Daniel Owen Collett

1955 ~ 2023

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Daniel Owen Collett passed away peacefully at home on Friday, April 14th, 2023, after a valiant fight with cancer. He is survived by his beloved wife, Vicki Low Collett, his three children, Rosalyn [Tanner Poulsen], Benjamin [Madeline Collett], and Luke [Sierra Collett], and his two siblings, Camille DeLong, and Bruce Collett.

Son of Owen and Jean, Dan was raised in Lafayette, California but graduated from Bountiful High School after the family moved to Utah prior to his sophomore year. From a young age, Dan was known for his spirit and charm. A proud yell-leader for the high school cheer team and a gifted thespian, Dan won a regional drama competition that took him to Brigham Young University on a full-ride theatre scholarship. He served in the Switzerland Zurich mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, where, at the behest of his mission president, Dan was made Assistant to the President over public relations—a position created just for him. This was one of the first (but certainly not the last) times Dan was recognized for his unique gifts, and used them to have a positive impact, create lasting connections, and cultivate a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Upon returning from his mission, Dan attended BYU, where he soon found a friend in his first cousin, Vicki Low. After ten years and many separate life experiences, the two finally realized: They were meant to spend life together. Dan and Vicki were married in Edmonton, Alberta on December 5th, 1985. The pair settled in Sandy, UT, in what was meant to be a five-year home, and never left. They found everlasting joy in their three children and two grandchildren, Brooks and Berkley—of whom Dan couldn’t get enough.

Dan worked as a Senior Manager of International Training and Development at Novell for nine years before becoming a Partner at SSCA—a behavioral consulting firm—where he remained for 25 years. His family generously shared him with clientele across the globe, yet somehow, he never made anyone feel that there was less to go around. It was a superpower of Dan’s, that energy, profound positivity, and passion for people. Like the energizer bunny in a button-up polo and blue suede shoes, Dan built a career out of building relationships and helping others do the same. It was a gift he shared over and over again, with everyone in his life—the reminder that “all we have is each other.” He was immensely fulfilled in that purpose and in his role at SSCA. Although, his favorite and most proudly worn title was that of “Papa.” Dan lived for his family. There was no day more perfect than any day spent with them.

There was no shell Dan couldn’t crack. No stranger he couldn’t make smile. No problem too impossible to help you solve. No ski slope so powdery it couldn’t be interrupted by a burger and a Snickers bar. No room he couldn’t brighten, both as an interior decorator with a flair for lighting design and as the most vivacious man any of us have ever known. For Dan, there was no adventure too daunting. No bag of chocolate chips too hidden. There was absolutely no restaurant too elegant, or hour too late for someone he loved. With Dan, no song went unsung, nor flower un-watered. No phone call went too long, and there was never a sheep too far gone for Dan Collett to find. He gathered people into his fold, saw them clearly, held them tightly, built them up, and cheered them on, not because he thought he should, but because he didn’t have to think about it at all. He just made things beautiful. He was the life of every party…and he probably planned the party. He was the man you put on the mic because he knew how to put on a show. And for those of us lucky enough to have been a part of it, what an honor it was to be cast; to be gathered and given a place to belong. The reviews are in, Dan-O: You Lived in Glory and you are called home to It. We love you so. Now go, Dan! Go!

Funeral Services will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 11:00 am at the Lone Peak Stake Center, 11570 Wasatch Blvd, Sandy, Utah 84092. A visitation will be held prior to the funeral from 9:30-10:30 at the church. Innichment to follow at Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery. 0nline condolences welcomed at http://www.larkincares.com.

Those wishing to view the COMPLETED service via Zoom can click on the "Watch Services" button or follow the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/MRps5hXdZy-AQU7ofZnj0i8WbU5vUxR9Yjl7ETyu6jV0206CfhocHoYDL9_PxGhK.eR1jhalB90I04G1t?startTime=1682181097000


Dan, is a great man and will sorely missed by all.
We send our prayers and Love to the whole family.
God Bless

- Joe and Pauline Sturdy

I sang with Dan in the Sallybytheway Chorale for many years. He was kind to me and a good friend. His passing brings me much sorrow. My best wishes go out to Vicki and her loved ones. I will miss him!

