Hyde McCune Merrill

1943 ~ 2022

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Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 E Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah
Dec 29, 2022 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Funeral Services

Union Park 2nd Ward, 7500 S 700 E, Midvale,Utah
Dec 30, 2022 11:00 AM

Viewing Prior to Services

Union Park 2nd Ward, 7500 S 700 E, Midvale, Utah
Dec 30, 2022 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Hyde McCune Merrill was born July 17, 1943, to Eugene Hyde Merrill and Barbara McCune Musser. He was raised with four beloved siblings, Barbara Jean, Roger, Laura, and John, in Germany, France, and Virginia. Hyde passed away peacefully in his home on December 7, 2022, surrounded by his loving daughters.

Hyde was an affectionate father and husband, a faithful Church leader, and an incisive engineer. In all these roles, he was brilliant and original. His sense of humor and joie de vivre were infectious. Hyde was a history buff with a near-photographic memory and an avid reader. He was a consummate storyteller and could (and did) out-work anyone.

Hyde was a firm believer in and follower of Jesus and a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a missionary in Argentina from 1962-1965 and later returned to serve–with his wife Roxanne–as mission president of the Argentina Rosario Mission from 2002-2005. He also served in the Church as a home teacher, ward missionary, hospital chaplain, temple worker, branch president, Elder’s quorum president, bishop, stake president, and area authority seventy. His life of service extended beyond the Church; Hyde always looked for the stranger to welcome, the downtrodden to lift, and the discouraged to cheer. A person of deep integrity, he lived what he believed in every aspect of his life.

Hyde earned a bachelor’s in mathematics in 1967 and a master’s in electrical engineering in 1968, both from the University of Utah (the U). In 1972, Hyde earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at MIT. Throughout his career, he traveled to around 40 countries and published 99 technical papers. He was a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Utah Electrical Engineering Department and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Hyde was an adjunct professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and later returned to the U as an adjunct in the Merrill Engineering Building, named after his grandfather. Weeks before his death, he delivered a plenary session at the North American Power Symposium. His remarkable mind changed the field of power system analysis, and he was the subject of a graduate thesis, “Dr. Hyde M. Merrill: Lessons from a Master Teacher.”

While a student at the U, Hyde met Roxanne Reid, and the two married in 1970 and raised their four daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, Laura, and Amy, primarily in Schenectady, New York. He was a loyal and devoted husband to Roxanne throughout their 43 years of marriage. Their family expanded to include three sons-in-law and ten grandchildren: Elizabeth and Will’s daughter Leah Thackeray; Laura and Scott’s children Margaret, Jonathan, Samuel, Heidi, Jordan, and Jacob Mercer; and Amy and Chris’s children Carolyn, Miles, and Abigail O’Keefe. Hyde was an encouraging and energetic father and grandfather who prioritized creating meaningful relationships and lasting memories with his family.

Following Roxanne’s death in 2013, Hyde found companionship in a second marriage to Ann Condie, who survives him. He enjoyed building relationships with Ann’s family, including her son and daughter-in-law Mark and Sam Brenay (and their children Aspen, Christian, and Peter) and daughter and son-in-law Sarah and Colin Jensen.

Hyde’s family expresses their deep gratitude for the expert care of the aides, nurses, and physicians at the University Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Hospital, and Huntsman at Home.

A viewing will be held on December 29 from 6 - 7:30 pm at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 E. 10600 S, Sandy, Utah, and from 9:30 - 10:45 am on December 30 at the chapel at 7500 S 700 E, Midvale, Utah, with the funeral service to follow at 11 am. In lieu of flowers, Hyde’s daughters invite contributions to the Joseph H. Merrill Memorial Endowed Scholarship at the University of Utah School of Engineering.

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President Merrill was a master teacher, a true friend, a wonderful leader, and a father to me. We had many 1:1 conversations -some interviews, others casual- during my time with him as a missionary in Rosario, Argentina. He has a special place in my heart forever.

- Gabriel Cánepa



I knew Hyde at Schenectady Ward and greatly admired him. Hyde was a great man who always had a smile for everyone. My condolences to his family on your loss. His passing is a loss to all in this life that knew him. He will be a great asset to those waiting to receive him on the other side, including Roxanne.

