Reagan Tolboe

1974 ~ 2022

Reagan Michelle Tolboe passed away on Tuesday, January 10th from a brain aneurysm. She was the daughter of Diane Stewart and Michael Tolboe, born on July 5th, 1974, in Provo, Utah. She was raised in Salt Lake City – and deeply rooted in her community. Reagan studied Theatre and Communications, graduating from Westminster, but also attending Connecticut College and the University of Utah.

Reagan’s passions emerged early in her life: dancing, acting, riding horses, and dressing up.

She loved Theatre and Cinema
She loved Ballet
She loved Rowland Hall
She loved Pi Beta Phi
She loved Jimmy Buffet
She loved Lake Powell
She loved New York City

Reagan admired a good theater character – villain or hero and she always, always rooted for the underdog. She was the embodiment of dramatic flair. Reagan was a dedicated patron of the theatre, fashion, and the arts. She immersed herself in pop culture and read, listened, and followed artists with the ardor of a true fan.

She lived and celebrated with intensity – following having an aneurysm removed in 2012, she turned the anniversary of her brain surgery into ‘Brain Day’ celebrating every year her joie de vivre surrounded by friends. Having a meal out with Reagan was an event – preferably at an oyster bar or a Bobby Flay restaurant. Like with her other interests, she became a culinary expert. Reagan was a die-hard Jazz fan and created a veritable shrine in her bedroom growing up to John Stockton. When Reagan decided she liked something – she backed it one hundred percent.

She was fiercely loyal to her family and friends and loved to adopt people and children into her life. She had special names and relationships with children and a devoted set of small people she influenced. She was the first to reach her arms out to a new baby. She identified strongly with her Tolboe family often reminiscing about time with her Aunts Jan and JoAnne.

Reagan held strong beliefs about advancing the arts, civil rights, social action, preserving the environment, human rights, and politics. She certainly made her voice heard and stood behind those words with actions. She was a community activist and attended rallies, raised funds, and fought for the causes she believed in. She was involved with many non-profits and served in their endeavors.

Reagan leaves behind a large loving family: Her mother, Diane Stewart, Her father Mike and his wife, Kathy Tolboe. She is survived by her three brothers: Clifton Tolboe, Hank and Hardy Stewart, and her precious niece Eleanor “EK”. Reagan also leaves behind an extended family of stepsiblings, their spouses and children including Samantha Stewart, Jaime Moessing, Joshua Stewart, Spencer Stewart, Andy Stewart, Scott Carroll, and Angie Carroll.

As we say goodbye to Reagan, we like to think of her strolling past Bethesda Fountain in a hat, heels, wearing red lipstick and tossing a wink over her shoulder.

A private family service will be held on Monday at 5pm, friends are invited via zoom at the provided link.

In lieu of flowers please donate to your favorite arts organization in Utah to honor Reagan.

For those who wish to view the recording of the services may do so here:
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Mike, Diane, Kathy and family, words cannot express the sadness I feel and I can't imagine how difficult this is for you and all of your family. Reagan was always kind, fun, sincere and happy and I loved her personality. I have never met someone who could lift my spirits by just saying hi to me, she was bold and loved life and I know she adored her parents, family and friends more than anything on earth. We will miss her dearly. I know that Reagan would want us all to continue on and live our lives the way she would and to cherish her memory. Mike and Diane, you raised a wonderful daughter, and Kathy, I know you loved her like she was your own, and I'm sure Sam felt the same way. She touched the lives of so many in her short time here. Wishing you all the very best and my sincerest sympathy. Mike

- Michael Ferro

We will miss Regan's happy and joyful countenance. She was always making the dinners we attended in the Tolboe home special. We will miss her.
Jimmy and Carol Cook

- Jimmy and Carol Cook

Thank you for sharing Reagan's memorial service with us via zoom. It was my honor to attend. I so enjoyed getting to know Reagan in high school at Rowland Hall. This afternoon, I could see a series memories of being in The Boyfriend together with Hillary and others. It has been a treat to reconnect with Reagan via facebook in the past 10 years.
Reagan was lifted up in the prayers at my church on Sunday. Prayers of comfort and consolation for her family and friends in these days.

- Heather VanDeventer

I'm so happy to have known you, Reagan. You were full of life and did so much to advance arts and culture in SLC. You were a beautiful example to me of a thriving, professional, and fun-loving woman and I will be forever grateful for your friendship and the moments I got to spend with you.

- Alexandra

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your light. We've always love you. We always will.

- Emily Hart Hayes

Warmest wishes and condolences to you, Mike, and family. I'm so sorry.

- D. Gordon Wilson

I am surprised and saddened to hear of Reagan's passing. Reagan and I worked together at Ballet West and we shared many good times. I remember her as a strong advocate for the arts and social justice and she will be missed.

- Alison Hayes

Dearest Reagan, I will never forget our many years as best friends. You were my rock, my laughter, my confidant and my family and you will always be in my heart. I regret losing touch, but I know our bond will always be there. I'm so sorry to your entire family and community of people who loved you. Sending my love to you all.

- Greta Stockwell

Diane and Mike,
It has been so many years. I am so very sad to learn of Reagan’s passing. My love to each of you.

- Tony Romney

Reagan, You were a fire in my life. So much love and passion, you will be missed. What a trio we were at Westminster ♡ You are forever in my heart and the world is so much darker without your light ♡♡ Peace to you dear friend.

- Heidi Ortega


Not sure if I ever confessed this, but I deliberately did not return the Fleetwood Mac cassette you left in my Jeep. Please forgive me.

Have fun celebrating Brain Day with old family and friends!!! We will miss you here :'(

Your friend forever <3

- Melissa Suarez

Reagan, thank you for always being so kind to me! We didn't know each other well, and I hadn't seen you in ages (sadly), but I remember vividly how welcoming you were to Mike and me when we began attending Ballet West performances, how happy I was always to see you, and how much bright energy you brought to our every interaction. Love love love to you and to all who cherished you!

- Mindy Wilson