Sandy Gillett Grogan

1955 ~ 2024

Sandy Gillett Grogan was born June 28, 1955 to the proud parents Leroy Don Gillett and Marvel Darlene Gillett in Tripoli North Africa on a military base. She found her forever sweetheart and lifelong best friend when she was 18 years old, at the Cookie Tree where they both worked. Roger Dale Grogan and Sandy were married for 37 years before his passing in 2010.

She was very spiritual, not religious. Some of her hobbies include making dolls, breeding pugs, doing crafts, donating to BACA, and other things that help children out for Christmas! She crocheted, quilted, made candles, and many, many more things! She was a blunt woman who said what was on her mind. Sandy was a hard worker and always tried to have her heart in the right place. She had the kind of personality that when you were connected with her you needed your own Sandy time.

Sandy was proud to be a military brat wife, sibling, niece, and grandchild! She loved music and talking about memories! She could make something out of nothing! She could make all different kinds of food and had a knack for making some of the most delicious snacks, treats, and dinners.

She is survived by Cassandra Gillett, Christian Berrett, Russell Gillett & Vickie Veirra, Raneda Benavidez & Becka Delgado, Ken and Linda Gillett, Margee Lopez, Wally Waddell Grogan, Peggy, many nieces, nephews, great nieces & nephews, and great-great nephews and nieces!

She was preceded in death by Leroy Don Gillett, Marvel Darlene Gillett, Waylyn Gillett, Betty Gillett, her husband Roger, and all her fuzzy children!

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