Ralph Emery Goff

May 27, 1941 ~ December 20, 2020

Ralph Emery Goff, our warm-hearted and intensely loyal husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and brother left this earth on December 20, 2020 after struggling with health issues exacerbated by the COVID-19 virus.

Ralph was born on May 27, 1941, to parents, Emery Ielo and Luella Grace Newbold Goff, happily joining two older sisters on their farm in Sandy, Utah.

Ralph’s kind and loving spirit will be carried on by his wife and sweetheart of nearly 60 years, Drylee Ann Astle Goff, his children Blake (Julie) Goff, LeAnn (Kenny) Deming, Byron (Wendy) Goff, Franklin Smith, Matthew (Laura-Leigh) Goff, and Amanda (Jacob) Atkinson. He is also survived by 21 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, 6 siblings and so many others whose lives have been made so much better just by being near such a gentle giant of a man.

Ralph has now joined his parents and his sister, JoAnn, in Heaven.

We were blessed to learn many very important lessons from this wonderful man during his 79 years, among them: you can only stop fishing when it is too dark to bait your hook, or if you are frozen to the bottom of the boat; you can never have too much flank steak at a barbeque; and pork ribs aren’t done until the entire surface is covered in black ash. Also remember, if you don’t root for the Utah Jazz, you don’t really like basketball, and never miss an opportunity to sing Christmas Carols or Happy Birthday to every family member every year.

Along with family and fishing, Ralph loved The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a dedicated member his entire life and served faithfully in many church positions such as Sunday School teacher, scout leader, and counselor in the bishopric. He and his wife served faithfully as temple workers, and he often said this was one of the best callings he ever had. He loved serving with Drylee. He taught generosity by example through anonymous acts of kindness and charity. If you were having a hard time and Ralph found out, chances are the box of food, or envelope of money came from him. He not only believed, he lived his life as an example of how a Christ-centered man should live.

Ralph also taught us the lesson of absolute unconditional love and forgiveness. No mistake was too big, no error too grievous that he would not open his warm, loving arms and let you into his giant embrace.

He was the cement that held so much together for so many and he will be missed dearly.

Growing up, Ralph learned the value of hard work and the importance of using his strength and his smarts. His days on the Goff farm were hard, but ultimately rewarding. When he wasn’t working on the farm, you would find him fishing in the canal for bluegills with his brothers or doing homework in the small, cramped farmhouse. He was unusually dedicated to his studies and graduated from Jordan High School in 1959.

Just one day prior to his 20th birthday, he married his high school sweetheart for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1963 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

He began his engineering career in Vernal, Utah, working for the United States Forest Service. Ralph worked in the forest north of Vernal most of the week. Drylee hated the isolation, lack of loneliness and spartan nature of their life there so gave she gave Ralph one of the only ultimatums she would ever give him. She told Ralph that she was going back to Salt Lake Valley and if he wanted to see her she would be at her parent's home.

Ralph immediately quit that job and moved back to the Salt Lake Valley where he started working for the Utah Department of Transportation. He eventually took a job as a consulting Engineer with Engineering Corporation of America (ECA). In 1970, ECA offered him a great opportunity, so he swept his family off to Boise, Idaho, where he worked on several projects, including designing bridges and roadways for the interstate highway program. ECA asked him to move to Arizona, but after a visit there, Ralph and Drylee didn't feel the fit was right for them, and they wanted to be near family. Ralph changed course again, and with Drylee’s full support, they returned to the Salt Lake Valley. He entered into a partnership with an former colleague, and worked for DeMass and Associates for the next 20 years. They wanted to build their dream home where they could raise a family, but with the new job, money was tight, so they moved in with Drylee's parents. While living there, he began building that dream home with his own hands, working nights and weekends and whenever his work schedule would allow. After the home was finished, he moved his family in and lived there for the rest of his life. Many, many happy memories have been created there.

In 1991, Ralph had an important choice to make; the company was closing, and he had to either find a new job or carry on and make the business his own. He chose to make it his own, and Ralph Goff and Associates was born. Through good times and bad, he carried the company through to his retirement in 2005. Along the way, he provided quite nicely for his family, developed a fiercely loyal clientele, and created jobs and work experience for each of his children.

During retirement, Ralph continued to enjoy gardening, fishing, and being with his wife and family as often as possible. If there was a grandchild with a soccer game, a musical production, or science fair, Grandma and Grandpa would always be there. He was and is the most incredible, sincere, and honest man anyone could ever, or will ever, know.

To this amazing man, we bid farewell. Your light will never dim. As like a rock thrown into a pond, the ripples of your life will forever influence everyone you have known. From your closest family, to the stranger you found stuck in the snow and brought in from the cold. All of your love will continue on and on, forever and ever.

Services will be held virtually via Zoom on Monday, December 28, 2020 at 11 am.

