Brent Adair Scott

1964 ~ 2021


Oct. 23, 2021
Open house from 3-7 pm at the Glenmoor Golf Course Clubhouse, 9800 South 4800 West, South Jordan, Utah.

"Don't Rent Talk 2 Brent"

Beloved husband, father, son, brother and friend, Brent Adair Scott of South Jordan, Utah, passed away on September 6, 2021, surrounded by his loving family after complications from surgery. Brent was 56 years old.

Brent was born on December 11, 1964, in Orange, California, to Lyle Adair Scott and Carole Grannis (Scott) Richmond. He was the oldest of three children and was always the "leader of the pack." After spending his childhood running through orange groves in Southern California, Brent moved to Utah when he was 16, and attended Springville High School. As a Red Devil, Brent excelled at football as the center and was known for instigating or planning many parties for his friends. More than anything, Brent loved to have fun.

After graduating from high school, Brent attended Dixie State University and Southern Utah State University. He ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah. He was very proud of his degree and of being a Utah alum.

No one could beat Brent’s work ethic. Starting at age 11 at Jimba’s restaurant, Brent could outwork anyone. He spent time installing fiberglass insulation, exterminating bugs, making pizza, opening restaurants and selling diamonds with his best buddy Jorge. He started his own international gift delivery and exporting business by couriering packages from families in Utah to their children serving missions in Asia. He then came back with giant teddy bears he bought overseas and sold them in Utah. He was always an entrepreneur. He worked hard and he played even harder. That was what made him happy. He always said that he should have purchased stock in the Anheuser Busch company, since he single-handedly upped the demand for Bud LIght.

Brent married Laura Steensma Scott in September 1989. In 1990, they moved to Mesa, Arizona, so Laura could attend law school at Arizona State University. Brent worked multiple jobs to help Laura finish school. While in Arizona, Brent and Laura had the first of Brent’s three children, which he liked to call “his chickens.” Garrett was his pride and joy! He loved to tell stories about how he used to take Garrett for walks in his stroller to local restaurants while Garrett’s mom was in class. Laura credits her legal career to Brent, and frequently tells people that he was responsible for three of the things she cherishes the most: Garrett, her law degree, and a last name people can pronounce. Brent, Laura and Garrett moved back to Utah at the end of 1993, when Laura started her law career. Brent and Laura divorced in early 1997, but remained close to give their son the best life they could.

During his time in Arizona, Brent began the first of his remarkable careers - producing haunted houses. Brent loved all things Halloween! He used what he learned in film school to make the most fun and scary haunted houses of the time. Eventually, he produced haunted houses throughout the country. He was an innovator of the scare, and some of the things he developed are still being used in haunted houses today. Brent’s final haunted house was in 2000, in Salt Lake City. He always wanted to do “just one more.”

On the last day of 1997, Brent met Jeanette (“Jett”) Dorsey at a Peruvian New Year’s Eve party at the Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church. Brent and Jett were a couple from the first day they met. They were inseparable! They did everything together, from remodeling their home, traveling the country and hosting huge dinner parties for friends. Everything was an adventure for them! When Brent moved back to Arizona for several months each year, Jett flew down every weekend in October to help him run his final Arizona haunted houses. Everything they did, they did as a team. Brent proposed to Jett on New Year’s Eve 1999, and they were married in January of 2001.

Shortly after they were married, Brent began the second major career of his life. He worked for Chevron Corporation in their sales division, overseeing convenience stores in the Salt Lake Valley. Brent was proud of how clean and professional his stations were. He was ahead of his time and he made a few of his bosses nervous with his “out of the box” thinking. Some of his ideas are now commonplace in the convenience store industry. Jett and Brent had their son, Donovan, while Brent worked for Chevron. He was so excited about the pregnancy that he announced it at a Chevron holiday party he and Jett hosted at their house just days after it was confirmed. When Donovan was born, Brent took one look at him and decided that he should be a model, a belief that he held until the end.

When Chevron sold their convenience store holdings to individual jobbers in early 2004, Brent moved to Seattle with Chevron as a district manager for the Seattle-Tacoma area. Just as Jett and Donovan were getting ready to move to Seattle, Chevron announced that they were selling those holdings, too. Brent then moved to Florida and worked as a general manager for Kangaroo Express, a large gas and convenience store chain in the southern United States. Jett and Donovan were planning to move to Florida shortly after Brent did, but a series of hurricanes pushed their move date further and further back. Finally, after a year in Florida, Brent decided to move back home to Utah. Being away from his family for so long made him realize that he couldn’t bear the thought of permanently living so far away from Garrett. Shortly after coming home, Brent and Jett welcomed their daughter, Riley. Brent cried when he found out that he was having a daughter. He adored his little girl and would do anything for her. He was always amazed at how smart, caring and responsible she was, even at a very young age. He couldn’t wait to see her grow up, get married and have her own kids. He was certain she would be an incredible mother.

