Carol Ann Petersen Winter

1933 ~ 2021

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Nov. 5, 2021
2:00 PM
Private Family Service

Carol Ann Winter was a joy to all who knew her. She was the only child of Hyrum “Pete” Petersen and Helen Vick Petersen. Born on June 26, 1933, Carol was the apple of her father’s eye and the delight of her mother. At age three, Carol knew that she wanted to spend her life being a mother. She loved to rock her teddy bear in her little wicker rocker and pretend that she was the mommy. She and her eternal sweetheart, Don Winter, were blessed with four children: Steve, Craig, Donna and Scott. Steve gave her two granddaughters: Winter Mraz and Elizia “Nikki” Winter. Craig brought her four grandchildren: James Winter, Elizabeth “Betsy” Winter, Joey Winter and Donnie Winter. James gave her two great grandchildren: Gabriel Winter and Jasmine Winter. Carol’s wish to be a mother was fulfilled in all these ways as well as others. Her beautiful daughter, Donna, was blessed to spend every day with her mom until illness finally separated them. Carol was also a mother to Winter and Nikki when they lived in her home as children and teens. Carol had many, many friends who were like family to her, and extended family members who were like siblings.

This clever, sharp-witted beauty was an avid traveler, internationally and domestically. She would beat you at gin rummy or hearts and would do crossword puzzles in pen. She Loved Great Food. She was an outstanding cook and browsed cookbooks that way most people peruse newspapers. She loved to read People Magazine, watch TV, especially cooking shows including “Drivers, Dive-in and Dines” as she put it. Her celebrity crushes included Hugh Jackman and Brendan Fraser, but not James Dean. She loved classical music and could identify most composer’s works by listening to just the first few bars. She was an outstanding oil painter, and excellent knitter, and loved needle craft in general. She also loved Disneyland and went as often as possible. But mostly she loved her family.

This warm, inclusive soul was dearly loved and is greatly missed. On October 21, 2021, she joined her loving husband, Don, and her devoted son, Craig, as she crossed over into heaven, and was very likely thrilled to be with her parents again.
“To the world you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world”


I loved carol and I'm sad I didnt get to say good I'll love her forever and cherish all the years I got to spend with her and get to know her

- Alisha Jacques