Bonnie Throckmorton Ferrin

1947 ~ 2022

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I chose this adorable picture of myself because…..well, come on, just look how cute I am. (It was either that or my Halloween “witch” picture. I eventually decided that I didn’t want to be remembered as a…well, you know!)

Don’t get me wrong, I do want you to be sad, but only for a minute or two, then I want you to be happy for me… which, I guarantee you I am.
As you know, I loved writing. This will, no doubt, be the last “story” that I write for my family and friends. (And you’re welcome!)

I came into this world on July 21, 1947, along with my identical twin sister, Connie. Get it? “Connie and Bonnie”. I most assuredly didn’t deserve her! (Boy, the stories we could tell….)

I married my husband, James Clinton Ferrin, on June 26, 1968. (Excellent choice on my part.) We were blessed with three amazing kids: Kimberly Brooke Andersen (Rod), Heather Dawn Haney (Jeremy) and Justin James Ferrin (Jessie). I love you kids more than you will ever know. A result of that are my five grandkids; Jacob Rodney Andersen (Kaci), Abby Nicole Lind (Josh), Nathan James Andersen, Alyssa Marie King (Bruce), and Parker James Haney. I’m so blessed! The frosting on the cake are my great-grandchildren; Lukas Jacob Andersen, Ellie June Andersen, Oakley Brooke Lind, Haven Rachelle Lind, and a fifth great-grandchild on the way. I love frosting, don’t you?

My equally wonderful brothers and sisters are Cecil Dee Throckmorton (Gail), Joan Marelda Reading (Lynn), Ted Throckmorton (Lynne) and, of course, my doppelganger, Connie. Love you all. (You can’t choose your family, but I would have chosen each one of you!)
I worked for 36 years and boy am I tired. My “real” life ended when Jim passed away on June 15, 2014. I’ve just pretended to live ever since…and have struggled to pull it off.

The secret to my happy life (when I had Jim) was to surround myself with amazing people. Pick your friends wisely (and I did). Thank you friends!

Kids, please scatter all but one teaspoon of my ashes in a beautiful field of flowers. Add the remaining teaspoon to Jim’s urn.

I sincerely hope that on my last day here on earth that I smiled at someone that needed it, spread some love to my family, did a kind deed, made it to church last Sunday, helped an animal along the way, said my prayers and/or made my bed.

If you really feel that you need to send flowers, in lieu of them, please donate to a local animal shelter. Thank you. (I’ll let you know what the flowers are like up (?) here.)

There will be a celebration of life at Larkin Sunset Gardens at 1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah on December 31, 2022 at 11:00 AM. Family and friends may visit from 9:30-10:45.

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So very sorry to hear about Bonnie's passing. We have spoken many times over the past 65+ years and she was always to positive and special. It was only 3 weeks ago we last spoke and I had no idea of her health problem. What a loss to the Bonnie/Connie twin package. I wanted so very much to attend her celebration of life because it would be soooo special. However, my sister-in-law also passed on the day before Bonnies death and the funeral services are at the same time but several miles away. I am so glad for her to be reunited with Jimmy in that special place of happiness. Bonnie will be missed.

- George Throckmorton

Time heals all wounds. I wonder how long it’ll take.
I’m so indebted to you (Bonnie) for a million things! You were so crafty. Writing so beautiful.
Drawings so great. So creative you were. From gardening to a billboard. Everyone knew if Bonnie made it…it would be good. You were so good to animals! I love that a lot! But the best thing was being your twin! Love you Bonnie ! 💚

- Connie Smith

I laugh/cried my way through your last story, you are truly one of a kind. There are so many memories I cherish, your humor and wit will live in my heart forever. Your amazing family is a testament to what a wonderful mom, grandma, great grandma you are. Even though you are Aunt Bonnie, you're so much more, you're my other mom and I'm so lucky and honored to know and love you. Thank you for your kindness to those in need, those who need a smile, and to all the animals- even the scaly ones. I'm so happy that you're back with Uncle Jimmy, I know he's missed you as much as you have missed him. I'll love you and miss you every day until we too meet again!

- Amber

Words could not express the emptiness that I am feeling at this time, and yet "at the same time" it is combined with the joy at knowing that Bonnie is finally loose from the bonds that held and restricted her on-to this earth. "NO MORE PAIN OR SICKNESS."
I believe her first order of business would be to unite quickly with her best friend and companion "Jimmy."
Now peaking to her children and grandchildren, who attended to Bonnies every need, I say "Thank You."
To her Identical Twin Sister (Connie).
I was blessed as to be your brother, and it was there while "rocking your cribs" whenever you cried, that I learned what a joy it was to have brand new baby sisters.
That love never lessoned, but it has gained momentum and will continue to grow for the both of you here on earth and/or in heaven.
To family and those who love Bonnie, we can "ALL" get through this, and even keep growing to become better people as we consider to follow the "examples of living a quality life" as did Bonnie.
Bonnie did not pass away, She just passed ahead of us, because some day we will all catch up with her.
"This Too Shall Pass."

