Richard James Noorda

1963 ~ 2021

Richard James Noorda
June 6, 1963-December 31, 2021
Parents: Grant Noorda and Sherrie Fisher
Son: Kevin Noorda (Chelsea)
Grandsons: Oliver & Remy

Rich passed away on New Year's Eve, leaving family and friends with many fond memories. Rich’s outgoing and generous personality has left a hole in our hearts. Rich loved to fish and spent many trips with his dad at Thistle Creek. Rich was very talented and smart, in school he let his closest friends copy his papers so they could get good grades. Rich was extremely fast, he played varsity football and broke records on the track team. Rich was a great Uncle to Chase, Kyle and Ryan and attended numerous sporting activities for them, it didn’t matter if it was baseball, football, or basketball. He made sure the Refs knew he was there to make sure they made the right calls! He was even asked to leave a few games.

Rich loved his brothers, Bob, and Chris, and they were always there to help each other out. Rich and Chris had a couple good buddies that would play football in the big grass field next to their house, needless to say, Rich was always picked first by the better athletes.

We would like to thank all the Fireman, Policeman, Doctors, and Nurses for your help and anyone who took the time to have conversations with Rich. He will be greatly missed by his father, son, brothers, nieces, nephews, and lifelong buddies. A celebration of life for Rich will be at a later date.


It’s with deep regret I hear about Richard passing, he was one of the good ones!!! My heart and prayers go out to the Norda Family!!!!

- Brad stocks

Bob & Frances~ Sylvia & I are saddened to learn of the passing of your brother. Prayers for God’s peace to rest on you and the good memories sustain you during this difficult time. ~Gary McGuire

- Gary McGuire

I'm so sorry for the loss of Rich. Sending you our prayers, love and hugs.

- kristina Maree

I am so sorry to hear of his leaving you. Sending love and prayers to you all.

- Joni Boshard Benitez