- Jeff Bailey

Wow, what an incredible man! The few times we met him he was so kind and gracious and made us feel welcome. He truly was a gifted man. We're so sorry for your loss. He will be missed.

- Cathy and George Hudak

What an amazing and accurate tribute! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time with Dan and he was always a bright spot in any day that I had interactions with him. Thanks for sharing him with me! He will be dearly missed!

- David Spjut

Every moment spent with Dan was a moment to be cherished. He is so fun, so charismatic, so talented, so caring, so fun to be with. I loved laughing, singing, vacationing, and having deep discussions with him. Liz and I have a hole in our hearts that we are struggling to cope with. Our condolences go out to Vicki and the family - we love you guys so much.

Marty and Liz

- Marty Daniels

Such a genuine and gentle spiritual giant! My heart is broken because I’m so blessed to have known him! The kindest, most sincere and caring manager I have ever had the pleasure to work for and become friends with! Thank goodness for Heavenly Father’s tender mercies and His Plan of Salvation insuring you will be together forever! Your family is tucked in my heart pocket during this difficult time! ❤️

- Lynne Moore

I have always loved Dan's love for life and his natural talent of exuberance and how he shared it with all. The world here on Earth will miss you and Heaven is cheering your homecoming. May your family and friends live in honor of you by being a little bit like you.

- Angela Powell

Dan always gave me a bright sun shiny smile upon our meeting! His smile worth a thousand words of reassurance and caring!
Dan, Thank you for changing my life for the better.

- Carol Ann Nelson

Dear Vicki and family. We are so sorry to hear of Dan's passing. May you find comfort and peace in knowing you will be together again forever. Heaven is a bit brighter with Dan's return. May you fieel the love of your Savior, fill your empty hearts.

- Elizabeth Hansen

I am Jennifer Vela's cousin in Virginia. Over the years, I've heard many wonderful stories about Vickie and Dan. Reading his obituary, I feel like I know him! Please accept my heartfelt condolences and I'll be praying for your family's peace

- Jessica Sears Younce

Vicki, there are no words to adequately express the flood of emotions I feel for you and for your family and the loss you have experienced. It is a loss and it is one that came way too soon for a man who has had such a wonderful influence on others throughout his life. Mine for one. But I think of the countless number of people I have interacted with in recent days who all say the same thing about Dan and how he made them feel, the joy he brought, the friendship they felt and his genuine goodness that always came through. I have the fondest of memories of Dan, you, Hawaii and all the laughter, spiritual and uplifting conversations...I could go on and on. May you feel him close to you in the coming days and may the knowledge you have of the Gospel help to sustain you until that certain time you are reunited. Much love, Robyn

- Robyn Wray Bleazard

There is not much that I could say that has not already been said so beautifully in this memorial. Dan was indeed a very special friend to all. We could all tell our own unique stories of how Dan has touched our lives and how difficult his passing has been for each of us for different reasons, I can picture it now, the Lord standing there with outstretched arms welcoming Dan home and Dam saying “wait just a moment, I just have to say hello to my friends right here” as he walks past the multitude waiting to welcome him. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my friend in this life but I am grateful that Dan did not have to bear a long , lingering and painful end. We love you Dan and family and hope that the Lord is with you all to bear you up and comfort each and every one of you. The heavenly choir just gained another beautiful voice.

- Don McFall

Your husband was the friendliest high councilman in our ward! Always had a smile on his face. He is doing heavenly things and they are thrilled to have him. But I’m so sorry for your family’s loss.

- Marlene Slater

Daniel and I had the oppurinity to meet through a mutual friend, Daniel taught and showed me how to become the person I am today he was a great mentor and friend he will be dearly missed he was a great addition to my life thank you dano for everything and to his wife Vicki my prayers are with you and I will be there if anything is needed in this time miss you dano thank you for being an inspiration to me!!!

