Funeral and Cremation Service Preferences in Sandy, UT

Every family is unique in the way they approach the funeral care of their lost loved one. Some families seek to honor the memory of their dead through the patterns of family tradition and culture. These customs can bring great comfort to a grieving family, and help connect them to the bigger picture of their faith or world view. When a loved one has died, observing traditions or cultural practices is also a meaningful way to strengthen the identity and generational bonds of a family. Here at Larkin Sunset Gardens, we help families to maintain their traditions of funeral and cremation care in Sandy, UT.

We also help families that request alternative funeral care practices. Rather than looking to older traditional ways, these families often look for comfort in their current values and surroundings. They may choose a cremation option for their loved one, instead of earth burial. Additionally, they may choose to hold the funeral or memorial services in a venue that is not in a traditional chapel or church setting.

Whether traditional or modern, there is no right or wrong way to hold a funeral or memorial service. The priority of any commemorative service is to remember the life of the deceased and to honor their life in a way that reflects their wishes while providing comfort to their surviving family and friends.

Selecting a Funeral and Cremation Provider in Sandy, UT

These days, there are many funeral service choices available to families. Traditional burials are still preferred by many, but there is a growing market for cremation care. Regardless of the way your family chooses to disposition the mortal remains of your loved one, the accompanying funeral or memorial services can be customized to meet the needs of your family. If your family is looking at service options for funeral and cremation care in Sandy, UT, here are some points to consider as you look for the right care provider:

Experience & Credentials – Funeral care providers come with varying levels of experience and expertise. They may specialize in the more common funeral and services requested in their market. If you seek funeral or memorial care that is culturally or traditionally unique, be sure to discuss these details in depth with the funeral director to ensure they have the experience to meet your needs. It’s also a good idea to ask about their licensing and professional industry associations.

Full or Partial Service Offering – Not all funeral homes are full-service providers. For example, some are not able to provide cremation services. Whenever cremation services are required, they contract with a third party to complete the requested care. This third party may be another funeral home that has this capability or a crematory. In most cases, this is not a concern, but it can be helpful to know how the funeral home operates.

Pricing – All funeral homes are required by law to provide a general price list to their customers. This can aid you in finding a provider that can help your family’s service and budget requirements. It’s important to find a provider that is affordable without sacrificing service quality.

Venue & Conveniences – If you require a funeral home as the place where family and friends will gather, is the venue large enough to accommodate everyone that may attend? Are there any additional service needs that the venue will need to facilitate, such as a luncheon? If so, be sure there are a kitchen and gathering space for this activity.

Location – Is the funeral home in a place that is convenient for friends and family to meet? Sometimes there are reasons for the family to gather in a location that is not the most convenient for all involved. Be sure to consider where the majority can gather, as needed.

Staff – The funeral provider you choose should have a compassionate quality about them. As you spend time discussing the particulars of your situation and needs, pay attention to the demeanor and professionalism of the funeral director and staff. Are they attentive and caring? Are they interested in helping your family to plan and conduct a thoughtful funeral service? Are they looking out for your best interests?

Here for You When You Need it Most

Here at Larkin Sunset Gardens, our funeral directors and staff strive to safeguard the trust of every family that seeks our help. From the moment you contact us, we will be with you every step of the way. We have been privileged to serve the families of our community for more than one hundred years. We are a full-service provider of funeral and cremation services in Sandy, UT, located at 1950 E 10600 S, Sandy, UT 84092. When the moment comes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the support you need. Call us anytime at (801) 571-2771.