Cameron Scott Nichols

1974 ~ 2022

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Our amazing father, husband, son, brother, and friend, Cameron Scott Nichols passed away on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, after a short but aggressive battle with cancer. He was 47 years old.

Cameron was born during the final hours of 1974 on December 31st, to the proud parents Marjorie and Duane Nichols in San Gabriel, California. Being a true middle child, Cameron was easy and amicable. He was dubbed at an early age by his parents as their “sunshine boy.” And that he was. He radiated warmth and light, and that sunny disposition stayed with him for the rest of his life. Cameron was independent, easy to please, and was the perfect bridge between two adventurous older brothers, and two younger sisters who looked up to and adored him. From an early age, Cameron was a “salesman.” He was known for trading toys and trinkets and striking deals with neighborhood kids. He was driven to make his own money. He sold sodas and golf balls from the backyard fence to eager golfers looking for a deal and a cool drink. Cameron took his first official job at the age of 14 working at the golf course as a range picker. His job allowed him to make money while enjoying the opportunity to golf for free and mess around in a golf cart or two.

From his early years on, Cameron was a doer, a maximizer, and an entrepreneur. Cameron was larger than life. God knew he needed a 6’5” frame to hold all that spirit and life. He was the fun behind every activity accompanied with boundless energy. His quick wit and hardy laugh made it easy for everyone to be around him. He was a natural leader–not because he sought it, but rather because he had that natural gift.

In High School, he played basketball, ran track and field, and played on the golf team. Although he was active in sports, work was his passion. At the age of 17, he took a job working at a local video game store. Within months he developed a marketing strategy, rearranged the entire store, and helped the owner, who was a new immigrant, understand the best strategies to sell to Americans. Sales soared.

At the age of 19, Cameron made the decision to serve a 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was called to the Louisville, Kentucky Mission. Cameron served in some challenging inner-city areas in Cincinnati, as well as the back mountain ‘hollers’ of eastern Kentucky where he connected easily with a variety of types of people. During this service, he developed a deep love for his Savoir and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cameron's testimony of Christ was always something he held near and dear to him. He had a tenderness toward the teachings of the gospel and enjoyed sharing his beliefs with others.

Upon returning home from his mission, he attended Brigham Young University, where he graduated with a degree in Zoology/Human Biology. There he met Jeri Airmet and the two quickly became friends. They enjoyed doing things together and began spending a lot of time with each other. Inevitably, their friendship developed into something a little more. At one point, a friend asked Jeri what their “status” was, and she let them know they were “good friends.” He said, “Well that’s too bad because Cameron’s going places.” It was then that Jeri thought, “You’re right! And I want to go with him!” Their natural friendship developed quickly into a deep and sincere love. They each married their best friend and eternal sweetheart on August 11th, 1998 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Much like his Dad, Cameron always had an interest and curiosity for the sciences. And with his instinctive skills for sales, coupled with his ease in creating relationships, it made sense for him to pursue several sales and leadership positions in the medical field. From pharmaceuticals to software, to capital equipment, Cameron spent the majority of his career in the Ophthalmology arena. True to his nature, he excelled in each position. A previous employer and friend was quoted saying, “He brought in scores of new accounts and set records that remain unrivaled even to this day. But his success wasn’t just an extraction of business. He literally loved the people he worked with.”
His jobs took him all over the country and he developed a wide and deep network of friends. He was a master at networking and loved to introduce and connect with his friends. He had a true and genuine desire to help others succeed.

Cameron’s greatest measurement of success came from loving, supporting, and playing with his family. His sweet Jeri is the love of his life. During his final month on this earth, he considered his time with her as “sacred.” His children Lauryn, Brinn, and Taylor are his absolute pride and joy–the reason behind all he did. Cameron’s sense of humor and drive for fun made him the ultimate Dad. He loved watching his kids grow and finding the things they loved. He attended all his kids’ soccer, basketball, and volleyball games that he could, even coaching some of their teams. He taught them invaluable life skills, like how to work hard, be kind, and how to notice the needs of others. He absolutely loved taking them to Disneyland, jeeping, fishing, and the beach where he shared his love of body surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving. His absolute favorite activity with his family was boating and wake surfing. Many of their happiest memories were created at Lake Powell on the boat with friends and family. He absolutely loved playing on the boat with his family and friends. He had a major sweet tooth and always had a well-stocked candy counter and soda fridge full of his favorite - Dr. Pepper. Cameron was the best at creating happy memories and traditions.

