W. David Hemingway

April 28, 1947 ~ November 16, 2020


Nov. 20, 2020
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
260 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
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    Nov. 21, 2020
    4:00 AM
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  • W. David Hemingway was born on April 28, 1947 and for 73 years David enriched the lives of those he met through encouragement and kindness. He always enjoyed a challenge and rarely encountered a problem he couldn’t solve. It was because of his knowledge and character that the heavens above demanded his return home on November 16, 2020. While his friends and family who have passed on before him are celebrating his return those of us who remain on earth will miss him dearly.

    David married the love of his life Gay Etta Jorgensen, and they raised three sons Ryan, Jonathan and Jamon. Family was very important to David and he was loved and adored by his grandchildren. David had a very playful side and the grandkids could always count on a fair amount of teasing and learned quickly to tease him right back. I know it is said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but after a great deal of effort by the girls David was well trained in the art of playing Ken in the game of Barbie. His generosity knew no bounds and at sleepovers he often relinquished his own bed so the grandkids could sleep with Gigi in the big bed.

    In addition to the fun and games David valued education and found time to pass on his love of investing. It was rare to have a visit from Grandpa that didn’t include a list of interesting companies and stocks to buy. Despite Grandpa’s efforts on teaching the importance of diversification one or two of the grandkids learned an unforgettable lesson as they watched their stock of choice lose most of its value.

    After David graduated from the University of Utah with his MBA he went to work for Zions Bancorporation. David loved Zions so much he never left. In his 45-years at Zions not a day went by that he didn’t strive to make Zions the best. After David’s successful career as Chief Investment Officer for Zions Bancorporation he approached his retirement with the same passion and zeal as only he could. Most people retire and pick up hobbies such as golf or fishing, but David loved to take the road less traveled and started to produce a documentary on near death experiences titled “Through the Veil.” He worked to improve people’s lives through education and started working with numerous people at the State and Federal level in an attempt to better the world around him.

    He spent a great deal of his personal time in the pursuit of knowledge and was a dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He served a LDS mission to Brazil and had a great love for the scriptures.

    He is survived by his wife, Gay Etta, Salt Lake City, sons, Ryan (Karalee), Jonathan, (Phoebe), Jamon (Alexandria) Grandchildren, Ryley, Haley, Kaitlin, Elise, Sterling, Vienna, Avery and Jonas. Siblings, Mike (LeeAnn), Delwin, (Janis) Mary (Ed) Bywater, Flora Shumway and Jan (Ray, deceased) Mecham, and a host of loving nieces and nephews, cousins.

    A public viewing will be held 6-8PM on Friday, November 20 at Larkin Mortuary, 260 E. South Temple, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Masks and social distancing will be enforced per the COVID requirements.

    Funeral services will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2020 beginning at 11AM for family attendance only. Friends are encouraged to attend the services virtually with a link that can be found at www.larkincares.com where memories and condolences may be shared with the family. Interment at Salt Lake City Cemetery.

    In lieu of flowers David would hope that you share your kindness and generosity with someone in need.

    Topic: Funeral for W. David Hemingway - 11:00am, 11/21/2020
    Time: Nov 21, 2020 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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    Sad to hear that my childhood friend has passed.

    - Jack L Corbridge
    David was a friend at Dixie College and lived in my grandmother’s ward. We lost touch through the years, but I remember our early friendship with fondness. Our faith and prayers are with his family.

    - David Campbell
    Dear Gay Etta and family, I am so sorry to hear of David's passing. He was one of the first people I met when I came to work at Zions Bank. In fact, he was the one who hired me. I was so impressed with his positive attitude and his desire to find a better way to do things. I remember wondering if he ever slept at night because he often came in each day with a new idea on how to improve things. He had more energy than anyone I knew and I don't think he ever slowed down to walk from one meeting to another. I often heard him running down the hall as he would approach my office. I was so impressed to hear about all of the outside projects he was involved in. I remember him telling me all about the work you were doing in the Pathways program. He was so excited about the opportunities that it provided for so many. Thank you so much for sharing him with us for those many years. I am certain that he is already heavily involved in making Heaven a better place to be. We will certainly miss him until we can be with him again. Sincerely, Annette and Frank Langheinrich