The recording of the zoom meeting can be found here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/OSN1OFGuQX6rX8K9_dVMv3Yb8htWabDv158N5pZkToJ3nTQR30dFi6RPuTtf9A0w.EqPqSfoB2bzYfd3V?startTime=1609176752000


I’m so sorry for your Loss Drylee! Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Kurt and Sabrina Imig

- Sabrina Imig
Dearest Drylee and Family, Words are just not enough to tell all that my heart holds so dear. Ralph was truly the most wonderful oldest brother! He (and Drylee) seemed to always be there, waiting in the wings, whenever I needed something. There was not a lot of money in our household during my youth and into High school and College—yet they helped me so many times with things like a Prom dress, college entrance exams, applications and tests. And when Ron and I were married, they helped with many Reception expenses. But their generosity didn’t end there—oh no!! When we had 2 children serving missions at the same time (this happened 4x)— twice—at Christmastime, a letter came in the mail with a check and letter from Ralph (and Drylee) telling us that it had been a good year and they wanted to make the Mission Support payment for BOTH Missionaries that month. Unbelievable!! Can you imagine how much that helped a family of 10, especially at that time of year??!! So generous, kind and extremely helpful. Ralph was my math tutor in High School and I simply did not “get” math (still don’t)—but he was SO PATIENT with me! I think he only threw his pencil across the room once or twice when I failed to grasp the concept he had so vividly and intelligently explained. He was so smart—it’s no wonder he was Civil Engineering Student of the Year when he graduated. And well I remember his Graduation Day. I waited and watched the clock anxiously that day for our Dad (Ielo) to get home from working out of town so he and my Mom could go to Ralph’s Graduation from BYU—his first child to Graduate from College. Well Dad didn’t make it home in time to go—there were problems with the job and the crew had to do a “Do Over” and it made them late. There was so much disappointment all around—from Daddy and especially Ralph and Drylee. But Ralph worked through that just as he would do on many other occasions throughout his life, hence one of the many things that qualified him to be a ”gentle giant” of a man. I have so many many memories of times he came in show of love and support to our family’s activities. He loved a good party, event or Reunion and always was right there with offers of help of any kind. His humility was noticed by so many. He served in a Bishopric and became the “designated Reader and Explainer” of all correspondence sent to that Ward as his quick read/digestion/explanation of the matter saved so much time for others in that calling. And he did not see why the others were so grateful—it was no big deal for him. I remember coming by to visit a few times after we had moved to Idaho. I came to see how he and Drylee were doing but after a few pleasantries and some “catching up” they turned the rest of the time into a “Mumford de-briefing” with their kind and genuine interest in others. I love this family so much and will miss your Patriarch more than I can say! Please let us help in any way that’s needed for we are indebted to you in so many ways. We send our love!! Carol and Ron Mumford and family

- Carol Goff Mumford
My family and I will miss Ralph's kind and gentle personality. He was always warm and welcoming to us when we moved into the neighborhood--and welcomed me into their home to visit with Frank when he was living with his folks for awhile. Ralph will be fondly remembered and definitely missed in the neighborhood and the ward.

- Doug Stuart
Byron and family, I am saddened to hear of your father's passing. I had the honor and pleasure of knowing and working with Ralph for many years (35 plus) in the surveying/engineering realm. There is not a more caring, kind, humble, honest or finer person on earth. His passing is a great loss to everyone. He leaves behind a great legacy in both a body of work and his family. The world needs more people like your dad. My heartfelt sympathy to you and yours. Reid Demman

- Reid Demman
Andrew sends condolences to Ralph's family. Andy was a JHS & BYU classmate with Ralph; also Sandy 3rd Ward family connection. Hopefully, Andy was able to watch the virtual program with a neighbor in his condo (he doesn't use the internet). Thanks for a wonderful obituary for us to read & enjoy! Your sister JoAnn was a Sandy/JHS/mutual friend of mine, too. She's been busy behind the veil with important work there! Love, Rosalie Madsen Pierson (JoAnn's husband, Lynn Pierson is my husband Howard's cousin )

- Rosalie M Pierson and Andrew Madsen
Drylee and family: We love Ralph and shared so many experiences as young men together--high school, work, baseball, roommates our first quarters at BYU, and on and on. As you all noted in your remarks, Ralph was always the rock, the constant for good, the one we could all count on to do the right thing. Drylee, some of our Draper memories get more and more vivid as time goes on, and I think you married Ralph in part because he was so much like your father as we knew him-kind, caring, and always looking out for others. Thank you for a life-long friendship. The funeral service fit Ralph perfectly! Our love and sympathy to you all. Jerry and LuAnn

- Gerald & LuAnn Day
Ralph was a genuine gentleman! Always a sweet guy who would stop and talk. We Will Miss You Ralph 💟

- Dave and Sue Ross
We love Ralph Goff. What a great man. Rest in peace friend. Our hearts are with your sweet family.