Throughout his life Cameron served in various capacities in the church and approached them all with the same way he approached all things in his life–with warmth, enthusiasm, and commitment to the people, and with the dedication that was required. He most recently served as 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric in his ward. He especially loved working with the youth and adults of the church. He was a wonderful example of Christlike love and service.

Cameron drew us in with his warmth and his broad knowledge on what seemed like everything. It was always easy to have a conversation with Cameron, sometimes too easy, as some interactions turned into hours-long conversations. He was engaging and told the absolute best stories because of these attributes. Cameron loved people, learning about them, and problem-solving with them. He was the kind of guy who showed up, rolled up his sleeves, and stood alongside us as we figured out a problem or worked together. He absolutely loved serving and helping others in any way he could. And while he’d work and talk and solve problems, he would undeniably make us laugh with his quick wit, hilarious stories, and childlike silliness–anything to make a situation more fun or less heavy.
Cameron was well-loved by many. He will be missed immensely. We love you Cameron/Dad and can’t wait to be with you again.

Cameron is preceded in death by his father, G. Duane Nichols, and is survived by his wife, Jeri Nichols; his children, Lauryn, Brinn, and Taylor Nichols; mother, Marjorie Nichols; brothers, Greg, and Ryan Nichols; sisters, Stephanie Gunstream and Elise Franklin; in-laws, Dave and Linda Airmet; and countless “best friends”.


Majorie and family,
This is heartbreaking news but our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We love you!

- Tom and Diane Caress

I am so sorry for your loss.My prayers are with you guide you through this . Cameron was a great influence on our ward family and a wonderful man.

- Janice MItchell

I am devastated to hear this news. As your neighbor for 16 years even though I did not know you well I was always greeted with a smile and a wave when driving by. I have watched your family and children grow. Jeri I cannot imagine how difficult this must be right now. Sending you all much love and care.

- Genavieve

Jeri, Lauren, Brinn, and Taylor, my heart is broken for your incomprehensible loss. May God bless you with peace in this painful time. Cameron was just the best, kindest, friendliest guy in the neighborhood. We are all shattered and will do our best to show up in your lives the way we know Cameron has always shown up for others.

- Cami Talbot


Words can't express how sorry I am for you and your beautiful family. Sending love and prayers.


- Kari L Majors

I am very sorry for your loss. A wonderful man lost too soon. My deepest condolences to your family.

- Lisa Bender

Dear Jeri and Family -- Joe, Emma and I have such happy memories of knowing your family in the 2nd Ward. We are heartbroken for you. Cameron was such a splendid individual and I will always remember his friendly and open personality and bright smile. We pray that the love of our Savior will hold you up and see you through until you are all together again forever -- With love, Denise, Joe and Emma.

- The Haynies

Jeri, Lauren, Brinn, and Taylor -there are simply no words to express the grief and sadness we feel for the loss of Cameron. Our hearts are full and we mourn with you and your family. We wish we could throw our arms around you all in a loving embrace that could somehow assuage the grief we know you must be feeling. Please know we are praying for you and your entire family. Know of our love. We are filled with happy, warm memories of the bright light Cameron was in the world. May you find peace that surpasses all understanding and May God bless you all. We are here for you - we will be here for you when you need us. Much love to all of you! -Todd & Heidi

- Todd Eldredge

We are all heartbroken at this news. Cameron was the friendliest guy in the neighborhood, and always had time to talk if he was outside working on the yard or boat, whether you were driving by, walking kids home from the elementary school, going on a walk, or riding a bike. The Nichols always had the best Christmas lights every year. Cameron was a great youth leader and his example will influence our kids their whole lives. Jeri and Cameron have a beautiful family and they have both been such a positive influence on the neighborhood and church congregation. They have wonderful kids who reflect their parents’ goodness. We love your family!

- Tami Owen

I am so sorry for your loss. Cameron and I worked together at Eye Care Leaders where I ran the marketing department. He was an amazing person who dearly loved his family and loved talking about them. He was a positive light in a not so great work situation who always tried to find the best of things. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and close friends.

- Theresa DaSilva

I am so sorry for your loss. Cameron was such a bright and positive light in the world. We worked together a few years back and I only have positive memories of him and his contagious smile and laugh. May you all be comforted in your time of grief and healing by the wonderful memories you have of him.