- Charles T. Nelson

Hyde was our Branch President when we lived on Staten Island in New York back in the early 70's. We have many fond memories of both your dad and mom. He holds a special place in our hearts. Our heartfelt love to all of you.

- Craig and Debbie Witt

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Hyde Merrill, a wonderful colleague throughout my professional life. We worked together on the PICA Conferences and on the PICA Policy Committee. It was always fun to see Hyde at the IEEE Power and Energy Society Meetings as well as other specialized Conferences. Hyde was an excellent engineer and had a very successful career in the Power and Energy field. He will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to his wife and the family.

- George Gross, gross@illinois.edu

I am sad to the passin of Dr. Merrill.
However, I am happy for his life and the rich academic, industrial, and social contributions that he made. Such a wonderful person enriched so many. He will be missed dearly.

- Aviti Thadei Mushi

Thanks to Uncle Hyde for so many things, including his original poems and songs. "I Never Asked You For Nebraska" (Aunt Roxanne is co-author) is a family favorite. The Christmas gift of the toilet plunger and accompanying poem also go down in history. We love you!

- Anne Hutchinson

Loved his smile it was so infectious ! Such a great example to all he met.❤️❤️❤️

- Rachel Elliott (Bates)

The death of Hyde truly saddens me. Please accept my deepest condolences.

- Khalid Javid

We are sorry for your loss our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Hyde was a great man, he’s the best neighbor we’ve ever had, and he will always be in our hearts and prayers.

- Muhammad & Rifat

Grateful we had a chance to see Hyde before his illness at a small family gathering in Oakley- what a power he was everywhere he went! Sorry we can't attend his funeral because we will be very far away... I bet it will be a great celebration. Much love, cousin Tricia

- Tricia Woolley Hoffman

Bishop Merrill will always be a man who helped me in some of the most difficult times in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

- Eric Brooksby

Hyde was a remarkable friend and relative. I remember when we lived in New York in the 50s and his family would visit from Paris where his father worked for NATO. The visits, though brief, were fun. It is so appropriate that his middle name is McCune, because he carried their humor, inner happiness and gentleness. Meeting him again after many years, he was so kind, personable and caring. I will miss this dear cousin.

- Wendy S Powell

I know I don't know you or your family that well, however, I still want you to know that my prayers are with you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss.

- Jenna Loveridge

I was fortunate to have Presidente Merrill as my mission president in Rosario Argentina. When I got my mission call my brother identified him as an Area authority in his mission in New York. We thought that was a cool coincidence.
Too this day, (nearly 20 years after I Arrived in Argentina), I still have 2 very poignant and instructive conversations etched perfectly in my mind where he taught me how to serve and love the people I worked with and for.
I am grateful for the amazing experiences that I was able to have under President Merrill’s watch.
Eternally thankful,
Warrin Richins

- Warrin Richins

I have many memories of Hyde from the year we were roommates. I smile as I remember being awakened in the middle of the night as Hyde was making his bed. He said he had been walking in his sleep and woke up finding himself OUTSIDE our apartment, with nothing on but his underwear and holding his sheets. Fortunately, the door to our apartment did not lock when he went wandering. Because Hyde changed all the clocks in our apartment the night before my marriage, I arrived at the temple an hour early and became concerned when my bride didn't show up for our marriage. As they say in Texas, "... but bless his heart." I will miss you, cousin Hyde and send my love to you and your family.

- Jim Huefner

I served as bishop of the Glens Falls Ward under President Merrill. He set me apart and released me and orchestrated my calling as a mission president counselor. I had nothing but positive experiences with Hyde. When we visited Utah, we often had dinner with him. I am sad to hear of his passing but very grateful that he was a part of my life. He made me a better person.

- Donald and Barbara Eckenfeldeer

Uncle Hyde was the most loving and encouraging person - he always made us feel like we were the best person in the world, and there was nothing that made him happier than to be related to us. I think he did this to everyone! :) He will be sorely missed. Much love to Amy, Laura, Margaret, Elizabeth and Aunt Anne. I wish I could be there to hug you all in person! <3

- Christine Merrill

We count introducing Hyde and Roxanne to each other as among the most significant things we have accomplished. Both have been our heroes, and we are humbled to have been considered their friends.