    - Annette Langheinrich
    Dear Gay Etta and Ryan (and Jonathan and Jamen - though we met only a few times) Words are truly inadequate, so may God convey to you the spirit of what I feel for David and my condolences for your loss! What a devastating loss for anyone who knew this great man! He was such a complete person that I think it is impossible to limit his relationships to any single status. For me he was more than my boss and mentor - he was my friend, confidant, and advisor! I can only imagine the added devastation at his loss for you when it looked like he was coming back strong from his stroke. I hope you know that I admired him greatly and that I considered him as one of God's greatest blessings for being in my life! Though additionally painful, I guess the timing of his passing the day after my father died in fact correlates with his place in my life -- though the hole in my heart is bigger than I can grasp at the moment. Growing up my father frequently recited, and strived to live according to Napoleon Hill’s quote; “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” David lived this truth and inspired me to dream and believe in accomplishing more in all aspects of my life. Yet in all his dreaming and outstanding accomplishments, he never quit seeing the person and using his tremendous gifts and influence to help “the one” - with more "ones" than anyone other than heaven can count! For me, the world lost two of its greatest men last week - such loss may be heaven’s gain, but the loss is still acute. May God's peace, love, and promises be with you and help sustain you in the coming days, months, and years.

    - Bob Bartleson
    David and I worked together on the Wasatch Fund, which was the first venture fund in Utah. He was a true innovator, and he was a delight to work with. When things looked good, he commended us on our efforts, and when things looked badly, he politely asked questions. I am sorry to hear of his passing. He was a good man with a good heart. Love to his family and friends. Best, Tim Draper

    - Tim Draper
    I wish David's family may feel the peace in knowing that David has moved to applying his rare "creative intellectual" skills to another forum. I thoroughly enjoyed working with David for more than a decade while at Zions, and several years prior to that as an analyst following the company. His financial creativity is truly exceptional, and I've enjoyed his storytelling and laughter in the hundreds of meetings I attended with him. He will certainly be missed here, but as was noted in the obituary, his intellect is surely being put to work "Beyond the Veil." David, may God be with you till we meet again.

    - James Abbott
    I am so sorry for your loss, Flora. Your brother was sure a blessing to his family, friends, and the world. May the Lord bless you with comfort in the days ahead, knowing that he has returned to his Heavenly home. Please know that my prayers, love and thoughts are with you.

    - Barbara Wilkinson
    I was serving as 1st counselor to Bishop Ralph Mitchell (whose wife just passed as well) in the Orchard 3rd Ward in North Salt Lake when David and GayEtta, as young marrieds, moved into our neighborhood. Their son, Ryan, was the same age as Evan, our eldest child. David accepted the call to serve as our executive secretary, and served our bishopric very faithfully . I also felt a kinship to him, having grown up on Salt Lake City's west side and attending West High School. I associated with David's father, Don, in my work in real estate work with the Church. Also, my younger brother, Carlton, obtain his first job with Zions as a result of a positive referral from Dave. Over the years (i'm now in my 70's) I've appreciated my many conversations i've enjoyed with Dave as we've crossed paths in the downtown business community. Always loved his unique insights on how to look at current issues affecting our economy, the world, and the latter-day saints. I'm certain his posterity will always treasure his sound counsel, remembering his love for them, to anchor their lives.

    Thank you David for being such a great and caring leader. My the Lord bless your wife and family as they morning you departure.

    - Phillip Diederich
    I have fond memories of David. One in particular was when I told high priests about a project I had going to have people donate musical instruments no longer in use to be used by immigrant students at Hillside Middle School in SLC. These students were in the English as a Second Language program and were sharing school band instruments. After the class, David quietly handed me a check for 1000 dollars. It was put to good use. A good guy.

    - Dale Rees
    Gay Etta and Family, We are so saddened with David's passing. He was always so generous and friendly to our family. He inspired us to be better people. He often taught Dustin micro lessons during or after Elder's Quorum and those lessons will be remembered and cherished! We pray that you and your family have only the most cherished memories of the lost and find peace in this temporary parting.

