Wallace Lynn Pinegar

1926 ~ 2022


Olympus 4th Ward, 2675 E 4430 S, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 26, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Viewing Prior to Services

Olympus 4th Ward, 2675 E 4430 S, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 27, 2022 10:30 AM - 11:40 AM

Funeral Services

Olympus 4th Ward, 2675 E 4430 S, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 27, 2022 12:00 PM

Wallace Lynn Pinegar, a member of America’s ‘The Greatest Generation’ died July 14, 2022 on the anniversary of his mother’s 126th birthday in his home in Holladay, Utah. He was 96 years young. He was surrounded by loving family members at the time of his passing.

Lynn was born on March 24, 1926 in his grandmother’s home in Price, Utah to John Franklin Pinegar and Grace Murl Ellis Pinegar. He was the middle child in a family of 10 children. His family lived in Wellington, Utah on a homestead settled by his grandparents Harvey and Josie Pinegar near the turn of the 1900s. The Pinegar family lived there until Lynn was about 4 years old then relocated to Utah County in search of better employment opportunities during the Great Depression years. As a youth and young man, Lynn worked hard doing whatever he could to help support his family, including spending summers in a tent with his older brothers working in the orchards, working on a neighbor’s farm, construction at Geneva Steel, and many other jobs. He was an outstanding student and excelled in football, basketball, and drama at Spanish Fork High School. World War II broke out for the US following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Two weeks after high school graduation, in 1944, Lynn wanted to join the Navy following in the footsteps of his two brothers Frank and Ralph, but because he was 6’-6”and too tall, he enlisted in the Army and was handpicked to be a Military Policeman assigned to the detail in Europe providing security to General Mark Clark. Lynn spent 2 ½ years in Italy and Austria and when the war ended returned home to shortly afterwards board a train to New Orleans and then a ship to Brazil to begin his 2 ½ service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Both experiences forever shaped his life.

Upon returning from Brazil, he entered BYU. Shortly thereafter, he met a young freshman from Brigham City, Utah by the name of Mary Walker. They were married in November of 1950 in the Logan Temple and spent the first year in Spanish Fork, Utah. Lynn and Mary moved to Salt Lake City and he transferred to the University of Utah to pursue a degree in architecture. Their family started to grow and in 1955, they purchased a home in Holladay in which they have resided ever since.

Lynn had a great sense of duty to his country, community, profession, family, church, and God continuing until the very end to serve those in need. He was an architect by profession running a small business and was an outstanding business partner and mentor to the younger staff both at his Pinegar and Associates firm and later at VCBO Architecture. He was well respected among his peers and clients. Lynn was active in community service as he served for many years as chairman of the board at the Youth Detention Center where he designed the facility’s non-denominational chapel. He served his church for his entire life as he tirelessly looked after and cared for the poor and needy as he served in many callings and countless church responsibilities. His favorite assignment was serving as Mission President to the newly opened Lisbon Portugal Mission in 1975. With the help of over 200 missionaries, Lynn and Mary introduced the Gospel to the Portuguese people and prepared them for the blessing of a new temple in their homeland. He returned in 1990 as a regional representative to continue that service. Lynn was later called to serve as a Patriarch where he had the opportunity to bless the lives of thousands, along with his own posterity.

Lynn and Mary have six children – four boys and two daughters. They have 30 grandchildren and 58 great and 2 great great grandchildren. They were married for 71 and ½ years at the time of his death. He is proceeded in death by his mother, father, all nine siblings, a daughter Mary Jane Halterman, grandson Justin, granddaughter Sierra, and daughter-in-law Maureen Pinegar. He is survived by Jeffery (Shauna), John (Leila), Joseph (Laurie), Judd (Erica), Jeanne Johnson (Robert), along with many grand/great grandchildren, two sisters-in-law, and many nieces and nephews.

A viewing will be held in the Olympus Stake Center, 2675 East 4430 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. There will be another viewing prior to the funeral on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 from 10:30 to 11:30 AM, also in the Olympus Stake Center followed by the funeral at noon.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Missionary Fund at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Those wishing to view the COMPLETED services via Zoom can click the "Watch Services" button or follow the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/XCMvK6Z9xMJvDmyzyTyxKRST4cMAAmQsp9fwVV4AgbUVN_EfsHcLsohepdTVFB3t.FudWiSarC8x2gdoP?startTime=1658943619000


What a beautiful service I witnessed and it reminded of the service of my father over 40 years ago in same church. Yes Lynn spoke at my father's funeral. Yes, all Arthur's children spoke and we all shared similar stories and yes, we all shed tears of live and happiness.
The Pinegar's and Van Orden's lived a block away for so many wonderful years. Now they will be neighbors at the same cemetery.
I'm sure they will be that again in heaven.

