Dannie Jnard Phillips

1967 ~ 2022

Forever In Our Hearts
Dannie Jnard Phillips

Dannie "Logan" Jnard Phillips passed away April 3, 2022 at the age of 55. Dannie was born January 2, 1967 in Richfield, Utah. His namesake was his father Dannie Ollen Phillips. Dannie was lovingly raised in the city of Draper until the age of 17. He let loose from his roots & looked to the future constantly seeking the next best thing. He disliked being in one place for to long. He desired a lifestyle where he could roam freely & his beautiful
gypsy soul was set free.

Dannie had a zest for life & enjoyed being surrounded by the lap of nature. He particularly loved water. Many called him a "fish" because he loved being in or near the water. One very late night when Dannie was a toddler, his mother saw that he was missing from his crib. After searching, she found him sitting in their large fish tank playing with all the fish. Things did not change for him as an adult. He was drawn to sports that kept him
near the water. He loved to surf the ocean & from a young age he loved all kinds of fishing. This led to fishing everywhere from lakes & rivers to offshore ocean fishing. One time he caught a small shark & quickly put catch & release into practice. He was a natural born athlete in sports. He learned quick with technique you’re only born with. Dannie was not very accepting of his age. He stayed young because he had a young heart.
He was extremely playful & silly, which helped him connect mostly with young adults & children. He loved to make others laugh. He had big brown eyes & would often tease how difficult it was to be "this good looking".

He was a loving father and an extraordinary grandfather. He had a deep connection with his grandson. They were inseparable best friends. He loved, cherished and spoiled his granddaughter as all good grandfathers do. She loves and misses her papa Logan. Dannie loved his mother deeply. He could express and share his thoughts with her no one else new. He new there would be no judgment from her because she was his Rock.

Dannie tried to keep the peace in uncomfortable situations & would take blame to accomplish just that. He was kind & disliked bullies. He made friends quickly. People could feel his contagious positive energy. He was gifted & highly aware of the emotions of those around him. This made him a excellent teacher. He spent time coaching sports such as tennis & soccer. Since the 1970’s he’s been a loyal fan & cheered for the Raiders football team. Riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle was therapy to Dannie. When he was a toddler his car seat was strapped to the back of his fathers Harley Davidson. His mother and father rode Harley’s so Dannie was taught at a young age to ride. He was a talented thinker, poet & a beautiful song writer. He especially enjoyed writing short jingles that were catchy & would stick with you. He was gifted with the strategies of sales & marketing. He could sell ice to a penguin, still remaining trustworthy & keeping his integrity. He taught this skill to others in the last months of his life. He would unknowingly make a positive impact on people by his teaching.

Having a gypsy soul Dannie experienced & saw many beautiful places in his life time. Among those places were the islands of Hawaii. He fell in love with the Hawaiian culture & planted some roots in Lahaina, Maui. As a profession, he was a captain for Trilogy Excursions at the beautiful Lahaina Harbor. He captained tourist sunset sails and occasionally a private sail for a celebrity. He was also employed part time at the Historical Pioneer Inn Restaurant directly behind the Harbor. He was in the water or had the sight of the ocean daily. He would watch the boats come & go out of that beautiful harbor. He lived an envied laid back & carefree life just as he desired. His best years were spent as a local. Dannie felt he was given an aloha spirit from the ancient Hawaiian teachings.

In later years of his life he became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was touched by the spirit & was baptized as an adult. No matter what roads he took, he never doubted & loved his Father in Heaven. He kept a prayer in his heart & a personal relationship with God. Some struggle to pay a full Tithe. Dannie did not and was more than willing to sacrifice because of the blessings promised to him. He considered it an investment to the lord. He loved his Savior Jesus Christ & desired to see & walk with him one day. His family is comforted knowing he is walking on heavens shore with his Savior now.

Dannie is survived by his mother Patsy Phillips and his brother Charles Aaron Phillips (Melanie M. Phillips). His oldest daughter Allix Kristelle Jacobson (Bryce Chad Jacobson). His daughter Nicole Lee Jacobson (Chase Michael Jacobson). His grandson Luke Ashton
Thrall and his granddaughter Ainzlee Rae Motzkus.

His wings were ready but our hearts are not. He is cherished in our memories. His family & friends will see his loving face again. Dannie will Forever be in our hearts.

Funeral service will be held on April 28th at 11:00am-12:00pm. Graveside service
12:00pm-12:30pm. A light lunch will be available after services at the Larkin Greenhouse
next to the mortuary until 2:30pm. All services at:
Larkin Sunset Gardens
1950 E 10600 S
Sandy, UT 84092
(801) 571-2771

Come honor Dannie’s memory and say our last goodbyes. His family is currently asking for donations to help cover the cost of Dannie’s Funeral and graveside. A small contribution will help & be greatly appreciated. Please Venmo his oldest daughter POA Allix Jaconson @allix87. Your contribution will only be used for its purpose. We greatly appreciate those willing to help give Dannie a beautiful funeral and gravesite.


Our deepest sympathies to all those close and loved Dannie. All our love and prayers as you go through this sad time.

- Chad and Carolyn