    - Dustin & Jenna Holt
    We send our most heartfelt condolences to the entire Hemingway family. David always showed me kindness, real interest and concern. There is no doubt that he was a great husband, father and all around great person. I will greatly miss seeing him when I attend family gathers, as I always enjoyed talking with him. Sending love to you all! Love Nathan, Mariana and Ari

    - Nathan Niederhauser
    Gayetta, I was indeed saddened to hear of David’s passing. I have so many good memories of him when we hung out together during our college days at BYU. I hope you find peace in the next little while knowing he was such a good man. Lots of love, Shanna, David’s cousin

    - Shanna Behling
    Gay Etta, we are so sorry about David’s passing. He was a good friend, mentor, brilliant individual. David guided me in the creation of the national SBA 504 lending program, always pushing me to do things outside the norm, going places other bankers had never thought of. He had a great wit, and made my career at Zions most enjoyable. We will miss him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as we remember David today Love George and Sara

    - Sara and George Hofmann
    Gay Etta, Sue and I are very sorry for your loss. We have the greatest admiration for David and for the many acts of kindness that he extended to our family. David was a rare leader who treated all of his employees with the upmost respect. He encouraged everyone to work hard, to cultivate their talents and to achieve their full potential while at the same time focusing on the profitability and success of the Bank. He was a strong advocate for the public finance department and many of us owe much of our careers to him. His leadership and guidance was always helpful, but I really appreciated that once he delegated something to me, he allowed me to finish the task. David was a great mentor, but more than that he was a friend. He was always interested in how I was doing and how the Denham family was getting along. One day after David had told me about his MIGs over Moscow adventure, he asked about our vacation plans for that summer and I told him that we were going to Florida to watch some Major League Baseball spring training games. He listened to what I was saying and said, "thats' what is great about America". Somehow, what was important to me became important to him. When I chose to retire from the Bank, I always appreciated the fact that David was very supportive. In fact, he made it possible for me to continue working in a part time consulting role so that we could maintain our health insurance during the years before we reached full retirement age. He was one of the most compassionate and kindest of human beings. Warmest regards, Larry and Sue Denham

    - Larry and Sue Denham
    Claralyn and I were greatly saddened to hear of David's passing. We have such fond memories of our many times together--at National Advisory Council meetings at the Marriott School of Business at BYU. We especially enjoyed our NAC excursions together. David was so full of life--always energetic, curious, playful, and wise. David and I also interacted at Zions Bank where I saw his great wisdom, judgement and leadership. But perhaps our most lasting memory of David is the great kindness he and Gay Etta showed our family during the three years Claralyn and I served a mission for three years in Romania and Moldova. He worked with one of our sons during a very trying time. David is truly a man of great faith, integrity, energy, and kindness. His example to us will always be in our hearts.

    - Ned C Hill
    Dear Gayetta and family, We want to send you our condolences with David's passing. Words can't express how much he will be missed. He has blessed our family in so many ways, starting back in the Orchard Third Ward many years ago. I am grateful to have worked with David for so many years at Zions. He was a wonderful mentor, and friend. His energy and enthusiasm, and passion for doing what he set out to do was unmatched . I'm grateful for the time I had to associate with him in a work capacity. I'm sure he is working in the Spirit World, just as hard as he did here. May the Lord bless you and your family at this time with peace and comfort, and for the days to come. We love you, and pray for you, and look forward to the future when we all are united again. God bless you. - Kelly & Charlene Gibbs

    - Kelly & Charlene Gibbs
    Dear Gay Etta & Family, We send you our love and condolences at the loss of your dear husband, father, and grandfather. We are saddened and shocked to learn of David’s passing! Our prayers are with your family this day. We are grateful for Dave’s example and pray you find support and comfort in the days to come. Love, Debby Dunnigans

    - Debby Dunnigan
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences! I am so sorry. Dave was a trusted friend and mentor for over thirty years. He was instrumental in one of the most profound decisions of my life and will always have my eternal gratitude for his guidance and friendship. I will miss him and our lunches dearly. I wish the Hemingway family every blessing that our Comforter provides, and please know that Dave's entire family is and has been in my prayers. With love and profound gratitude, Bob Gross.

    - Robert Gross
    Dear Gayetta: You and your wonderful sons and their families are in our family prayers morning and night. I was stunned and saddened with the sudden loss of your beloved David. You and David created a marvelous legacy in many ways, especially in your family. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend my little sister, Jolene: she adores you. Your life takes a new direction for now, but the Eternities will be sweet and rich because of the wonderful foundation you created together. Never underestimate the marvelous influence for good that the two of you have made individually and as a couple.....people so often don't see the power of their good example. You are a stellar woman and I pray that you will be profoundly comforted. May you experience Peace daily.

    - Carol ann Johnson
    Flora, David's little sister, introduced me to her big brother a couple of times over lunch. He seemed so thoughtful and protective of his younger sister. I heard several loving stories about him and his family from a sister that loved him very much. I know as the oldest brother, he will be so missed by his siblings as well as his devoted family. I am sad for my friend, Flora, and all who adored him.