- Omar l

My dear Vicki, how I wish I could be there to give you a HUGE hug! I NEVER met Dan personally but from what EVERYONE who had that honour has said, I feel like I knew him, so outgoing, fun, happy, generous...I stopped to think that that is everything you are too! Such a perfect match! He will be up there spreading his enthusiasm and watching over his family from heaven above. My deepest condolences to you and your family from the bottom of my ❤️

- Alison Smith

What a beautiful eulogy! So very descriptive of Dan. I was so saddened by the news... 😭

I met Dan in February of 2017, just 5 months after my husband of 30 years, Louie, passed away. Dan was so kind and understood that I was still in deep grief. I was paired up to serve with him at the National Prayer Breakfast that year. It was like we had always known one another! That's how he made everyone feel. Our whole grouo of 23 + people just adored him! His dynamic, intelligent, practical, caring, insightful, wise and spiritual input, always delivered on a bed of joy and laughter, was so inspiring and uplifting!

I had the privilege of attending one of his workshops in Florida some time later. It was a transformative experience. I also had the privilege of serving as a volunteer with him a 2nd time in Washington, DC. Having met him for only 3 brief periods of time left an unforgetable impact.

I called him once, in need of wise advice. He immediately understood my dilemna and swiftly rattled off some profound insights into my situation with great precision and clarity. He was so articulate with a keen mind. He was tireless and gave his all even when he wasn't feeling well. You felt so seen, so understood, so inspired, so loved, and so encouraged when spending time with him. He really was that special! Authentic! Full of Life!

My heart is broken 💔 that he was taken so young while still overflowing with ideas and plans, with still so much to share and give to others... Why? I know that his passing leaves a huge gap that cannot be filled in the hearts of all of you, his beloved family and friends, and a huge loss to so many in our world who have been enriched by his influence and, sadly, in the lives of those who never had the opportunity to experience the gift of knowing him. 🙏

He was exactly as his eulogy describes:

"...he never made anyone feel that there was less to go around..."

"It was a superpower of Dan’s, that energy, profound positivity, and passion for people..."

"Dan built a career out of building relationships and helping others do the same. It was a gift he shared over and over again, with everyone in his life—the reminder that “all we have is each other.”

"There was no shell Dan couldn’t crack. No stranger he couldn’t make smile. No problem too impossible to help you solve...."

"...the most vivacious man any of us have ever known..."

"No phone call went too long, and there was never a sheep too far gone for Dan Collett to find. He gathered people into his fold, saw them clearly, held them tightly, built them up, and cheered them on... "

Please know that I am and will continue to pray for you,Vicky and your beautiful family. Your lives will never be the same... I am SO sorry.

Thank you, Dan, for everything!

"Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his faithful servants."
Psalm 116:15

- Monique Ruvido

Dear Vicki and the entire Collett family. We wanted to tell you all how sad we are at Dans passing. We have some very fond memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Dan was the kind of person whom we all felt like we were his friends. He just made you feel that way. His infectious enthusiasm and smile will remain with us. We love you all very much.

- Steve and Kristin Lambert

All my condolences to Dan’s family! What an amazing man he was. He mentored me, taught me PCM and helped me navigate some personal struggles. Blessed to have known him and honored to have had him in my life. We will see you in Heaven Dan!

- Rachele DeMeo

Although we only saw each other occasionally through the years since high school, each time I saw him it was always like a breath of fresh air. Dan had a way of making you feel loved and important, and his kind and caring influence will be missed. The world is a better place for having had Dan Collett in it. Godspeed, my friend! God bless you, Vicki! Much love!

- Joe Walker

I am jennifer velas aunt from Virginia. I am so sorry for your loss. I know Dan was a special man, and I will be praying for you and your family.

- Isabelle Elmore

I am jennifer velas aunt from Virginia. I am so sorry for your loss. I know Dan was a special man, and I will be praying for you and your family.

