Marci Perkes

Preplanning/Aftercare Counselor
Marci Perkes - Larkin Mortuary Staff Profile

Marci Perkes, also known as Marcia, considers it an honor to help families as an Advanced Planner and After Care counselor at Larkin Mortuary, and has been helping families preplan for 11 years.

She was born to the late Marjorie and Waldo Page. Marci was raised in Midvale and is proud to be an alumni of Hillcrest High School. She has 3 children: John, Michael, and Laura, and five grandchildren.
Her hobbies include spending time with her children and grandchildren, making a mess of the kitchen while baking, and playing the piano.

Marci has been around the funeral business for almost 45 years. She was actively involved as the wife of a funeral director, and when owning a funeral home in Wyoming would assist as needed. Her son John is a licensed funeral director and owns a mortuary in Arizona.

Marci understands and appreciates the value of families pre-arranging funeral services. As a young teenager, her father passed away unexpectedly. Her family was left with the difficulty of planning the services and the overwhelming grief. Even though it has been many years since then, the memory of those feelings at the time are still fresh. Although there is no way to completely take away the pain of such an experience, it is Marci's goal to help the families she serves to lessen the burden on the loved ones left behind.