Our encounters since our days together at the University of Utah have been few, but seeing the Merrills on our two family car trips east in 1985 and 1995 was a top Pond priority. We have been kindly received in their home several times since they moved to Utah.

Hyde was, as his daughters proclaim, outrageously wonderful: witty, thoughtful, unaffectedly spiritual, insightful, generous, brilliant and warm. We have been impressed with his recent selfless care for Ann. Our lives are greatly enriched by our association with Hyde, and we send our love and condolences to Elizabeth, Margaret, Laura and Amy.

- Steve and Diane Pond

I am so sad to hear the news of Dr. Merrill's passing. I knew him since 2015 while working on a blackout project under his supervision. He was an excellent supervisor and an amazing and very knowledgeable person. He was always supportive and a very caring individual. He invited my family several times to his house and told us very interesting stories. The last time we visited he played with our two-year-old kid in his basement and told us a very interesting story related to the wombat doll and cube-shaped woods. He left a big hole in our hearts but also memories to cherish. I am grateful to get to know and learn from him. My prayers are with him and his family.

- Abid Hossain

Our condolences on Hyde's passing. We knew him as a bishop, Stake President and Area Seventy - He was a kind, caring and sincere man. He was instrumental in our growth in the gospel and as a couple. He was my mother's Bishop and watched over her in the years after my father's passing. It can be truly said that he touched many lives, that the Spirit was strong with him and he was an example of Christ like caring. We feel the loss of him even though we have not had contact in many years. God bless you and your family.

- Bradford and Debra Silver

I always loved and respected my Uncle Hyde as a child, but it wasn't until I was grown that I found out how truly amazing he is. He always supported my endeavors, even though I am one of many nieces. He would see me and with a huge smile say, "Hello, Beautiful!" I'm positive he greeted others that way, and perhaps he was trying to give himself a moment to place just which niece I was (haha), but I still felt special because it was obvious he loved me!
Most recently, I have had some fantastic interactions with Uncle Hyde as I was helping with a book about his parents. His memory is incredible and he obviously loves and respects his parents. He sent superb stories--those stories every historian dreams of getting because they bring the past to life. He was rarely too busy to help, even though I knew he was very busy! Since the book has been completed, I've missed those interactions with him and his siblings, and given thanks to God for giving me such a fantastic family.
We know, as he did, the reality of the soul and life after death. I'm glad he's not suffering anymore and that he gets to continue the Lord's work on the other side of the veil, but we'll miss him! Much love to his family!!

- teeny

Hyde was our bishop and stake president, and we had the opportunity to serve under him in various capacities. He was always fun to work with and was a great mentor in many ways. His quick wit always kept us on our toes. We’ll miss him.

- Garth & Wendy Nelson

I love Hyde! He was our stake president when we lived in Troy, New York and in that role I had the opportunity to connect with him as a professional in the area of my doctoral studies (power engineering). A few years ago, I learned that he had been engaged as an adjunct here at the U and I had a chance to go to lunch with him and visit with him on a number of occasions. He even came to my class as a guest lecturer once or twice. He was always very courteous and kind, and just a truly genuine and remarkable individual. In early October of this year, I was a member of the organizing committee for the North American Power Symposium where he gave a talk at the evening banquet. It was actually a testimony of sorts as he spoke of the importance of embracing both scientific and religious truth, and the talk was well received by the Symposium participants. I am so grateful that I had that opportunity to sit at his table during the banquet and chat with him. I’m sorry to see him moving on, but consider that he has graduated with honors.

- John A Palmer

I am tremendously saddened to hear of Hyde’s death but at the same time tremendously happy to have had the privilege of knowing Hyde, working and coauthoring with him over the past 40 years. We were both trained by Professor Fred Schweppe at MIT. Hyde for real with a PhD and me as a post, post doc and apprentice. Hyde was my sponsor to also become a Fellow of the IEEE. From Schenectady to Peru and a number of stops in between it was a great ride!!
Probably the most significant and most telling contacts between the two of us were over Roxanne’s illness, his caring and her death and his finding Ann as a partner. His ability to care and communicate was an inspiration to me only two years later when my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was the care giver and caretaker for multiple years. With nearly 50 years of a great marriage, I too was unlikely to remain without a partner, and didn’t. Hyde was the guide and inspiration and for that I will be eternally thankful!