- Isabelle Elmore

From that first time you guys came to church we knew we were in for something special. Didn’t know what, but we weren’t disappointed! Even after you were split from us Dan gave us the feeling that we were part of his “special “ world. Dan was a gifted man, because even though we haven’t seen enough of him these last years there will be something missing in our lives, in our stake, our neighborhood, & each time I see “the brethren “ sing. He gave of himself and we all were blessed. Thank you Collette Family for sharing him with us all. We love you and pray that you will have peace at this time.
The Despains

- Jim and Paula DeSpain

I first met Dan in Dornbirn, Austria in November 1975. I needed a friend that day and Dan brought his warm soul into my life. We laughed together and have been ever since. From mission reunions, to church leadership, and professional associations, Dan has been part of our lives, always bringing laughter and love. Most recently, Dan invited me to join The Brethren, a double quartet of talented singers, and our lives were blessed just hangin’ out with Dano. Peace to Vicki and family — we love you!
Brian and Julie Rasmussen

- Brian Rasmussen

Business mentor, dear friend, and inspiration to all — Dan, you will be missed greatly. Rest in eternal peace.

- Mike Bennett

I feel honored to have known such a bright fun loving talented man! Yes he was the life of every party! Singing and traveling with him was always a joy with the chorale. I say amen to every wonderful thing said about him already.
All my love to to Vickie and your children and delightful grands. I can send love, honor, respect
and heartfelt prayers for you all, but I can’t imagine your unbelievable loss. God bless you with comfort, until you surely see your Dan -O again.

- Kathy Peterson Agrelius

I feel honored to have known such a bright fun loving talented man! Yes he was the life of every party! Singing and traveling with him was always a joy with the chorale. I say amen to every wonderful thing said about him already.
All my love to to Vickie and your children and delightful grands. I can send love, honor, respect
and heartfelt prayers for you all, but I can’t imagine your unbelievable loss. God bless you with comfort, until you surely see your Dan -O again.

- Kathy Peterson Agrelius

Dan is a blessing to many of us. To me he was a mentor, a friend, a brother in Christ who helped me grow both personally and professionally. Dan was there for me through the initial stages my marriage, of becoming a father and adapting to parenthood. Professionally he guided me to become a better leader, a better listener and to find alternative ways to navigate through challenges. Dan became more than just a mentor. I learned about the love for his family, especially his wife Vicki. I learned about his faith and he learned about mine. His positive energy was inspiring and contagious. Even when he was fighting, even during his last days, he kept smiling and fighting. What an honor to have met you. I thank God and ITW for the opportunity to meet such an amazing human being. Thank you Vicki and family for sharing him with us. I will miss you greatly my friend.. May your memory be eternal, dear Dan +

- John Naoum

What a perfect tribute to a fantastic individual. I remember the first day that I met Dan. I had just thanked him for a piece of sage advice that he'd given me, and I said, "sometimes you need an additional perspective to help see your flaws." To which he responded, "and to see your glory." That singular statement went on to describe our entire friendship. He always knew how to see the glory in others. I'll miss him and I thank him for sharing so much.

- Nic Enlow

But the world still needed his light! His brand of bright is irreplaceable so we will just have to get along the best we can. Dear Vicki, dear Ben and Luke and Rosalyn we are so very very sorry for your profound loss. May the Comforter be generous and lasting. Love and hugs ...Mark and Lorene

- Mark and Lorene de St. Aubin

What a profound loss we are all feeling. Dan was larger than life, and this life was much larger and brighter with Dan in it. It’s amazing how many different roles Dan played in the lives of so many people, and yet somehow he always made sure there was more than enough Dan to go around. His love and joy for life and for his family and friends and colleagues seemed endless. That’s why it’s so hard to accept that it has ended for us all so suddenly. To say he is missed and will always be missed is just woefully inadequate. Vicki, Susan and I feel and share your loss deeply. We love you so much! Thank you for sharing Dan with us all for so many years. Every time I walk through our living room, I’ll hear Dan’s beautiful voice soaring to the heavens mingled with the voices of his brothers, and I will smile at the thought of how fun our reunion with him will be on the other side.

