Ina Muriel Plue Wentworth

1938 ~ 2021

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April 10, 2021
11:00 AM
1950 E. Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, Utah

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Ina Muriel Plue, born Oct. 30, 1938 in Sumner Wisconsin, to Albert and Phyllis Plue. A self-described “farm” girl. She loved her family, her farm and her lifestyle as a child. She always said her animals were her best friends growing up. She attended Lake View School, a one-room grade school and then went on to graduate from Ft. Atkinson H.S. in 1956.

Ina joined the WAC and served just under 2 years in the Army. A few days before her discharge from the Army she was awarded the Commendation award from Col. Monahan for outstanding service. She received an Honorable discharge on September 29th, 1958 after she married J Keysaw on May 12, 1958. They divorced in 1974.

Once in Utah, she began a 40 year career at Unisys/Sperry/L3 Communications. During this time she met the love of her life Lowell R Wentworth. Ina and Lowell were Married on September 8th 1984. Lowell was very nervous and she told everyone that they had to have a shotgun wedding because her daughter Kathy was Pregnant.

She is survived by her daughter Kathy and husband, Cory Phillips of West Valley City, Utah. Their children Jillian J, Alex C and his wife Jessica E., Zachary T and Jaxon K Phillips. Alex & Jessica’s twins, her great grandsons, Ethan A. and Gavin A. Phillips.

Also survived by her Son Earl and his wife Tammy Keysaw of Riverton, Wyoming. Their children Tashina and her husband Uhriaha Aguilar, Shanna Keysaw, Chelsea and her husband Miles Kearl, Trevor and Kaden Keysaw. Tashina & Uhriaha’s children, Akacia, Ashayla and Xaiden Aguilar. Shanna’s children Adalynn Rae and Bex Ryder Keysaw.
We greatly wished for more happy years with Ina, but it was not to be. Ina passed peacefully in her sleep surrounded by her family on March 28, 2021.
Great-gram was so very grateful that she got the chance to help raise Ethan and Gavin from 5 months to 4 years old. She smiled the most when she was with Ethan and Gavin. We are so grateful that one of her last moments was spent with her boys. They loved her so much!

She is preceded in death by her parents, brother Hershel, his wife Dorothy, her first husband J. Keysaw and second husband Lowell Wentworth.

A graveside service will be held on Saturday, April 10th at 11:00 AM at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 E. Dimple Dell Rd. (10600 So.) Sandy, UT. Followed immediately by an informal gathering at Le Jardin at The Rose Shop located in the greenhouse.

Ina has requested in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the American Cancer Society in her name.

Alex’s Memories of Grandma
I will remember that Grandma was always on the move. Any chance she had, she wanted to visit a new place, see some new sights or explore an untraveled road. She would pester Lowell to get the trailer hooked up to the Ford Bronco and then make all the grandkids she was taking along load it up with supplies and hit the road! She did this as often as possible and with as many people as possible. I remember after Lowell passed away this slowed down quite a bit. She took some trips on planes with friends, but it never really seemed like she was as excited as when road tripping!

That all changed when she sold the Bronco and Trailer and purchased an RV in 2005! You could not keep her in one spot for too long with that thing! She was off to Wisconsin for visits with her brother Hershel and his wife, or for her school reunions that she was always so happy to attend.

She would tag along on family camping trips with her new RV, taking Zachary & Jaxon on the road with her to have company and share experiences. She loved making memories with the boys as she did with me and my sister Jillian. On one trip to Moab, she stopped to let her dog Yaya out to go potty, however she forgot to let him in, and she ended up dragging him behind her RV. Jaxon was so traumatized by this that we are not sure he ever recovered. We always referred to this as the National Lampoon’s Vacation Moment. (Yaya survived and lived a long life with a few bald spots)

We will miss these fun times with her. I am positive that anyone that ever travelled with her would say the same. I am saddened that my kids did not get the same opportunity to travel with her. However, Grandma instilled such a love for traveling and camping in my mom, Kathy, that my kids now get to share those same memories with her and Pop-Pop! We will carry her love of travel for generations to come!

Grandma was always ready to play some cards, on family game nights. Whether it be Solitaire by herself, a game of Hearts with the girls, or Pinochle & Rummy at the senior center. No matter the time or place she was always ready to play. All you had to do was ask. The game night get togethers will be less joyful for a time, and we will never be able to find another you. We will miss arguing about who gets to sit ahead of you in a game of contract because you never bought anything! We still don’t know how she always seemed to get her hand down WITHOUT buying one single card! Grandma you were amazing!

We spent a lot of time with Ina and Lowell in their backyard at the Sandy home. Under the covered patio surrounded by trumpet vines, with friends, family, food and beer! I know for a fact that I am not the only grandkid that had their first sip of alcohol from one of her bottles. I will always remember how you liked to bring people together and have a good time!