- Richard Tabors

Brother Merrill was a wonderful stake president in Albany, New York. I remember when I was an assistant stake clerk and before I moved to New York City to start my musical career he had me and my mother for lunch just to thank me for that service. My mother, who is not a member of the Church, was impressed by him. I will always remember his kindness and efficiency in his calling.

- Lawrence F. Gee

Though we didn't know him well, our memories of Pres Merrill are of him as an exemplary Stake President in Albany. He always had a big smile and a kind word for everyone. We send our sincere condolences to his lovely family.

- Valerie and Brant Gardner

Though we didn't know him well, our memories of Pres Merrill are of him as an exemplary Stake President in Albany. He always had a big smile and a kind word for everyone. We send our sincere condolences to his lovely family.

- Valerie and Brant Gardner

So very sorry to hear of the passing of Brother Merrill, I was a new convert in the Schenectady Ward in upstate NY, I was baptized 5 long years after my husband after vowing I would NEVER join this church. Brother Merrill and his beautiful family were delightful and so support of us. My oldest daughter and I were in a play the whole Merrill family came to support sitting in the front row, smiling from Merrill ear to ear, the only problem was, it was a very sad and solemn scene, we could not look at them for fear we would start smiling and it was definitely not a smiling scene. Love and prayers to the family at this difficult time.

- Gregory and Doreen Watson

I'm so sad to see that President Merrill passed. I remember him at girls camp so many years ago. He was a wonderful man. My sweet Mother Pat Rougie Loved him also. I'm sure she met him in heaven. To say hello. My thoughts and prayers go out to you .

- Patty Rougie Lunt

Siempre en mi corazón querido Presidente.

- Ranguileo Vanesa

In early September, 1961, in my 3rd year of teaching I walked into my classroom at Paris American High School and found a classroom full of eager military and embassy dependent students. In that class was Hyde, and I must tell you he was an inspiration to me a relatively new teacher. He let me know he wanted to be a good chemistry student. He wasn't just good, he was an excellent student, one of which inspired me to follow a 38 year teaching career. Hyde kept in contact with me for many years after he left high school and he reminded me each year how strong his influence had been for me to continue in my profession. Thank you Hyde. As a student you were a mentor to me. Merci beaucoup!

- Guy Abramo

My sincere condolences to the family of president Merrill, who served as our stake president in the Albany NY Stake. He was very loved and admired in his callings. At that time I was working in the Young Women's [rogram and he was one of the few priesthood leaders that could outpace me energy wise. It was amazing to see his very effective interaction with all the members, and how he would adjust to each individual person He and my husband Bishop Walter M Gibson worked well together, despite theit incredible persoality differnces. Hyde Merrill was a super A engineer and Walt was a research scoentist with a super B personality. He will be missed greatly.

- Alice Gibson

It has been a deep sorrow to know that Hyde has passed away. I had the opportunity to collaborate with him in Perú a long time ago, enjoying his knowledge, professionalism, and responsibility.
I sincerely hope he has had a happy life enjoying his family and friends, and now he, for sure, will be delighted with God.
My most sincere condolences from Spain

- Andres Ramos

Our sincere condolences to the family of President Hyde Merrill. President Merrill served as our Stake President of the Albany New York Stake and also Bishop in the Schenectady/Glenville Wards in NY. President Merrill loved everyone and had a genuine kindness for others. He loved my parents, Charles and Virginia Cassaro, of the Glenville Ward in NY. They would always talk about missionary work together and thoroughly enjoyed spreading the gospel. I am truly grateful to have known him, his influence, and for the wonderful love and support of our Glenville Ward family. I am thankful for the knowledge that one day we will all be together again in the heraafter.