    - Velda Wiltbank
    David you and Gayetta were such great neighbors and are forever great friends. Our hearts have been so tender as we remember what a good person you are. May you continue your great work in heaven

    - Vicky Johnson
    Gay Etta and Family, I' m so sorry for your loss. I had the privilege of working for David for 30 years. He was not only my boss, but my friend. He taught me so much over the years. He cared deeply for those that worked for him and tried to make sure they were taken care of. David was one of the most creative people I've known. When it came to thinking outside of the box, he didn't even know there was a box. He had an amazing mind. The world is a better place for having David in it. I am a better person for having known him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Rick

    - Rick Burtenshaw
    Dear GayEtta -- We were saddened to hear of David's passing. He's been a fine friend and is one of the Lord's real noblemen -- completely diligent, kind, discerning, and loving. He saw the best in everyone. We're grateful for his good life and the privilege of knowing him. Warm regards, Stephen and Corinne Sorenson

    - Stephen Sorenson
    We are saddened by David’s passing. Our memories of David and his siblings go back many years. We loved spending time with the family throughout our teens and into early marriage whilst you were here in London. Our love and fondest wishes to you all. Chris and Sue

    - Chris and Sue Broadribb (nee Paterson)
    My sincere condolences on David's passing. I worked for David in the investment area of Zions for 18 years by managing the Safekeeping Department. One of my customers was the LDS Church's investment division. Whenever I would pass David in the hall, he would always say "are you keeping the Church happy? He really appreciated the work that I did and always let me know. My thoughts and prayers are with all of David's family, at this very difficult time. Take care and stay safe.

    - Linda Fairless
    I was deeply saddened to hear of David's passing. His brilliant career at Zions spanned the time from when my grandfather, Arlin Mecham, was at Zions to my career at the bank now. I remember Grandpa describing David Hemingway as the "bright mind in the financial markets" behind the success of the bank. Although I never worked directly with David, I enjoyed several opportunities which I had to interact with him and to learn from him. I was impressed not only by his brilliance, but by his humility, smile and wit. I am grateful for his example that spiritual, eternally significant principles transcend in importance the temporal affairs in which we're engaged. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hemingway family.

    - Andrew Larsen
    Dear Gayetta and family, I am greatly saddened to hear of David's passing. He was a pillar of kindness, generosity and faith. My love and prayers are humbly offered to our Savior, and hope you will feel some comfort and peace in the coming days, and years. to come. Love always, Mary Bywater

    - Mary Bywater
    Sister Hemmingway, I am so sad to see that your sweet husband passed away. I, love you both so much. Thank you for your great and loving guidance as our Pathway missionaries. I'm thinking of you with such thoughts of fondness and great memories. I pray for you and your family for peace and comfort. Love, Lynn Millis

    - Patricia Lynn Millis
    Carol and I were saddened to hear of David’s passing. I first met David as we both started our careers in investments. Our business relationship spanned several decades. David was consistently honest in all his business dealings. Integrity was always his guiding light as he dealt with me and my associates. I know his family will never forget David’s example of how a businessman should conduct his professional life. Warmest regards, David and Carol Belnap

    - David Belnap
    Just wanted to express my condolences at the passing of one of the most intelligent and exceptional individuals I have ever known. I worked with David for over three decades. He was a trusted, creative executive officer at Zions but more importantly a wonderful person with strong moral ethics. I was the controller for Zions and we sometimes had our disagreements over certain proposals but we always ended every meeting laughing! I can not express enough my sorrow at his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

    - Nolan Bellon
    I was so sorry to hear of Davids passing. I was a room mate of Jan's and got to know David before he was married. He always had a smile on his face and was a great big brother for his siblings. I met him when he came out to Ohio for Christmas. Jan and I spent a lot of time together and when they moved back to Utah I stayed with them on holidays when it was to far to travel. It's wonderful to see the life he lived was in keeping with the spirit of family and the gospel. He like Nephi could say they were born of goodly parents and he passed that learning along to his children and grandchildren.

    - Paula Payne Sanders
    Dear Gay Etta, We were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of your sweet husband. Our love and prayers go out to you and your family. David was a wonderful man, who blessed many lives. We are so grateful that we were able to serve with you at the Salt Lake Temple. May the assurances of those ordinances and the eternal nature of your relationship bring you solace and peace during this difficult time. With love, A’Lissa and Mark Olson

    - A’Lissa and Mark Olson