Doug Van Orden

- Doug Van Orden

I remember Grandpa Lynn's gentle smile and voice when I visited his and Grandma Mary's house. Not only he cared about me, he always cared and asked about my family in Japan. When I talked with him, my heart was filled with warmth.
More I learned about Grandpa Lynn, more fortunate and proud I feel that I'm part of his family. He was an excellent role model for so many people he met in his life. I and my family in Japan will dearly miss him.

- Haruka Pinegar

My husband, Carvel Whiting, and I enjoyed watching the funeral service via Zoom. The talks and music were so inspiring. We felt such peace during the service of such a sweet man. We are thankful that my husband had the opportunity to work with Lynn on a project years ago for the design of a building, and Carvel always commented that he looked up to Lynn (in more ways than one!) Brother PInegar also made the design for the basement of our home many decades ago and we still live in this same place. It was uplifting to hear from the family today at the funeral of their amazing father who led such an exemplary life. May his wife and posterity all be comforted and feel the Savior's love at this time.

- Betty Whiting

Lynn used to come into the shop and sweep up a few years ago and he would always come up and shake my hand and ask how I doing .He would most often give me a complement about my work. He was always smiling and friendly and would chat for a few minutes like I was an old friend. What a great guy. Glad I had the opportunity to meet him. I imagine he was a great dad and friend to all. I'm sure he will be missed.
May God bless you in this time of mourning and send the comforter to buoy you up until you meet again.


Just wanted to extend my deepest condolences for the passing of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

- Daniel Guthrie

I love the Pinegar family with all my heart! Lynn and Mary did so much for my parents and for our family in general. Lynn spoke at my dad's funeral 42 years ago. Thank you, thank you, Pinegar family for sharing Lynn and Mary with us! Best wishes as you continue to mourn this blessed man's death.

- Tina Van Orden Shaw

Whenever my mom wanted to point us boys to an example of decency and integrity, it was always Bishop Pineger. What a great man. Unassuming and kind. He was my home teaching companion and taught me a lot about service and doing what is right. He practiced what he preached. I'm grateful to him for his closeness to the Spirit and his blessing to me and each of my brothers. Last time I saw him and Mary was at my mom's funeral - I was grateful that they would take that time to mourn with us. I will miss his soft spoken truth.

- Jaakob Sundberg

🖤🇺🇸😞💐🕊 SAUDADES My American Father in Law - Lynn W Pinegar, our beloved "Grandpa Pinegar", almost 100 years old, left us to return to our Heavenly Father yesterday. 🕊
He is one of the most extraordinary human beings I've ever met. Honorable, a loyal Friend, honest, kind, a brave warrior, generous, sweet and strong, intelligent, good humored, a very tall athlete, pacient, wise, elegant in his down to Earth ways, steady in his faith in Jesus Christ, a wonderful architect, fluent in several languages including Portuguese, a hard working great provider, a faithful husband, a loving Father to his children and to all of us under his fold.
He is the most exemplary and handsome human being that I've have had the honor to meet.
Muito bom ter um sogro que amava o Brasil e os brasileiros, com quem eu podia conversar e me aconselhar também em português, língua favorita de nossas almas aqui na Terra.
This beautiful Man will always be a very important influence as the Patriarch in our large Family, and for the thousands of lives he touched, specially of his mormon brethren who knew him at home in the USA, and in many countries where he traveled and where he was called to serve his divine earthly missions.
I sincerely never found a single fault in this wonderful human being. He probably had some, but I didn't see any on display.
Our Grandpa Pinegar 🎇 a shinning soul was called Home after being honorably discharged from his mission on Earth.
We're all happy for you on your new journey - and proud of you, nosso Irmão Presidente Pinegar, um amado Pai e conselheiro para cada um de nós. 🥰😇
But even knowing that Grandpa Pinegar has gone back Home, I feel the sadness of his sudden departure from us - as do all my children and John his son, as well as all his man children & grandchildren, our entire Family. We all love him.
My heart goes out to Mary, our Grandma Pinegar, who shared most of her life as his wife here in this world and forever more - and who surely will miss him most of all. May the Good Lord give you strength and confort for your heart at this trying hour 💐
"Till We Meet Again" 🕊we will all miss our dear Grandpa Pinegar very much. 💖💞💕 🇧🇷🇱🇷🕊