- Craig and Cindy Allman
So sorry you guys. I remember spending so much time at your house as a kid. Your dad was always so nice. I always talk about him carrying me home after I fell out of your boat in the driveway and broke my arm. Love you guys, Melissa

- Melissa and Alexis Jara
So sorry for your loss. We have many great memories of being neighbors and friends. Love to you all, Norris and Kathryn

- Norris and Kathryn Wiseman
Drylee and family, so sorry for the loss of your great dad and granddad. We were so surprised to hear of his passing. Love and prayers to your family.

- Dennis & Shauna Lewis
You have our sincerest condolences. We will keep you in our prayers.

- Dennis, Debbie Blain
Just one sentence about a great friend, grandfather & husband. . ‘Ralph gone fishing’ !! I’m sure he’s catching all the Rainbow Trouts & Catfish that he wants in heaven. . Maybe he’s catching all with his hands ?? And God created the Heavens & the Earth , the greater light to rule the day, the lesser light to rule the night . And God said it was good, & he rested on the 7th Day. . So Ralph is resting in Heaven right now & says all is done on earth. . Thanks for being a friend everybody !!

- Herb Smith & Family:
Words cannot describe the heartbreak for the passing of my beloved grandfather. He was loved by so many. I have lots of fond memories of him. There isn't anyone in the world who could replace him. Grandma, if you're reading this, know that I love you both so much. Grandpa, I look forward to the day when we will meet again. You will be deeply missed!

- Michael Goff
Ralph was a wonderful friend and a great example to all of us. I was impressed with his kindness and in depth understanding of the Gospel As we met in church or in his living room, his knowledge and understanding of important subjects was impressive and his kindness and love for others would fill the room. He will be dearly missed!

- Randy and Andrea Rounds
Dear Grandma, I don’t have the words to adequately describe how much Grandpa meant to us. From the football games as a kid to primary programs to my mission report and our wedding, you have been there with Grandpa, with an assurance of pure love and charity. We are so so grateful for the kind example he was to us, and especially the example of living the gospel and loving those around him. I will always remember helping him with projects like mowing the lawn, painting the garage doors, trimming trees, planting gardens, and many others. Please know how much we care for you and are grateful for the amazing influence you both have on our lives. I am sure Grandpa is in a blessed place and will be preparing for when his amazing eternal companion will join him. We love you Grandma! Love, Joe, Jana, Lynlee, and Weston

- Joe, Jana, Lynlee, and Weston Goff
Ralph was a wonderful friend. I love the Goff family and have known many of the brothers. Sending condolences to the family at this difficult time. Perry Olsen

- Perry Olsen
I was, am, deeply saddened to learn of Ralph's passing! What a kind-hearted, soft-spoken man. However, when he spoke, you listened! I was a two-doors-down neighbor of he and Drylee for over 10 years, and I've been in their same LDS Ward since 1997. Ralph and his wonderfully sweet, loving (and funny) wife, Drylee, worked out for years at Dimple Dell Fitness Center, where I would often see them working out together! What a gentle-giant of a man we have lost. My heart breaks for Drylee and she's going to be in my thoughts and prayers, along with his entire family! Ralph, until we meet again...

- Carrie White
Dearest Drylee, Blake, Lee Ann, Byron, Frank, Matt and Mandy, We are so very sorry for the loss of Ralph. Ralph was such a kind, warmhearted and loving person. We have such fond memories of him! We wanted to offer our deepest condolences for this tremendous loss. May God provide you peace and comfort through this difficult time. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. With deepest sympathies, Dave and Rachel ( Goff) Berryman

- Rachel Goff Berryman
Oh, Drylee, I am heartbroken to hear this news. I have such fun memories of our times together. I will always remember your wedding and the many plans that led up to it. Such an exciting time for both of us since I had just gotten engaged to Ray a couple of weeks before your wedding. I'll always remember May 26th! Someone, I don't remember who, sang "The Way You Look Tonight" and every time I hear it I remember how beautiful you looked and how Ralph looked upon you with such adoring eyes. Yours was a match made in heaven, for sure. I know how devastated you are. Life has a way of changing all our plans. Thank heaven for our knowledge of the Plan that gives assurance that this parting is only temporary. I pray that you and your family will feel the peace that only the Savior can bring. I'll visit when things settle for you. Love, Helene

- Helene Terry
We are so sorry for the sudden passing of our friend Ralph. We've been neighbors for the past 4+ decades and have enjoyed what a great guy Ralph was. He did some civil engineering work for me a number of years ago and was a true professional at his work. The neighborhood has lost one of it's good friends. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Drylee and her family. Thanks for all the memories Ralph. Jim& Kathi

- Jim Petersen