How to Evaluate a Funeral and Cremation Service in South Jordan, UT

When death takes a loved one from us, it can be devastating. Our lives are suddenly interrupted, yet the outside world moves on as if nothing has happened. What should you do next? Who can you rely on to help you mourn and care for the dead? It’s moments like these when a steady hand at your back can be a great support. That’s where a personal funeral and cremation provider in South Jordan, UT can lighten your heavy burden.

There are many funeral homes out there, but who should you trust with the responsibility of caring for your deceased loved one? Before you begin contacting funeral homes, it’s a good idea to think through the details that will directly impact which funeral home you choose to work with. For example, you may have requirements regarding:

Location of the Funeral Home: The city and location of a funeral home is a key detail. Try to find a funeral home that is near to the place where funeral services will be held. It should also be convenient to where you or the coordinating individual can easily come and go as needed.

Faith or Cultural Affiliation: If your lost loved one had a tradition of faith or cultural heritage to be observed, make sure the funeral home you select can accommodate any ceremonial requirements these important details may entail.

Cremation Service: If cremation is required, keep in mind that not every funeral home is equipped to offer in house cremation service. In these cases, the funeral home will generally contract with a third-party crematorium or another funeral home who can provide this end of life care.

Burial: If burial is required, contemplate where it should take place. Options can include a public cemetery, private cemetery, private land burial, burial at sea, etc. Make sure the funeral home can serve the chosen location of burial or can help you coordinate the chosen burial with outside help.

Additional Criteria to Consider

After you’ve done the initial think through, it’s time to start contacting funeral and cremation providers in South Jordan, UT that you are considering to hire. As you begin conversations with them, take time to ask questions specific to their business, such as:

Funeral Service Options: Find out what services they offer. Do they provide the relevant services that you need? For example, can they facilitate a cremation with memorial services and help connect you with an artist who can create keepsake jewelry with the ashes of your loved one? Or, do you need a traditional funeral service with viewing, funeral, and graveside ceremony? Can they offer a celebrant service or assistance personalizing the funeral?

Pricing: Ask to see their general price list. By law, every funeral home is required to make this available to potential customers. Make sure the pricing is within your budget.

Funeral Products: You are not required to buy urns, caskets, flowers, or any other funeral goods or upsells from a funeral home. However, funeral homes offer these products to their customers as a matter of convenience. Do they sell products that are of the quality and design that you want?

Licensure and Experience: Funeral homes and their staff will have varying levels of experience and professional training. Try to find out more about their years of experience, particularly as it relates to the kind of funeral service that you would like to hold for your fallen loved one.

Staff Service Quality: One of the most important things you can evaluate is how the funeral director and staff interact with you. Do you feel comfortable with them? Do you feel they have your interests at heart? Are they caring and interested in helping you in this difficult time? Do you feel they can be trusted with the end of life care your loved one deserves?

Funeral Home Venue: If a viewing or funeral service is held at the funeral home, be sure to evaluate if it will be large enough to accommodate the size of group you anticipate to attend the service. Also, if you are considering a luncheon at the funeral home, double check that it has a place for this activity. Ask about any kitchen facilities that may be needed.

Full-Service Funeral and Cremation Services in South Jordan, UT

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