- Michele Caruso

I am so sorry to hear about your loss of your best friend. Cameron was such a wonderful neighbor and friend to so many. You couldn't help but be drawn to his warm smile and kind-hearted personality. I hope that your family is surrounded by comfort during this difficult time.

My sincere condolences,
Carrie Johnson

- Carrie Johnson

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending so much love to you and your family!

- Martha Holt Brown

My deepest condolences. I knew Cameron only briefly. I was so impressed with Cameron's warmth and caring way. He was a wonderful soul. Cameron made the world a better place.

- Bill Richheimer

Nichols Family,
I am so sorry to hear of Cameron's death. He was such an amazing person to me and others that I watched him associate with. Such a kind, honest, and sincere heart to me and others. I am grateful to have felt of his goodness that he shared with me in all of our conversations and interactions the past few years. He will be missed.
Jason Smith

- Jason Smith

So sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful man and friend. Condolences to his beautiful family.

- Sondra Hoffman

Words are inadequate to express the pain and the void that Cameron's passing has caused. He is a son, husband, father and friend with exceptional qualities. Everyone loves Cameron. He exemplifies what it is to be a true disciple of Christ. He passes firm in the faith and on the covenant path. He is gone to soon, but he now is preparing to welcome his family and friends into the next life. It's an honor to have known him here in mortality and he left me a better person for knowing him. Heaven gained one of the noble and great ones. I love you Cameron. I'm sure your Dad is happy to have his son, but the rest of us feel the loss.

- Craig Fisher

I was so sorry to hear of Cameron's passing. I was fortunate to get to know him while he was working at ZEISS and especially while he was interviewing for Regional Director of the West SUR team. He was so easy-going, warm, and just such a kind guy. To say he'll be missed is an understatement. I can only imagine how tough this loss is, and I hope Cameron's family and friends find comfort in having the opportunity to know such an outstanding person.

- Malissa Towne

I send my love for you and your family. I love Cameron and have many fond memories of him. He made everything more enjoyable with his great sense of humor. I loved teaching a primary class with him and serving with him in Young Mens and in a Bishopric. He will be greatly missed!

-Jeff Jorgensen

- Jeff Jorgensen

Breaks my heart. I will miss you Cameron. You were a good friend with such a positive attitude all the time.
God bless your family.

- Rob Terry

We were so sad to hear about Cameron’s passing. Our hearts ache for all of you. We have so enjoyed spending time with your family at volleyball games these past few years. Halle just loves Brinn. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Brian, Jodi & Halle Atkinson

- Jeri & Family-

My condolences to the family.

- Jean-Louis CENAT

I love Cameron. I got to know him professionally and he was always wonderful to work with in the ophthalmology world. I’ll never forget racing in his truck to the airport during a snowstorm to make a trip to Torrey Pines to fold the day before a big eye meeting. I also knew him personally as a high counselor to our ward when I lived up the street from him in Draper. He was a great man and friend. I hope his family can find peace in knowing just how much he is respected in the eye world.

- Phil Hoopes, Jr.

We want to express our love and sincere condolences. We will always keep Cameron and his wonderful, irresistible personality in our hearts. Everywhere he was, he would brighten lives, bring light, and share love. It was just his nature—that of a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, a brother, and a friend to all.

We pray for Jeri and their children, and your whole family. May the Lord grant you the faith, peace, and comfort you need to overcome the deep pain of separation. We love you.

- Gerald and Valerie Caussé

I loved taking the long way home by Cameron’s house to see if he was outside and available for a visit. We had many long conversations about life, careers and family in his front yard. A lot of times he would manage to carry on a conversation with me while simultaneously playing volleyball/football with his kids. He was larger than life, and a genuine friend.
My deepest condolences.
Adam Ziebarth

- Adam Ziebarth

To The Nichols Family,
To say that Cameron was a friendly, helpful and stellar man is an understatement. He was the kindest man and he knew how to make everyone feel comfortable. I remember him stopping whatever he was doing to talk to people who walked by his house as he was gardening, or putting up his fabulous Christmas tree decorations.
As a member of the Bishopric, his love and acceptance for everyone made our Ward a better place. He loved the youth and they loved him.

