Bruce Thomas Chamberlain

1964 ~ 2023

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Bruce Thomas Chamberlain lived an extraordinary life that began December 10, 1964, in Salt Lake City, UT when he was born to parents Edwin Carl Chamberlain and Sherron Lee Frances Hart. At birth, he joined older siblings Scott, Mark, and Carrie, and was later joined by a younger
sister, Julianne. Bruce died Monday, April 4, 2023, at age 58 at his home in Sandy, Utah.

He grew up in the Salt Lake Area until his parents divorced when he was about 6 years old, then went back and forth from his mother’s farm in Sandy - where he took care of animals like his Shetland pony Lollipop - and Reno where his father now lived. As a child, his stepfather Denny helped ignite his passion for motorcycles and airplanes.

At about 13 years old, he moved full-time to Reno, NV where he graduated from Reno High School in 1983, and then received an Associate's Degree from an electronics school. He married in 1984, and had five children: Chanda, Amanda, Jessica, Kyle, and Rachel. Around 1993, Bruce accepted a job offer as a medical equipment technician for Siemens, where he would work for the rest of his life, making dear friends around the world within the company, and in the hospitals in which he worked. The position moved Bruce and his family to Salt Lake City, where they bought a home and had their fifth child. Bruce was very involved in his kids’ lives, taking them on road trips and motorcycle races.

At 13, Bruce got his first motorcycle (which he completely disassembled just to “see how it worked”) and became an accomplished motorcycle racer - getting the whole family into the sport - and even completed the Vegas to Reno desert race. He also patented a portable motorcycle
hoist in 2002. He taught street bike riding at Salt Lake Community College and organized many group rides. He also earned his pilot’s license and took friends and family up in both of his planes and even crossed the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. He was invited to earn a spot in the
exclusive secret society of male aviators The Quiet Birdmen, completing 500 additional hours of flight time and becoming an official member posthumously on April 14, 2023.

Bruce divorced in 2004 from his first wife and it was important to Bruce they remain friends so the family remained united. One of his greatest achievements was cultivating family togetherness and lasting friendships. Bruce started a relationship with Germaine "Mena" Billany, growing closer over 16 years before they married in January 2022 at Log Haven in Utah. Bruce called Germaine his “Queen” - his soulmate - and together, they had a very loving, family-centered, and spiritual relationship, as together they prayed, cared for the grandkids, traveled, and philosophized about life. Bruce was always running his “aha” ideas past Germaine and his kids, and also writing them on their whiteboard and in his phone. His biggest value in life was unconditional love.

For many years, Bruce also dealt with migraines and back/nerve pain and was a pioneer in his experiments to self-heal - his greatest goal was to heal so he could take care of his wife - and he also valued sharing his findings with others. That was Bruce, even in his pain, wanting to
help others. In fact, he was compiling notes to write a book about his work healing his migraines, and even filmed self-healing sessions with his back and muscles. With all of his extensive knowledge about cars, home maintenance, and life in general, he also intended to write a book called, “Ask Dad,” practical advice for everyday questions.

He showed his love daily to his kids in word and action: sharing encouraging texts and family memories; helping them with their cars, showing up to their life events, getting them all set at their homes. He developed close relationships with his step-kids: Salome (Aaron Brimhall) and Alexander (Hailey), along with Germaine’s family, and planned to visit them again in Germaine’s home island of Guam for Christmas this year. Bruce loved his grandkids dearly - Lief, Tallin, William, Delilah, and “the minis” Luca and Rue. Even with back pain, he made time to play on the floor with them and take them for outings.

Bruce will be forever missed for his humor; his big smile; his huge, generous heart; his strength pushing through years of pain to show up for his family and friends; and his engineer mind - always finding inventive ways to rig things together or fix something; his adventurous spirit - always traveling, and challenging himself with an accomplishment. An example of both: Bruce was determined to fix up his original WR400 race bike and build up the strength to ride it, and finally - a week before he died - he got to ride it in Moab, in front of friends and family! He came back from that trip BEAMING, having achieved that milestone as well as enjoyed his family and friends excelling on their dirt bikes and bonding together.

Bruce was preceded in death by his parents Carl and Sherry, step-father Dennis Leonard, and siblings Mark and Carrie Chamberlain. He is survived by his wife, Germaine “Mena” Chamberlain; by his siblings Scott (Debra) and Julianne; and all of his children, step-children
and grandchildren; along with his stepmother Marie Chamberlain and his half-siblings Lisa (Joe Specchio), David (Shawn), and Erin (Stephen Martin), and all of his beautiful nieces and nephews.

Services will be held Saturday, April 15, 2023, starting with a viewing from 9 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. followed by funeral services from 11 a.m. - noon; both at the LDS chapel at 10945 S. 1700 E. in Sandy. The graveside service is at 12:30 p.m. at Larkin Cemetery in Sandy, north side. Luncheon
and celebration of life to follow at Chamberlain Residence, 1775 E. Dimple Dell Rd. in Sandy.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the family fund can be sent to Mena Chamberlain, 1404 East Creek Road, Sandy, Utah 84093


We can't express how shocked and surprised we were to hear of the premature passing of our good friend and former neighbor Bruce. He lived next door to us on Marblewood Drive in Riverton for a few years. What a great neighbor and good friend. One day he absolutely thrilled me by asking if I wanted to go flying with him. I accepted, we went and he let me fly the plane. Phenomenal experience, fantastic memory. We struggle to find the words sufficient to express our sympathy and condolences. Just know that Bruce made a very positive impact on us, as he did no doubt on so many others. We will miss him. May God comfort you all in your sudden loss.

- Lyn & Monica Steiner

We were Saddened to hear of Bruce’s passing. Hoping that wonderful memories can help ease his family’s and friends grieving.

- Dave and Debbie DeSeelhorst

I was shocked to hear of Bruce’s passing. He worked with my husband Dean. I remember him as always smiling and full of life. I do understand the grief that comes when your loved one dies. Hoping that wonderful memories can help ease his family’s and friends grieving.

- Dina Voshall

Bruce was a kind and friendly person who was easy to get along with. It was a real pleasure being able to call him friend.
Deepest condolences to all his family.

- Kirk Nelson

Bruce was an amazing person and someone I will always look up to. He was one of my mentors at Siemens. As I was the new young guy on the team, he would reminisce about when he was new and taught me some very great lessons so I wouldn’t have to learn the hard way. I connected with Bruce about our passion for motorcycles and airplanes as well. I’m very grateful for the time I was given to learn from him and get to know him.
My prayers and condolences go out to his family.

- Darren Ware

My heart goes out to Bruce’s Family and children. I have known a Bruce for a very long time and he worked on some of our equipment. I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle when he was just a little boy and Bruce brought him along on a call. He was so proud of all his kids and made sure to keep us filled in on all his endeavors. We always shared motorcycle stories and ride suggestions.
He had switched duties at work and we got to see less and less of him, and that made those rare times when we did see him even more enjoying. All of us at the University Ortho Center were shocked and saddened at the loss of a very special friend.

- Scott J

I only met Bruce briefly, but everything everyone has shared about him sure rang true in my experience. In February of 2022 we bought Bruce and Brian's Cherokee 180. He was so fun to meet and it was obvious how much he loved that plane, and flying it. I told him that we were buying it so that my son and I could take flying lessons and get our licenses together. He loved hearing that and he specifically asked if we could keep sharing pictures of the plane's new adventures; just another example of how much he cared. I know I don't know any of you, but just wanted to let you know that Bruce touched me in just that simple exchange of coming out to check out and pick up the airplane. I'm sure he's missed.

- Jason Roberts