Rosina (Cassaro) Anastasio

- Frank and Rosina (Cassaro) Anastasio

I am so saddened to hear of the death of Hyde Merrill. I worked with Hyde on many IEEE projects as well as on a lecture tour to Midwest Electric Companies who were sponsors of our Center for Electric Energy at the University of Minnesota. Hyde was a very talented lecturer and always had everyone’s attention as he spoke. I also worked with him on the Power Industry Computer Applications Conference that was held in Salt Lake City.
Hyde always treated me as if I were German royalty by addressing me as Herr Von Wollenberg, another example of his limitless sense of humor. He was always a happy person and had many jokes to tell whenever I talked to him on the phone.
I worked with Hyde at Power Technologies Incorporated in Schenectady, New York in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. During that time our families got to know each other as we each invited the other’s family to our home for dinner. Those were always wonderful evenings together.
The last contact with Hyde involved our plans to do a definitive study of power blackouts in the US. However, we never got it going due to the electric company’s reluctance to share private company data with a couple of wild thinking PhD Electrical Engineers. I still miss you Hyde!

- Bruce Wollenberg

I’m sorry to see Hyde “graduate” before me, since I’m 6 months older. What a wonderful man, cousin and friend. Ever since I met him as my third missionary companion in San Fernando, Argentina nearly 60 years ago I have admired how hard a worker and devoted servant of the Lord he was. Condolences to all his many friends and family members.

- John Izatt

To Elizabeth, Margaret, Laura, and Amy,

Our profound condolences for your father’s passing. Your announcement refers to him as an “outrageously wonderful father”. We would also say he was an “outrageously wonderful friend”.

Hyde was a special person for us since we met in the early seventies when Mayer hired him to work at American Electric Power fresh from his doctorate at MIT. Mayer and Hyde published power systems research articles together. Brilliant engineering mind and Church member, we found we had much in common. He spoke Spanish which he had learned while doing volunteering work in Argentina. In the late seventies, the consulting firm, DMS, that stood for Dopazo, Merrill and Sasson, was founded. Of those years we remember to this day, while having dinner at their home in Staten Island, hearing Roxanne playing Gluck’s Minuet and Air for flute and orchestra. Hyde had a love for the arts and engineering. In 2017 he wrote to Mayer,
“You cannot imagine how I miss having an office down the hall from you and Jorge [Dopazo]! What a wonderful experience those seven years were! Congratulations to Fanny for her successes [as an artist]. But if she is Haydn, you are Prince Esterházy!”
Music and art coming together! He loved the four of you. On December 28, 2020, he proudly wrote,
“My fourth daughter got her PhD (Chinese history). All four of them teach at universities and are doing well. Ten grandchildren. One college graduate. The two oldest on missions for the Church - Idaho (Spanish) and Chile (delayed).”
In February of this year, on the news of Fanny’s art exhibition in New York, his last email to us,
Maravilloso! Felicitaciones y abrazos, Hyde

We missed Hyde in all those years that he was far from us when they moved to Utah from Albany, NY; now he is further away, but not in our minds. He will always stay with us.

Mayer Sasson and Fanny Sanín

- Mayer Sasson and Fanny Sanín

I can't tell you how badly I wish I could be there. My wife and I just found out that we both have COVID and we can't risk sharing it. My thoughts and prayers are certainly with the family. Hyde was the absolute best! I'll miss his beautiful smile, and his infectious personality. If the saying "Heaven just got a great Angel" was ever true, it certainly is for him. All out love.

Dave Musser (Hyde's cousin, Barr's son)

- David Musser

Hyde, as a relative and friend, shared a spirit of compassion and carried a purpose for justice and fairness, with an international perspective.

- Robert Huefner

I met Hyde in the eighties (more than 40 years) at Power Technologies Incorporated in Schenectady, where he was working in a complex and pioneer project on Iberduero(Spain) electrical power optimization.
He was a brillant electrical Engineer and a person of deep integrity very kind and close to have a real friendship.
Some years later I colaborate with him in an Industry Computer Application Conference (PICA) in Baltimore and always he had a everyone´s attention.
He was a devout member of Cristian Church, and used to talk on his experience as missioner in Argentina.Consequently we used to talk quite often in Spanish.
My sincere condolence to all his family, mainly to his four daughters.
Francisco Javier Arriola (Spain)

