Guy Standing

Preplanning/Aftercare Counselor
Guy Standing - Larkin Mortuary Staff Profile

As one of Larkin Mortuary’s Preplanning Specialists and After Service Care Coordinators, I have had the honor and privilege of helping many families, couples, and individuals with their funeral service and cemetery property requirements. In my after-care responsibilities I have had the honor of giving direction to many families and individuals with grief resources to help them cope with the passing of a loved one. Prior to my time at Larkin, I was involved in sales and marketing management for consumer product manufactures such as RST Outdoor, Bose Corporation and Citizen America. I was born and raised in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City. At 22 I moved to Southern California to make my fortune in the “big city.” After 24 years of fighting traffic, dodging gang in-fighting and the ever-growing population I moved back to my hometown. It has been my great pleasure to associate with the fine people that make up the staff at Larkin Mortuary.