Grandma loved the holidays; I never asked which was her favorite though. I always assumed it was Christmas. She used to have the grandkids come over and help set up all of decorations every year. Naturally we would fight over who got to set up the trains, the wooden candle spinning thingy and the ornaments on the tree, all while cleaning her out her candy jars that she always kept filled up! She hand-made all of the stockings with my mom out of colorful felt material for us kids. Later, she made the grandkids and even the great grandkids stockings all by herself! For my part, when I see or touch felt, I think of those hand-made stockings that were hung every year! She always got excited when a new bundle of joy came into the family. That just meant it was time to get out the supplies and make some more stockings! Thinking back, all holidays were probably her favorite as long as we were getting together and all having fun spending time together.

Grandma loved her snacks, which was great for all us kids, because we knew exactly where to go to get our sugar fix! You were more likely to get a small can of Shasta soda than a cup of water if you said you were thirsty around her! She fulfilled the Grandma’s sacred duty of spoiling the grandkids rotten. It always makes me smile when my boys tell me that their grandma gave them lots of snacks and they were told not to tell! That’s two generations of Grandkids successfully spoiled!

These are just some of my favorite memories of my grandma. I hope when you all think of Grandma Ina, nothing but good memories flood through you too, like they do for me and my family. Grandma, you may be gone for now, but we will see you again. We miss you already.

Zachary’s Memories of Grandma

When I think of Grandma Ina my first thoughts will always be of all the sleepovers me and my kid brother Jaxon had at her place. We would always bring our N64 and Gameboy's to stay up late and play video games way past our bedtime. All the while, we'd be snacking on tootsie rolls and drinking all the soda pop you could ever want as a kid. It was really like going to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory every time we were with grandma.

Before "bedtime" we would always play games with her, she usually liked cards but would always put on a smile and play the childish games we wanted to play. For me, Chinese Checkers will always make me think of her and how competitive we got while playing. She taught me how to play a plethora of other games too! The ones I remember fondly were Dice, Go-Fish and Scrabble. I always enjoyed playing Scrabble because nobody else really liked to play it with her, so it felt like our thing. I learned a lot of vocabulary in those fierce Scrabble matches, but grandma always seemed to know when I was cheating.

Usually, the evenings would roll around and she would let us eat those delicious microwaveable personal pizzas! We would bake cookies and splurge on vanilla ice cream with chocolate drizzle for dessert, and it always seemed to make her happy that we were sharing in her favorite snacks. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but usually during the course of the sleepovers I would always ditch my pajamas for one of grandma's night gowns. What can I say, they were freshly warshed, the silk felt great and they smelled like her too. In my opinion it really wasn't a proper sleepover unless I was wearing one.

I guess to sum up how I'm feeling, Ina was the best grandma a kid could have. She was so great to my siblings and I, and never gave a second thought about how to treat us other than with love and kindness. She truly was the embodiment of the grandma who spoiled her grandchildren rotten. But what could possibly be rotten about us when we had such a fantastic role model like her? You know, thinking back to all of the times we shared, I hardly ever saw her angry or sad. She was just happy. but if I'm wrong and she wasn't, she cloaked it well behind her infectious, loving personality for no other reason than the fact that she was stubborn and didn't want to "inconvenience" us with her troubles.

I don't think I'll ever know anyone as selfless or unconditionally kind as Ina was to us. I'm so very grateful that she was in my life and that she left a positive impact on me. That's a rare thing to find, especially these days. I'll miss her old-fashioned company.

I know this was short and sweet, but so was Grandma! And on that note, I would like to repeat the last words I spoke to her, I love you grandma. I'll see you again someday and we'll play those games like we used to! With ice cream in our bellies and night gowns on, of course.


Sorry to hear about your great loss. Ina & my mother, Charlotte Rusch Klug, grew up as neighbors, classmates & lifelong friends. Whenever Ina was in Wisconsin,she & my mother got together & had great times.
Sounds like Ina had great times wherever & whomever she was with-memories that you will always cherish.
I enjoyed reading the grandkids’ memories of Ina, in particular about the RV adventures & poor Yaya-I had heard some of those stories from Ina when she visited, but not to that comical extent. You guys are great story tellers about your wonderful Grandma-precious times that should never be forgotten.
Laurie Klug

- Laurie Klug

So sorry for your loss. We will Ina greatly. So glad our last memory was game night with the family. Even though we tried new games that night. Ina was all in for trying something new. We have great memories over the years. Going camping and boating at Powell she was always up for playing any game. Until we meet again over a game of cards. Love you Ina

- Pat Albert