Finding Funeral and Cremation Care in West Jordan, UT

When a loved one passes away, families are often unsure of how to get the end of life care they need. It isn’t every day that you find yourself in a situation where you need funeral and cremation service in West Jordan, UT. If you are faced with this situation, how do you know who to trust with the essential task of caring for your deceased loved one?

There are many things to think about as you look for a quality funeral care provider. Not all funeral homes are created equal, so it’s a good idea to do your homework before you engage the services of any one provider. Here are several important points to review:

Location – The location of the funeral home matters. The coordinating family member will likely be on site several times during the planning and preparation of the funeral or memorial service. Proximity can help. Additionally, if the funeral home is located some distance from the deceased’s community of family and friends, this can be an inconvenience.

Experience & Licensing – Every funeral home will vary in terms of experience, quality of service, and expertise. It’s a good idea to find out how experienced the service team is, and what the extent of their training is. You can learn much during an initial consultation with the team by simply asking questions. Find out where the funeral director went to mortuary school, what industry associations they belong to, and how long they have been practicing.

Service Options – Funeral care providers learn their craft and then specialize in the needs and preferences of their community. This specialization means they may not be able to offer every product or service known in the industry. It’s always wise to discuss your needs and find out if the funeral and cremation provider in West Jordan, UT can accommodate your needs, especially if they are culturally or religiously unique.

Venue & Facilities – Funeral Homes vary in size and offered facilities. Some are full service by design, offering complete end of life care services that include storage, embalmment, and cremation. Many funeral homes also can provide a funeral chapel where a funeral or memorial can be conducted. Some may offer a banquet room where a family luncheon can be served if needed. Be sure to review your family’s needs before shopping for a funeral care provider. Take note of how many friends and family members will likely attend the funeral so that you can estimate whether the venue size has adequate seating space.

Pricing of Products and Services – The law requires that all funeral care providers make and keep a general price list available to the public. This allows customers to compare costs between competing providers in their area. It also helps prevent predatory service practices by publishing actual prices.

Product Selection – Funeral homes often sell caskets, urns, flowers, jewelry, etc. These product options are convenient options for customers to handle their merchandise needs. Be sure to look over the products available and note if they meet your preferences.

Staff Interaction – When you interact with the funeral director and support staff, take note of your time with them. Do they put you at ease? Are they warm and caring? Are they attentive to your needs, and interested in helping your family during this emotionally difficult time? On the other hand, as you discuss service needs, do you feel manipulated or pressured to act before you are ready?

Customization of Services – A funeral that is not personalized can sometimes do more harm than good for those who grieve the loss of their loved one. Find out if the funeral home can assist in making the service personal in tone and content, and help you to customize the ceremony to reflect the needs of the family and the deceased.

Grief Support – For those who need additional support, there is help. Some funeral homes go the extra mile to help the families they serve. If you find yourself or any of your family and friends overwhelmed with grief, find out if the funeral home can provide any support that you may need.

Family Needs – A funeral or memorial service can help a family begin their journey of healing. When a service is well done, the surviving family will be able to find rich meaning in the experience. It’s important to hire a funeral home that will consider the logistical and emotional needs of the family and strive to accommodate both.

A Full-Service Funeral and Cremation Provider in West Jordan, UT

Larkin Mortuary has been serving the families of the Wasatch Front for more than one hundred years. We feel honored with the trust that families have placed in us to help them care for their lost loved ones. If your family is at a crossroads and you need help with funeral and cremation in West Jordan, UT, call our compassionate team today. Larkin Mortuary is located at 260 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. We can be reached at (801) 363-5781.