After returning to Utah, Brent decided that he was finished with the convenience store industry and he needed something new to focus on. Jett suggested that he consider real estate, and thus began his most lucrative and illustrious career. Brent and Jett set up their little real estate company with him as the agent and her doing the behind the scenes work. Brent was not only a born salesman, but he was also a gifted negotiator. Brent understood the ins and outs of the real estate industry and was able to serve his clients to get them the best house for their money. Brent started in real estate just before the economic collapse of 2008. During this time, the entire industry was faltering, but Brent was flourishing. Shortly after Brent closed on a deal as the Buyer’s agent for a bank owned property, he received a call from that bank asking if he would be interested in listing 90 of their bank owned properties. Brent’s real estate emphasis was on representing buyers, not sellers, but he was always up for challenge so he agreed to take on the 90 properties. He put together a little team and sold the properties in record time. That year, Brent was recognized as the top selling agent in his brokerage - his first of 13 straight years as the top selling agent. After years of raising kids and focusing on her banking career, Jett decided to get her real estate license and join Brent as his full time partner. Together, they helped hundreds of families buy or sell homes, and at the time of his passing Brent was preparing to launch a huge “husband and wife team” marketing campaign.

A side benefit of Brent’s real estate career was his becoming a “local celebrity.” His catchy “Don’t Rent Talk 2 Brent” radio ads were notorious, partly because of his message that he could help everyone get into a house (which he did), but also because of his beautiful, booming voice. Strangers often asked whether he did voice-over work. He never forgot the first time that someone asked him for his autograph. He loved being recognized and respected for a job well done. He worked very hard to be successful, and he became very successful. HIs reputation preceded him, and agents all over the state loved working with him.

Brent had too many friends to count. He never met a person that he didn’t instantly befriend. He was always the life of the party and he wanted everyone to have a good time. He had some heartbreaks along the way, but he was an eternal optimist and he wanted the best for everyone. He was generous to a fault and he always wanted the underdog to win. There will never be anyone like him. He was a one-of-a-kind, bigger than life, best friend to all. He will be missed forever.

Brent is survived by his wife Jett, his sons Garrett (Tiffaneelee Torres) and Donovan, his daughter Riley, and his doggies Lola, Luke and Piddles McGee. He is also survived by his father Lyle Scott, step-father Steven Richmond, brother Steven Scott (Colleen Eaton), sister Shauna Bell (Nate) and ex-wife Laura Scott (Rodney Mena). Preceded in death by his mother Carole Richmond, life long best friend/cousin James “Jimba” Wudel, many rescue doggies and “the one that got away.”

Please join us on Saturday, October 23, 2021 for a celebratory open house to share fond memories of Brent. Drop by anytime from 3-7pm at Glenmoor Golf Course clubhouse, 9800 South 4800 West, South Jordan, Utah. Brent did not want a formal funeral. In fact, he wanted to be propped up on a barstool with sunglasses and two Bud Lights in his hands (ala Weekend at Bernie’s). We think he would be very happy to have his friends gather, have a few drinks and remember the fun times. Dress casually; he would like that.


To the Amassasor,

You will be sorely missed my friend! You were the core to all my humor, bouncing off each other... The best of times! I will truly miss your energy, kindness and overall personality. You are second to none!! My heart goes out to the families. God bless.

- Brett Elsmore

Brent died too soon. We’re so sorry, he was a good one.

- Lynda Haight

Brent is a great person and I enjoyed being his broker and trainer in real estate. I enjoyed our conversations and laughs. I loved seeing him improve his business and help his clients. He will truly be missed.

- Cheryl Acker

I would love to go and pay my and Mike's respects to Brent. I have to work until 8:00 PM. I hope we can get together another time so I can still do that. My sentiments to you and his family.

- Monica Mora

What a beautiful tribute to your husband! He sounds amazing. I'm so sorry for your loss. Peace to you and your family.

- Joni Carrillo-Harry

It was my great privilege to know Brent Scott since we were young - and one of his many great gifts was how he always maintained that youthful zeal for life. He was always one of the finest, funniest and firmest friends a person could have and he could turn anything into an adventure. He was not only a great friend, but a great human being. My condolences to his family and many friends and to all who were fortunate enough to know Brent. I cherish all the wonderful memories that those of us who were lucky enough to be friends with him will carry with us forever. The world is a less fine and less fun place without him in it and he and his smile, his infectious enthusiasm and his presence will be much missed.

- Scott Stavrou

Dear Jett & Family,
We were terribly saddened to learn of Brent’s passing. It is incredibly difficult to absorb such a loss but we hope you will always find comfort in all the wonderful memories you surely have as a family together. He was the epitome of a husband, father, friend and colleague. He had a quiet strength, great pride in his family and a genuine kindness for everyone. He leaves a strong legacy of caring and goodness that will always be associated with your family.

Extending our deepest sympathies.
John & Liz Moore

- John & Liz Moore

Dear Garrett, I just heard of your Dads passing today. He was alway full of stories and adventures I know he loved you so much.
To you and his family I didn’t know, my deepest sympathies.

- Jeanne isakson

Nathan and I are just hearing of this now and we just wanna say how incredibly sorry we are for your loss so grateful we got to work with you and Brent he was an amazing man we send tonz of love to you and your family
Nathan and Brooke Smith

- Brooke