Debra Frazier

1953 ~ 2022

Debra Frazier of Salt Lake City, daughter of Blaine and Madeline Frazier, passed away on Monday, January 3, 2022. She was 68 years old.

Debra was born on 26 November 1953 in Salt Lake City and lived her entire life in the city, residing on Park Street since she was a child.

Debra’s mother, Madeline Shurtz Frazier, was her closest friend and confidant. She passed away unexpectedly on 2 July 1979, at the age of only 51; leaving Debra alone in the world at only 27 years of age.

She was employed at the Utah State Tax Commission for many years.

Debra began the heroic phase of her life on December 17, 1993. It was on that day that Debra, herself the daughter of a mother who had been adopted, reached out and took in a little orphaned Down Syndrome girl. She named her little girl Madeline (Maddie) Marie Frazier, and devoted all of her efforts and love and attention for the rest of her life to raising her beloved Maddie.

Despite serious and eventually crippling health issues, Debra soldiered on for 28 years supervising Maddie’s education and seeing to her medical care.

Debra leaves behind only Maddie, who is a living, loving testament to her lifetime of love and devotion.


Debra worked in the call center on the same floor as me. Even though we didn't work in the same department I knew who she was and often heard stories of her daughter. She was truly a blessing for Maddie and loved her so much. So sorry for your loss!

- Jennifer Stanger


I worked with Debra for several years in the legal department. She was truly a great person. She would always talk about you and when you came for lunch in the office, it was always great to talk with you and her. I am sorry for your loss. May you forever know that she loved you with all her heart. I will miss her very much.

- Norm Bernardo

We have lived a few houses up the street from Debra for about twenty years. Debra always had a kind word and an enthusiastic smile when we saw her. She loved laughing at us as our dogs took us for walks. We will miss having Debra and Maddie in the neighborhood.

- Ben Tolman and John Searle