Adele Kay Watts

1951 ~ 2022

Funeral Service

Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy, Utah
Jun 9, 2022 11:00 AM

Adele Kay Watts passed away peacefully in the company of her best friend and caregiver, Stephanie on May 30, 2022. She will be missed greatly by her family, friends, and church congregation.

Adele was born July 7, 1951, to Eldon Fay and Madge Leona Watts (Hansen), the last of a brood of six children. She was raised in Willard Utah and graduated from Box Elder High School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Weber University and went to work for the Utah State Health Department assisting in the regulation of Healthcare facilities, where she worked for more than forty years.

She was dedicated to serving others and manifested that service through kind words and other gifts throughout her life. She was a devout Christian, attending the Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church and serving in many capacities for that congregation, including as a Deacon.

Most important to her was her family. Though she had no children of her own, she gleamed with pride talking about and supporting any local nieces or nephews, and later great-nieces and nephews who were close enough to attend activities through school or church, bringing her friends and introducing them to her family with pride and love.

She loved animals, especially her cats. She always had one or two cats around until she was unable to take care of them in her later years. To hear her talk about them, one might think she was at times tired of them but that was just her way of expressing her appreciation for the company they provided her.

She is survived by her brother, Bob; her sister, Pat; her brother, Richard; and her sister Karen. She is also survived by many nieces and nephews, many more great-nieces and nephews, and even some great-great nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents and her sister, Leona, and a niece, Lisa.

Funeral services will be held June 9, 2022, at 11:00 am at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy, Utah, with an interment to follow immediately thereafter.


Adele was one of the most honest and kind people I have known. She stood by my side in some real problems. We spent a lot of lunches and I loved her company anywhere. She was a true friend to all. My heart breaks to know she passed but I'm sure she is making so many feel loved and cared about. I will miss her. Rest in peace my amazing friend.

- Marsha Bentley

Just watched her funeral. What a loving and sweet message you gave. Your son has a magnificent voice.
We always pick him out when the choir sings. Love that full head of white hair. Take care of yourself.
Love to you. Mary Jane

- Mary Jane Gustaveson

Dear Richard, I'm so sorry to read your sister's, Adele, obituary. Sounds like she was a free spirit and loved her life. I've been wondering how you are doing. I think of you often and hope you're staying busy and are happy. I don't know yet, but think it would be so lonely losing your companion. Ron and I are building a home right now with our son, Ryan (his wife and 4 kids). It will be our end-of-life home and will be the basement floor of the house. Ryan, Misty and family will be living in the two floors above us. We've never built a home before and it's quite an eye opening experience but we're enjoying it. It should be done sometime next winter or spring. Ron is getting so slow now days and doesn't move around well at all. This is the best choice, I think, for both of us. We'll have family care, not retirement home care for the rest of our lives. Isn't that hard to believe "we're at the end-of-life part of our lives." I hope to hear from you. Love, MJ

- Mary Jane Gustaveson

Dear Robert, just heard about Adele and I am sincerely sorry. Hope your doing ok. Love Phyllis

- Phyllis martin

My heart breaks for the family and friends who lost a good person and great friend when Adele left this earth. She was, is and will always be one of my very best friends. Even though we were not physically close for the last few years she always kept in contact and checked up on me every now and again, sad to say I was less diligent in making contact with her but she made up for my negligence. I will miss her. May she RIP.

- Barbara Eubanks

I had the privilege working with Adele her last 6 years with the UDOH- She always enjoyed celebrating birthday's- she would always make sure you got a cake.- she loved Halloween- I remember her so excited about a Big spider she would bring in and hang on the wall. Rest In Peace Adele-

- Sheila Edwards

So sorry about Adele. Hope your doing ok . Love you!

- Kathy jones

I worked with Adele for many years, and she always made me laugh. She had the best laugh when she was being mischevious. She had a heart of gold and I liked her spunkiness. She always talked about her family and how much she loved them. We have missed her in our department, but I'm happy that she enjoyed her retirement years and was able to pass feeling peace and loved.

- Heather

I worked with Adele for five years and considered her a friend and colleague. She was always willing to share her knowledge of the job and assist others. She will be missed.

- Pat Albert

Having worked with Adele for many years, I found that under that tough crust, was a kind, gentle and giving soul that would do anything for you. She was always kind to me and I appreciated that. Rest In Peace my friend!

- Kelly Criddle