- Robert & Gayle Hollingsworth

I was honored to work in the field of ophthalmology with Cameron for many years. He was a bright ray of sunshine and his smile lit up a room. Cameron was always smiling as he worked with physicians and staff to help people see better. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the family and loved ones of Cameron, he was a great man and will be dearly missed. 🙏

- Tony Coletti

Jeri and family, you are in our hearts and prayers that you may find the peace that can only come from our Savior. Brother Nichols was a gift and positive influence in our ward and with our youth. We love you. Joanne and Gary Owen

- Joanne And Gary Owen

Dear Jeri and kiddos,
I am so sorry for your loss. I was lucky enough to work with Cameron. Although we didn't work together for very long, we would try to meet up and see how one another was doing.
He loved you all so much. That was evident in all of our conversations. He was kind, gently and rarely had a bad thing to say about anyone. That's how I will remember him.
Rich Erikson

- Rich Erikson

Cam was a pleasure and joy to be around....always. He was fun, smart, eager to help anyone in need and goofy at times, in the best and most funny ways :)
His passing has rocked our work family. He had a positive impact on countless people he worked with and is the rare individual who no know could ever say anything about them, other than glowing remarks. He was respected by surgeons. His relationships and knowledge, helped countless surgeons to be able to be better, improving or saving people's sight.
He is the embodiment of a wonderful person, who lived life well.
Sincerest Regards.

- Nick Ruth

Jeri, Brin and family. I was heartbroken when Emily told me of Cameron‘s passing! I’ll always remember him not only being a soccer coach to our little 6,7,8+ year olds but what a father figure he was to the girls and how fun and outgoing he was. It’s been a while since we had seen you guys ,however I remember his face, his laugh, his smile and all the funny things that he used to say when the girls were running chaos on the field! My condolences, my prayers, and my heart go out to your entire family
Kristi & Brandon Hartness

- Kristi Hartness

Jeri, Lauren, Brinn and Taylor;
We are so very sorry to hear of Cameron’s passing. We loved getting to know him and your family in the 2nd ward. Cameron was always so kind and fun to visit with. He always had time to talk to you, and was such a light. We are praying for your family to feel comforted during such a difficult time. We love you!

- Molly & Jason Cox and family

To the Nichols Family, We have known the Nichols family for over 50 years. We saw Cameron in January at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and learned of his cancer and his optimism in working through the disease. It was a shock to learn of his surgery and death the other day. Our hearts go out to Marjorie, Jeri and the children, as well as Cameron's siblings. Reading Cameron's obituary it sounded like we were reading his father Duane's life, who served with me in Rowland Heights many years ago. Duane was the best... like father like son. What a glorious reunion! Please know that we are praying for all of you. We love the whole Nichols family. Much love from here, Bob and Sharon Johns

- Bob and Sharon Johns

I grew up with Stephanie and Cameron in Rowland Heights, and the news of his passing is both shocking and deeply sad. My sincerest condolences and sympathies to the family.

- Kerri Wood Einertson


My prayers go out to you and your kids. I don’t think I have ever met Cameron but I can tell he was a wonderful man because I know you and you are wonderful. Love and prayers for all of you.

- Angela Jensen

Farewell To our sweet son until we meet again

- Marjorie Nichols

Cameron worked with my team and I at Rocky Mountain Laser and Surgery Center in Colorado.
This is such heartbreaking news! Please accept our prayers condolences!

- Chantel Clermont

I am so sorry for your loss. Cameron was a great friend and someone that I will miss always. His nature was so genuine. He loved life and people and both loved him back. I will miss our time together in person or on the phone. Every conversation we have ever had he always talked about his wife Jeri and his 3 kids. It was obvious that he was the ultimate family man and was forever in love with Jeri and the life they were building. His passing is a huge loss for all that knew him. His life however should be honored for they way in which he lived. He cared about others and served others tirelessly. He was a great example to all on how to live and treat people.

Rest in peace my friend.


- Wayne Caulder

I have no words to express my sorrow for you and your family. Cameron sounds like an incredible man. Please know how much you are loved.
Mary Jayne Child

- Mary Jayne Child

Dear Nichols Family. I heard about Cameron’s tragic passing just today while being in the Netherlands. I am devastated that a young, strong, loving, humorous man can suddenly be gone. I have been at your house only a few times when we lived across of you. But every time you and your wife Jeri have given me a warm welcome and a great feeling of a wonderful neighbor. This was over 14 years ago, but it has made a lasting impression. I wish your family all the strength to carry this tragic loss.

- Peter Verdegem