- Jon White

There aren't words - this all happened too quickly. Dan was an amazing next door neighbor, family friend, all around great guy over many many years. Even when I heard the news of his diagnosis I felt somehow there was still more time to connect, laugh, and share. Dan will always be remembered as a great person, leader, and just pure energy in every situation. He was a good mentor and friend to me over the years. He will be missed by all and loved always.

- Mike Baird

Dan was such a gifted individual. His ability to connect with people, take such genuine interest in them and apply his skills as a coach to guide and support them was remarkable.

He touched my life as well as so many of my colleagues through his work. More valuably, he shared his zest for life and infectious positivity with everyone around him.

He made the world better.

My deep condolences to his family and friends.

- Sue Hagen

Dan was so positive and kind
He had a great sense of humor,and more than anything was a Peacemaker.
Being Dan&Vickis Minister was a privilege and really fun for our family.Lots of laughs
Dan was two weeks older than me but it will take years to ever approach his goodness.

- Stan &Stacey Johnsen and The Boys

Our thoughts are with you Vicki and the entire Collett family.
A beautiful tribute to our high school friend. While Dan and Dave performed numerous times together on stage, Dan and I performed on numerous basketball sidelines, football fields and assemblies. He was my partner in all things cheer and fun.
Dan had a way of not only bringing drama and excitement to many situations he also knew how to take the drama out of many situations by keeping what felt big and out of control to something manageable and hopeful.
Thank you Dan for literally lifting me, throwing me in the air (catching me ) and being the best dance and cheer partner a girl could ever hoped for.
You lifted our lives , caught us when we fell as we danced our way through BHS and BYU.
Dave and I will always cherish these sweet memories.
It is difficult to believe someone so timeless as Dan has left this earth. However, we know that someone who embodied so many Christ like qualities will be welcomed in a warm embrace and have that timelessness become eternal.

Cheers Dan - we love you.

- Deb and David Checketts’

Dan was the first person to welcome me to the Hidden Valley Ward. He came and sat by me when I was sitting by myself. I saw him do it to many others as well. I was fortunate to sit next to him at our high council meetings for 4 years. I could say so many great things about him. Dan is the best!! So sorry Vicki and family.

- Adam Condie

My thoughts and prayers to the family. Dan had a huge impact on my life in a short amount of time. I'm have forever been changed because of the care, kindness, and genuine love I was given by this incredible man!

- Nolan Turner

Vicki, I will never forget when Dan ran across me in the LAX airport sitting on the floor waiting to go to Tokyo. And he said what are you doing sitting here? I said well I couldn’t get a flight to Tokyo it was canceled so I got to stay in the airport all night and out of Grace and kindness of his, heart he gave me a hotel room next to his that night. Then he said this one’s on me. I will never forget that in 2012. He was a great man with a great heart and love to everybody and always had a smile on his face. You are blessed knowing he’s looking over you are and the family for the rest of your life :0)

- Rocky Bowlby :)

Dan was a Coach, a mentor, and a friend. We spent hours together thinking through business challenges, life lessons, and sharing a love for people. Dan's energy and commitment was unwavering and his vested interest in my success and growth was truly amazing. We shared many laughs and all were done through his unique use and power of a story. We talked beyond business and Dan reached deep into life with his lessons that helped shape the heart and the head. He truly was a remarkable human being with so much passion, so much knowledge, and so much love. I will miss our talks but I will cherish our time together. Somewhere out there, I can imagine Dan leveraging his Promoter parts and putting the petal to the metal surrounded by people who love him. He once told me a story of ordering a drink called "The Dan Collett." at a fancy restaurant during one of his many travel adventures. Cheers to you, Dan....I'll make sure to order a few in remembrance of you. Much love to Dan and his family. Please know how impactful and important Dan was to so many. He changed me and I am a better leader, better spouse, and better father because of his impact. Thank you for sharing him with us....

- David A Tredo

Vicki and family— I’m soooooo sorry to hear about Dan’s untimely passing!! I just heard today and was so shocked and saddened! I pray you will have comfort from above as you move forward without him. I’m sure he will be watching over you all.