- Francisco Javier Arriola

I was appraised of Hyde’s welfare since leaving NY, and his later health issues and exchanged greetings through my brother Ed in UT. I was still surprised and saddened to hear of his passing. He was a valiant Priesthood holder, a great example of a hard worker and caring family man. He was involved in all types of gathering of knowledge and was not judgmental to anyone or anything that I observed in my experiences with him. He was always trying to find the precious truths that Heavenly Father presents to mortality, whether scientific truths, social truths, personal truths or religious truths, and any other field, as he held them as gems to further our progression in this life. He was generous in sharing those gems with others through direct teaching and interacting with others or in his writings such as interpretation of parables or scientific papers. I always recognized and loved his example of cherishing his family, being patient, including others to solve issues, sincere love and kindness and inclusion of others no matter their station. I considered him and Roxanne friends though I only spent time with them in Church and service settings and benefitted from their talents. I appreciate their family and will cherish my memories of them all! My sincerest condolences and prayers of comfort go to Elizabeth, Margaret, Laura, and Amy; and, also to all the rest of us who will miss his energy and all he gave in all he did.

- Cindy Gabriel

Sorry for your loss, happy to have served under president Merrill on the high council for a number of years. I learned so much.

- William Sherling

Querida Familia Merril,
lamento mucho la perdida de nuestro querido Pdte. Merril, él junto a su esposa fueron para mi y todo mis compañeros de misión una fuente de amor, respeto, humildad, deseo de servir al Señor con la valentía, el amor puro de Cristo, estoy muy agradecido con Uds. por habernos prestado a su padre, abuelo, Hermano, tío, miembro de la iglesia para podernos enseñar todos estos grandes valores, sin duda EL en este momento debe estar con su esposa y con el Señor contando todas sus grandes experiencias vividas con cada uno de nosotros.
Todo mi amor es para este Hombre y su esposa por todo lo que me ayudaron en mi progreso espiritual.
Hasta vernos con EL Rey ....

- Rosamel Antonio Martinez Sandoval

Querido presidente Merril, imposible no estar presente en este hasta pronto, nada mas que decir que gracias por sus enseñanzas por su amor y comprensión durante dos años de mi vida, esa contención perdura por el resto de mi vida. Su alegría en el evangelio y su entusiasmo por la obra son un ejemplo de humildad que atesoro cada día. Me complace haber tenido la oportunidad de hablar cara a cara con usted y re contagiarme de ese bello espíritu. Nunca conocemos el alcance de impacto de nuestros actos y enseñanzas ni como influimos en las personas..... pero en este caso es incalculable, existe un efecto dominó del que ni yo tengo imaginación de donde puede terminar si eso fuese posible.
Simplemente gracias hasta vernos nuevamente, lucharé en esta vida porque eso ocurra.

Un abrazo a la privilegiada familia que contó con la amorosa guía de este inspirado hombre...

- Luis Eduardo Soto (Chile)

We received the sad news about the pass away of our friend Hyde, just now January 30, 2023 by mail, sorry to just now be able to express our condoleances. I worked with Hyde in several projects in latinamerica and have wonderfull souvenirs of good moments that we shared. We are sure that a good person like Hyde is now with our father god and is watching us from heaven!!

- Renato Cespedes and Ligia Cespedes

I received the sad news about the passing of my friend Hyde Merrill, just recently by mail, sorry for this delay. I met Hyde originally at a conference more than 30 years ago, but we struck a friendship, and he came to Iceland to give a course and I later visited and we collaborated at our common workplace. - My deepest condolences and prayers to the family and friends of this remarkable man with all his creativity and energy. I know he will be much missed. Thank you Hyde!

- Egill Benedikt Hreinsson

It was with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Hyde. I met Hyde in the late 1980s and we kept an excellent working relationship for over two decades. He was an extraordinary professional and a better person. I’ll always keep very good memories of our work together in Hungary, Costa Rica and Peru, and of my brief visit to Schenectady, and learned many valuable things from him. Besides his technical brilliance, I always admired his capacity to reach people, his empathy, original humor and absolute honesty. My wife Jackie and I will always remember him. Our deepest condolences to Hyde’s daughters, Jackie & Enrique

- Enrique Crousillat

Hyde was in the upper echelon of all the wonderful people I worked with at TVA. Who knew that a bishop could be so alarmingly clever and have as perverse a sense of humor as well. He was a wonderful man from whom I learned many things and I deeply regret that he's gone.

- Ian Grant

Hyde's office door was always open and he would drop what he was doing and welcome you when you entered. He was always accepting of any wisdom or technical education you offered and always offered his knowledge or assistance. I was a better engineer for having known and worked with him.

- Harrison Clark