Cremation Garden

Part of the grieving process is saying goodbye. And with many people choosing to be cremated these days, there is a little confusion about how that decision affects those left behind.

You have to look at cremation as an interment alternative; family and friends still need a service to say goodbye, to honor a life well-lived, to grieve together or in their own way. A service encourages that. The question then is what to do with the cremated remains? Some people take them home in a beautiful urn. But our lives are transient, and like a burial plot, it’s best to have a final resting place where you can go to grieve and remember your loved one. Regardless of the final disposition you can rest assured knowing that through the entire process your loved one will never leave our care. We have many options for the final resting place, the mausoleum at Sunset Gardens in particular is stunning in its simplicity and beauty—-sitting amid 72 acres with a beautiful flowered view of the Wasatch Mountains rising up to the sky as a backdrop. It’s the perfect transition from man-made beauty to the beauty of nature guiding us heavenward.

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