Lots of love and condolences!! Marcia

- Marcia Bracken

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful write up about Dan’s life. I don’t remember a lot about him but I do remember his enthusiasm for life. It matched your own. You two are a good pair. I pray that you and your family may have the peace you need as you continue on.
Love, Marie

- Marie Allred

Dear Bruce and family,
We are sorry to learn of your brothers passing. We send our love and condolences.

- Nancy and Brinton Burbidge

Dan came into my life during the most difficult personal and professional challenge I have ever faced, and I can't imagine how I would have navigated it without his help. He was a brilliant and generous man, and I feel so fortunate I had the opportunity to know him. I will forever treasure the wisdom he passed onto me. Our very last conversation earlier this year centered on treasuring each moment with our loved ones, and I'm sending all my love to his family and friends during this very sad time.

- Annie Burridge

Dear Vickie and Family,
I was so deeply saddened at the news of Dan's passing. The Checketts were in our ward yesterday and told me the news. I'm sorry I didn't know sooner.
I want to send my deepest condolences to you. Dan and you were such a great influence to me when we worked together on "Day of Celebration" committee. Those memories will always be with me. Dan's enthusiasm and hard work will always be a part of me.
Please know I'm thinking of you, I thank you for your part and Dan's in my life, and I send my love and prayers for the comfort you need at this time.

- Carol B Moss

Very sorry to hear of Dan's passing. Dan was a fantastic teacher and mentor, and was instrumental in my growth both as a person and as a leader in our organization. All the best to the family in this difficult time.

- Kevin Cruickshank (Ontario, Canada)

To our wonderful friend and neighbor Dan, how we will miss your bright and sunny presence in our lives! So glad to have called you our friend and brother, and to have spent many hours laughing and enjoying our friendship. But we know that we will see you again!
To Vicki and family, may your hearts and minds and souls be comforted as you grieve the loss of your husband and father. Dan was truly one of a kind!

- Curt & Malinka Andersen

Dan played such an instrumental role in helping our leadership team in North America during the last decade. His influence, guidance and impact was tremendous. We will miss him dearly. Sincere condolences to the family from all his friends at Ottobock HealthCare.

- Brad Ruhl

So glad I had a chance to visit with Dan and Vicki last September, on a lark. How fortunate for me! Dan and I grew up together in Lafayette. I always considered him to be my spiritual brother… and so we shall be the next time we meet. Godspeed, Dan. You were a good person and a good friend. Don.

- Donald Bailey

I know Adam through Louis Demeo. Dan and I have had lunch together in Baltimore a couple of times and met on a couple of other occasions. I was grateful to correspond with him shortly before he went to God. He was so good at his work and such a good listener and attuned to peoples needs. Many of my friends got to experience him and share my sentiments. I am sorry for your family to lose such a great person and soul! I pray God will comfort your hurting hearts. Rodger Stenger

- Rodger Stenger

If I was ever to "judge" a man that I didnt know, I can safely say that I know Daniel was a good man from the time that I spent with his son Benjamin on our mission. Many of the qualities that I noticed and admired so well in Elder Collett seem to have been inherited from a truly great man! My deepest condolences go to the entire family for their loss at this time.

- Jacob Boone

He was a good friend and network acquaintance of mine. He will be sorely missed and his advice will always live on in my heart. God rest you Dan.

- Colin

Vicki, I just learned of Dan’s passing earlier today (11/24/23). I am so very sorry I did not know sooner. Dan was a missionary companion of mine nearly 50 years ago. We served in Ulm together. Everything you have said about him is as I knew him. Oh, what a joy to have served with him. He and I became friends at BYU (Deseret Towers) in 1973. As companions, it was hard not to be on a first name basis. We laughed a lot and had fun while spreading the gospel in Germany. As you say, Dan was so one of a kind. Heaven is so much better off with Dan. Your loss, our loss, is certainly heaven’s gain. May the sweetness of the Spirit continue to bless your life and be a steady source of peace and comfort to you and your family.

Brett Johnson
Highland, UT

- Brett Johnson