920 ~ July 28, 2020


Aug. 8, 2020
10:00 AM
Larkin Sunset Lawn, 2350 East 1300 South, Salt Lake City, UT

Joseph Glen Erickson, of Salt Lake City, beloved by a large posterity, passed away on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, just one month shy of his 100th birthday. Glen was born September 5, 1920, in Bingham Canyon, Utah, to Joseph and Amy Nelson Erickson. He spent much of his young life in Ogden, Utah. He moved to Salt Lake City when he was a teenager. He graduated from East High School, and the University of Utah with BS and MS degrees in secondary history education. He spent his career teaching at his alma mater, East High School, where he was respected by students and colleagues alike.

He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Brazil where he loved the people and the other missionaries with whom he has kept in contact for his whole life. After returning and serving a stint in the US Army Air Corps as a top gunner and flight engineer in WW2, he returned to Salt Lake City where he met and married Charlotte Boden on March 17, 1948 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. They were blessed with three boys and one girl, Carl (Shauna) Erickson of South Carolina, Christine (Ray) Wagstaff of Salt Lake City, John (Kris) Erickson of Holladay, Utah and David (Teri) Erickson of East Millcreek, Utah.

Glen never forgot a birthday. Every member of the family, including children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and their spouses, received a thoughtful card every year. His greatest joy was his family.

In addition, he loved his Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and diligently served them in many callings. Perhaps his favorite was as a senior missionary with Charlotte in the Sao Paulo, Brazil LDS Temple, where he was ultimately called as a sealer. He continued that service in the Salt Lake Temple and was able to create eternal families for 10 of his grandchildren. He continued in that calling well into his 90s.

Precious memories were made at his annual 24th of July party. He didn’t much care for parades, but he loved to barbecue and make homemade ice cream—lemon and raspberry were the favorites—and stand back quietly as his children (and later grandchildren) lit fireworks in the driveway. Each year the party got bigger and bigger as family members married, and strangers and friends showed up for the festivities. He loved every minute of it. He also loved working in his garden and traveling which allowed him to see much of the world.

After Charlotte passed away in 1992, and several widowed years, he met and married Dorothy Udall Peterson. They had many good years together and she was a sweet and faithful companion. She passed away in 2011.

Glen was also preceded in death by his brother, Boyd Erickson, and three infant sons. He is survived by his children and their spouses, and grandchildren, Chad, Blake, Lance, and Dane Erickson, Lisanne Steele, Heidi Ellsworth, Eric Wagstaff, Rachel Jensen, Amy, Zak, Lukas Erickson, and Amanda Ranke, Ryan, Tiffani, Natalie, Holly Erickson, and Jenessa Folsom, along with 19 (and counting) great grandchildren. He is also survived by Lloyd Hicken, his 102-year-old mission companion and dear friend.

A graveside service will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 8, 2020 at Larkin Sunset Lawn, 2350 East 1300 South, SLC, UT 84108. Please share a memory for the family at


I was one of those students at East High that still remembers him and can even remember some of the things from history class some 40 years ago. I can't say that of very many classes I took.

- Ken Bradley
Dear Erickson Family, We send our love to all of you and wish to express how much Glen meant to us. We shared the same good times as you: pistachios, mints, waving good bye on the drive way, some traveling and dinners in their home. He will be missed. I decided to share with you my view of how Glen and Dorothy met since it was through me (Carol) that it happened as written below. The Peterson Family sends condolences and love. How Glen Erickson and Dorothy Peterson Met, as remembered by Carol Peterson Storrs Shorten My family moved into Colonial Hills Ward in August of 1988. We rented the Knudsen home on Browning for two years while they were on a mission. Then we moved into the home at 1887 Harrison Ave. (We lived there until the summer of 1995.) About 1990 Glen became our home teacher. My parents would come to visit and they met Glen at my home and also at church. My mother Dorothy was a graduate of East High, same year as your parents, and remembered both Glen and Charlotte. Charlotte pasted away in 1992 and my father, Lyman Peterson, passed away in March of 1993. When my mother came to visit, she would spend time with Glen at church. They started to converse over the phone and then my mother came more frequently to visit me (as an excuse to see Glen.) Sometime into the relationship she called and told me that I didn’t need to come pick her up at the airport, Glen would be there. It was a fun time while they were dating. Once my mother showed me two dresses and asked all giggly “which should I wear?” As she left on the date I shook my finger as she went out the door and said, “Don’t stay out too late.” It was fun reversing mother and daughter rolls. We all liked Glen and wondered if the relationship would get serious. Later she told me that one day President Faust, Glen’s missionary friend, mentioned to Glen that he should find a wife. At this time President Faust did not know that Glen was dating someone. Glen took it as a sign that he should ask Dorothy to marry him. We are grateful to have Glen in our family. Mom and Glen took good care of each other. We appreciate his compassion as she began to decline in memory. We appreciate the time he spent with her at the assisted living. Glen was a very good man and we love him.

- Carol Shorten
Another of the “gentle giants” of the original Colonial Hills Ward has passed on. I remember Brother Erickson with his kind, gentle smile in our ward, as well as seeing him in the halls of East High School. Having spent most of my married life in Mesa, Arizona, I have lost track of many wonderful people from my childhood. When I was in college, I was called to be the Sunbeam teacher in what was then Jr. Sunday School. Young David Erickson was in my class. I still remember him as well as others in that cute and energetic group of youngsters. And David always wanted to sit next to “the teacher” in the classroom. He became my favorite. I have wonderful memories of your mom and dad and their lovely family. They left a great posterity. Now honor their great name. Sincerely, Barbara (Woodbury) Benson (Daughter of Melvin and Agnes Woodbury)

- Barbara (Woodbury) Benson
Mr. Erickson, as I knew him was one of the favorite social studies teachers at East High. He will be remembered with much appreciation and affection.

- Jane Watson Hales
We have many fond memories of Glen and Charlotte (we never had a chance to meet Dorothy). My memories go back to when as a child my mother, sister and I would visit Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe, and of course Glen and Bud. After we were married and just graduated from college, we lived in Salt Lake and Murray for short periods and Glen and Charlotte would often invite us over for gatherings and dinners and make us feel welcome and part of the family. They were so thoughtful to us as a young married couple just getting started. The last time I saw Glen was when we had lunch at the Sizzler 2 or 3 years ago. I was so impressed at how well he was doing for his age and that he was still living in his home and caring for it. It was a most enjoyable reunion after not seeing him for so many years. We extend our sympathies and best wishes as you celebrate and remember Glen and all his accomplishments and great memories he provided for so many.

- Marlene and Chuck Eckery
The Ericksons were treasured neighbors. Glen was a popular teacher at our high school for many thousands of students. His children were friends to so many of us. Thank you Glen. God speed. My love and sympathy to the Erickson family. Scott Allen

- Scott Allen