Christine R. Woolf Oliver

1949 ~ 2022

Christine R. Woolf Oliver

On Saturday April 2, 2022 Chris passed away in Salt Lake City of a massive stroke. She was only 72. In life Chris was a fun loving free spirit. She loved fun in all its forms from dancing and music, concerts and movies, entertainment in almost any form. She loved the society of those around her and formed friendships that lasted all of her life. Chris had a twin sister. Like many twins that set her apart from others, but did not define her life.

Chris and her twin sister Cynthia were born on their older sister Hollie’s second birthday, which made three birthdays on the same day extra special. They grew up in a loving family that welcomed her brothers Stewart Clancy and James Woolf in the following years. Summers were spent with the family traveling the west. From the time she entered grade school with her twin sister she formed enduring friendships with those around her, but because the two of them looked so much alike and dressed alike most of their classmates could not really tell them apart and they were referred to as simply “the twins.”

After high school graduation, the twins both got summer jobs at Yellowstone, Canyon Village and discovered a world beyond Utah. They joined other recent grads from all over the US who were part timers experiencing life away from parents for the first time. Chris was a rock star. She was a cook and her twin was a dish washer. In their time off they played in the hot springs, watched the bears at the dump and hitch hiked to Jackson Hole to party.

When the summer was over Chris married Larry Glad and started her life apart. She and Larry joined the Jeep Club and shared adventures with their friends. Together they were avid tennis players and played mixed doubles frequently. Chris was the second twin born on their older sister’s second birthday, but she married first and gave her parents their first grandchild, Courtney.

Chris loved to socialize. Sometimes concerts - Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Bee Gees, Bob Dylan, Prince, Cyndi Lauper. Sometimes dancing at clubs or just lunch with the girls. The society of others was an important part of who Chris was. And Chris loved seeing the famous. She and her sister once followed Robert Redford while he was taking a ski lesson to the point of embarrassing him. She waited hours after concerts to get autographs - even though the celebrity would not actually sign their own names Barry Gibb was “Shirley Temple” Maurice was “Santa Claus.”

Chris and Larry’s marriage ended and Larry died shortly thereafter leaving Chris to raise their daughter Courtney as a single mom. Chris returned to her former job as a banker and she raised their daughter Courtney.

As Courtney grew, they enjoyed taking vacations together to Disneyland and Hawaii. They enjoyed camping with their extended family. Chris and Courtney were the best of friends and Chris made sure her daughter was always well taken care of. They enjoyed each other’s company in many things: shopping, arts and crafts, gardening and painting.

Chris loved her grandchildren Byron and Alexandria. She would stay involved in their lives by volunteering in their classrooms and often picked them up from school. The grand kids spent many happy weekends away with their grandma at the family cabin. They enjoyed rides with her on her ATV and hiking in the hills with her dog Max. She taught her grand kids good morals and to appreciate life to the fullest.

Chris gave permission to Philip Saxton to ask for Courtney’s hand in marriage and she was so excited to see Courtney marry Philip. She loved his children as her own grandchildren. She would spend many happy weekends at their home. Together the family spent time gardening, on art projects, watching movies and sharing lots of laughs. They were able to take family vacations together, returning to Yellowstone and visiting Canyon Village again.

Chris maintained relationships with her friends throughout life. Chris was also a lover of animals. She loved and raised her pets Posha, Cabby, Babe, Max and Coco. She was a talented artist and enjoyed taking art classes at the Hobby Lobby. Chris loved helping others and volunteered at The Road Home. She loved her coworkers at the Natural History Museum of Utah and felt like it was her second home. So much more than just a job.

The lessons she taught through her life will live on but she will be missed by all those who knew her. We love you to the moon and back Grandma.

Chris was born as the second/third child of Milton F. Woolf and Virginia Woolf on November 22, 1949 and passed away on April 2, 2022. She is survived by her daughter Courtney and her husband Philip Saxton; her grandchildren Byron Johnson, Alexandria Glad-Johnson, Katheryn Saxton, and Jaiah Saxton; her sister Hollie Bruerton and her twin sister Cynthia (James) McIntyre and her brothers James Woolf and Clancy Woolf; Nephews Jack (Kim) McIntyre, Thomas Bruerton; Nieces Carolyn McIntyre, Molly McIntyre, Ashley (Chris) Ingham and Amanda (Alberto) Perea. She was preceded in death by her mother and father.

A viewing will be held Sunday, April 10, 2022, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, Salt Lake City. Funeral services will be Monday, April 11, 2022, at 11:00 am at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 10600 South 1950 East. Guests may call upon the family one hour prior to the service. Interment to follow at the cemetery. A reception will be held following the interment at Le Jardin until 3:00pm. The Zoom recording can be viewed by clicking on the "Watch Service" button above.

In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to Chris’s charities - KRCL, The Humane Society of Utah, The Natural History Museum of Utah or The Road Home.


Christine was a beautiful soul. She loved people and animals and painted them in her amazing portraits. She created other astonishing work too, sometimes a landscape or still life painted over a shimmery gold canvas. Her Art Friends will greatly miss Chris's sweet voice and tender stories. We had fun visiting her at the Natural History Museum where she worked too. She was so helpful when our most senior student, Corinne Sluder became 90 years old. Chris would pick her up and get her back home safely. We send our love to her family whom she loved dearly. Paint the sky and the heavens, Christine! Until we can paint again with you, we send our love and wish you joy! Love, Kendra Burton, Lynn Marion, Shirley Ann Collins, Christine Thompson, Jonnee Frederick, Marian Hunt, Terry Jensen, Lee Parkin, Janice Reaveley, Georgia Bruening, Annette Millet, Karen Detevis and Gunner Hansen.

- Kendra Burton

A toast, to a magnificent lady with my unending love.

- Marty McQuarrie