Caring For A Veteran

Funerals are a time when we can come together to honor those who have passed away and show our respect and gratitude for their contributions to our society. This is especially important when it comes to veterans, who have often made tremendous sacrifices to defend our freedoms and keep us safe. At Larkin Mortuary, we understand the importance of honoring veterans through funeral services that are unique, respectful, and dignified. Our team works hard to ensure that every detail of the funeral is taken care of with the utmost care and respect, so that family members and friends can find peace in knowing that their loved one has received the honor and recognition they deserve. Whether it's arranging for military honors or incorporating personalized touches to reflect the veteran's life and accomplishments, we are committed to making these services truly meaningful and memorable.

You will need to provide your Larkin funeral director with a copy of the veteran's properly signed discharge papers (DD214) so that the director can help you arrange for the military benefits and services that are available.

The Department of Defense provides military funeral honors, which will include the folding and presentation of the colors as well as the playing of Taps.

Please call us at (801) 363-5781 for more information or to set a time to discuss your needs.