Cheryl Ann Dorsey Cherry

1970 ~ 2021

Cheryl Ann Dorsey Cherry, Age 51, passed away on August 11, 2021. She was born January 6, 1970 and adopted by parents MaryLee Hagen and James R. Dorsey on February 5, 1970.

Our most awesome mother, best friend, wife, sister, daughter and aunt is finally at rest without any more pain and suffering. Despite her health, Cheryl was a person who always had a smile, always gave hugs and always listened to others. A witty sense of humor and a flair for doing things differently, including walking down the aisle to Joe Satriani with wedding colors that were black and blue! She was a sunny-side-up person who looked at all the positives in life and helped other people with a smile and without regard to her own self. Cheryl was the most caring and selfless person who put family and friends first.

Cheryl was a fantastic cook, always creating new and wonderful meals almost daily for the family or when entertaining. She was so proud of her awesome children Alex and Stephanie and she dedicated her life to their upbringing, including dedicating herself to the PTA while the kids were in school. Cheryl also crocheted blankets for nearly every newborn that came into the extended family. She was fond of flamingos and Marvin the Martian. Growing up in Centennial Colorado, she loved the Girl Scouts and camping, and had an affinity for music, saving babysitting money to buy her own saxophone while in grade school and enjoyed playing in the marching band at Arapahoe High School where she graduated in
1988. An avid reader, Cheryl was an excellent student who loved animals and was studying to become a veterinarian at CSU until she got detoured when chasing down her future love. She married Paul C. Cherry on September 5, 1993 in Denver, Colorado.

Cheryl is survived by her Husband Paul Cherry, Son Alexandros (Alex) Cherry, Daughter Stephanie Cherry, Mother MaryLee Hagen, Father Jim Dorsey, Brother Pat and wife Kim Dorsey, future son-in-law Nate Ferguson, Uncle Gary Hagen, Uncle and Aunt Robert and Donna Hagen, Aunt and Uncle Gayle Dorsey-Spitz and Larry Spitz, Birth Mother Nancy Jane Ottem, Birth Father Lester (Buck) Smith, along with many cousins, nieces, nephews and special friends.

Preceded in death by Grandmothers Edna Hagen and Marie Dorsey, Grandfathers Leo Hagen and John Dorsey, Uncle John Hagen, Aunts Margaret Daughters and Carol Ragsdale.

Cheryl’s wishes were to be cremated and we will be honoring those wishes. We are having a Celebration of Life on Saturday, August 14. Additional services will be held at a future date.

Our loss is great but our lives are so much better for the time we got to spend with her. We hope that Cheryl touched your life in as many positive ways as she touched ours.

May her memory be eternal!


she went too soon, may she rest in peace and watch down on the ones she cared for.

- sam

Our hearts bleed for all of the Cherry family. Cheryl was an amazing person and close friend. I was so blessed to have had her as a friend for 25 uears. There will only be 1 Cheryl!! We love you and may she finally be at peace.

- Bonnie Gandelman

Sending condolences for the loss of such a beautiful woman inside and out. Always there for her family with her loving 💜. Rest in Peace.

- Marilyn Lyle

All our love to Cheryl. One of the most compassionate women I have ever known. Her family misses her deeply and we hope their broken hearts will heal over time. Love you all! ❤️

- Catherine Smith

What a beautiful girl! I know her family will miss her terribly.

- Louise Bath

Cheryl was my niece, her birth mother is my sister. I am so grateful for the adoptive parents she had in Marylee Hagen and Jim Dorsey. I so loved reading about Cheryl's life in her obituary. She was truly a special woman, mother, best friend, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and niece. We shared a brief email correspondence that I wish had been longer. I believe the cliche is true; heaven is a better place now that Cheryl is resting in peace there.

- Tricia Sample

Cheryl was a hero to me. When I was going through some tough times is when I meet her through our goodfriend Bonnie. I always told her that she set a good example for me. Never complaining about the struggles she was going through and always encouraging me to be better. In May as I was packing to move to New Mexico she continued to call me and ask if she could come and help me pack. I knew of her own struggles and told her I was doing ok. Right up to the end she was still trying to help others and she set an example for me to follow. I am so grateful that I got to know her for the few short years we had together. May she be at peace now after all she endured throughout her life. Cheryl I love you....

- Valarie D Kimball

Marylee ...Our very deepest Codolences to you and your family and to Cheryl's grieving husband too..Requiescat in Pace

- Mary Lovett

I loved my precious daughter so much. I treasure the memories I have of us together. It breaks my heart to lose her so young. Now she is an ANGEL up above guiding us here on EARTH.

- MaryLee Hagen

Cheryl is very special. I will miss hearing her laughter and seeing her smile.

- Bob Millikan

We are so saddened by the news of Cheryl’s passing. Cheryl was so gracious and intelligent, it was great to work with her in PTA. May your family be blessed with joyful memories and the peace of God. We send our love and prayers.

Andy and Dee Ann

- Andy and Dee Ann Gibson

Cheryl was, no doubt, one of the funniest, sweetest people I’ve ever met. I knew when my children were at her house they were well cared for and loved as if they were her own; I also knew they were well fed because Cheryl was an amazing cook! Our family will miss Cheryl greatly. She was a truly kind and decent soul who always made me laugh!

- Diana Woicek

We are so deeply saddened to hear of Cheryl’s passing. We are praying for the entire family.


Chuck and Roxi Burns

- Chuck and Roxi Burns

We are so deeply saddened to hear of Cheryl’s passing. We are praying for the entire family.


Chuck and Roxi Burns

- Chuck and Roxi Burns

I've known the Cherry family for 10 amazing years. When I was in 5th grade their daughter Stephanie and I became best friends. When I came over to their house for the first time I honestly didn't know what to expect. Cheryl came up to me and hugged and I will never forget the words she said to me. She said "once you come into the Cherry household three or more times you are part of the family" and that's all I've thought they've been for these past 10 years, family that I could never replace. Cheryl was very much a second mother to me. She was someone that I could come to with anything even if I couldn't tell my parents about it. She was always there and always willing to give me advice. She even crochet me one of her amazing blankets before I moved away with my family. I still saw her and the Cherry family when I came to visit and honestly felt like I've been back home every time. Words can not express how amazing she was to every person she met. How many lives she touched is too many to count and I know she will always be in my heart. I love you mom number 2 and thank you for all the amazing memories and talks. I hope to see you again in another life. I am happy you're not in pain anymore but I do cry thinking I'll never get one of your mom hugs or talks ever again. Rest easy and I love you.

- Aspen Dawson