- Eonia Grace

Dear Pinegar Family,
What a great man Lynn was! I am grateful that I was able to work for him in 1973-74. I still remember him as a kind and patient employer and a great example of a faithful bearer of the Priesthood. Jeff, I am also grateful to have known you and worked with you in the office during that school year. We hope the coming week will be sweet as the family gathers and that you will find peace in remembering the great life Lynn lived.
Doug Clark
Kay (Pinegar) Clark

- Doug and Kay (Pinegar) Clark

Uncle Lynn was always so caring, kind and friendly. I will miss him as the last of that great Pinegar generation. He watched over all the Pinegar posterity with great love and care for which we are eternally grateful and better for. My Dad and everyone in the family looked up to him in every way. He was such a Christlike Older brother, loyal soldier and a true patriarch. His teachings by example did not go unnoticed by my Dad as a young boy looking up to him and have this been a great blessing to us through him. I have fond memories of him at our Pinegar Christmas reunions of him and Mary and family singing “ Walk-in in a Winter Wonderland” and of his telling the story of the whistle in war torn Germany on. Christmas Eve. Thank you for your love and goodness dear Uncle Lynn. Thoughts of your reunion with all your family and your welcome home in heaven brings tears to my eyes. Our sincere condolences to dear Aunt Mary and each of the children and grandchildren. Love, Shelley Peterson ( niece)

- Shelley Pinegar Peterson

My condolences to all of President Pinegar's family. I met the pres. Pinegar in Portugal in 1975. I still remember the first time I saw him leave the mission house with his children. I seemed to have an angelic vision. His appearance and height impressed me a lot. When I later got to know him better I loved him very much, he was kind, lovable his heart was as big as his stature he was a true man of God.
His departure leaves this world more impoverished.
God bless him and his family.

Jose Soares da Silva

- Jose Soares da Silva

Jeff, how fortunate you were to have such an awesome Dad. I guess the proverbial apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Condolences to you and your family.


- Jeff Pinegar

When I was teaching primary, the children celebrated Bishop Pinegar’s birthday with him. The children crowded around him because they felt the love he had for each of them and they for him. What a wonderful experience to watch such a kind, gentle, and caring man.
My condolences to his family. He was a great man, father, and leader.

- Barbara Gutke

"Grandpa" has been a monolithic figure throughout his lifetime. Together with Grandma, he had an open heart and home. Caring deeply for not just his family, but also those within and without his community.

He was willing to provide aid where possible, and a wealth of kind or wise words to share to provide guidance to and buoy the downtrodden.

His presence will be undeniably missed, and I can only hope those that all that feel sadness at his passing also carry a lightness in their heart for all the good he has done. Both for them, and for others.

I suppose I could have done without the 'mandatory' hair cuts while growing up, though.

- Spencer Pinegar

I adore Lynn Pinegar very much. He was a great friend to me and to every member of our Van Orden family who lived together in the same ward--first Holladay 13th Ward and then Olympus 4th Ward. He was a fantastic mentor to me when I was a teenager in high school. He was my family's caring bishop when my father Arthur passed away. He participated with my mother Lois and other returned adult missionaries from the ward in frequent gatherings. I had fond contact with Lynn and Mary throughout the years. I knew his children and cared for them a great deal. May the God of Heaven bring down peace and joy with the Pinegar family during this time of passing.

- Bruce Van Orden

Thinking of your family , honoring your dear father . He was a wise and gentle man and I am glad to have been able to meet him a few times.
Our family would like to send your family their sincere condolences.

- Elisabeth Castaing Belzunce

O Presidente Pinegar, será sempre recordado, pela minha família. Era o Presidente, quando nós batizamos.
O sorriso dele era contagiante e tão verdadeiro.
Eu e a minha família, aquando de uma das nossas visitas a Utah, estivemos na casa do presidente Pinegar. O meu profundo pesar, a toda a família. Perdeu se um grande homem, com uma fé profunda e de muita bondade.
Gostaria de estar presente, na homenagem.
Envio muita força para a família.
Ele olgará por todos vós.
Os meus Cumprimentos
Marisa Rodrigues Caleira

- Marisa Rodrigues

My condolences to all family. A man of God. Eternal thanks for the work he did in Portugal as Mission President. A big strong hug to all.

- Cristina Martins Valente

What a lovely wonderful grandpa he was. I will miss him dearly.

- Lana LeFevre