- Ted Throckmorton

We truly loved your beautiful mom. She was another sister in our family. Our thoughts and tears go out to you all. We are so thankful for the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. May God bless this family.
Danna Mabey

- Dee and Danna Mabey

My aunt Bonnie made me laugh at her obituary. Of course she did.

I'll never recover from this great loss. My aunt Bonnie wasn't just our favorite aunt, she was the only aunt we really ever knew. She was our other mother, our good friend, someone we loved fiercely. She was our aunt Bonnie.
When a new normal does come, it will still be filled with laughter and smiles How could it not be? This is a funny family. What a gift.
Bonnie, I will miss you with all of my everything. Thank you for always telling me you and Jimmy love me. Thank you for sharing your art with us all. Thank you for getting a kick out of my laughing (even when I'd gone on way too long). Thank you for the millions of smiles - right up to the last day. Thank you for introducing me to calligraphy. Thank you for the hugs. Thank you for my cousins. Thank you for being you, my beautiful aunt Bonnie. I love you profoundly.

Heather, Brooke, and Justin... You have all my love and support. I'm so grateful to have you.

- Jenny Livsey

Thank you! Thank you for sleep overs with Brooke, when you gave us snacks, told us to play quietly (as if) in the basement while you laughed your head off to Saturday Night Live upstairs. Thank you for "rock" people and the crazy amount of patience it must have taken to help us kids get them painted to look like something that may (or may not) have resembled a person. I only realized much later that sharing these, and a thousand other fun projects, was a way to get our minds off of the trauma that was going on in our lives at the time. Thank you for being our other mother when we needed you most and for loving, protecting and supporting ours when she did. You were a funny, kind, feisty, generous and brave woman who I am grateful to have had in my life! Heather, Brooke and Justin (I mixed the order up specially for you Heather *wink wink)....Thank you for sharing your parents with your 4 crazy cousins. And while I'm so beyond sad for you all that your mom has moved on, I'm also so happy for her that she's back with your dad. Love you all!
- Angela

- Angela Lindsey

What does one say when they lose their best friend. They say THANK YOU! Thank you for being an amazing mom… thank you for being an amazing grandma… thank you for loving animals so deeply… thank you for showing kindness in every way!

Thank you for your sense of humor… thank you for all the effort you put into everything you did… thank you for the long car rides full of laughter, singing and CAR SNACKS! (There were ALWAYS car snacks)

Thank you for allowing me to be myself with all my imperfections and loving me anyway…. Thank you for listening when I just needed someone to talk to. Thank you for all the advise you have given over the years and for all the talent you have shared with the world.

Thank you for all your random acts of kindness and kind words to strangers and those in need. That never goes unnoticed.

Thank you for the example you have given me of how to be a good mom, and soon to be grandma.

Thank you for making each holiday special with individual place settings and gifts for everyone. You preparation was always MONTHS in advance while mine is always last minute…. “I’ll work on that!”

Thank you for being exactly who you were! You were what everyone needed! Love and miss you more than words can express!

Enjoy your time with dad! You have both been waiting a long time!

- Heather Haney

Aunt Bonnie was so sweet. When I wanted to know more about the Throckmorton side she received me with open arms..
I remember years ago Bonnie and Connie had me and my sister over and let us make bracelets, and doted on us like anyone would dream for their aunts to do. Their kindness left a spark in my heart to this day. Bonnie’s kindness, insight, and humor were on point. I can only imagine the loving reunion with Jim in heaven.

- Taralee Jayaraman

Dear sweet Bonnie,
What a pleasure and privilege it has been having you as one of my friends and ministering Angel. I can’t believe that with what you have been going through that you thought about me and sent me a Christmas gift. That is so like you to think of others before yourself. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about you and what a wonderful loving person you have always been. Thank you for being such a sweet friend I will truly miss you and your happy and cheerful personality. Love you, Arlene

- Arlene Shepherd

Bonnie words cannot express how much you will be missed. I have been sad much longer than your two minute allotment. You were always so happy and vibrant. I am so very grateful I was able to see you two months ago. You always made me feel like family and you passed your wonderful qualities down to your amazing children. I have been blessed to have known you. I love you, enjoy the next adventure.

- Brenda Pierson