Jeanne Roblez Howell

1959 ~ 2023

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260 E South Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Sep 1, 2023 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Memorial Service

260 E South Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Sep 1, 2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


260 E South Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Sep 1, 2023 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Jeanne Roblez Howell tragically and unexpectedly passed away on the 25th of August 2023 at the age of 64 while hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. She was enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature along with the simple elegance and abundant joy that hiking brought forth to her life. She is survived by her life partner, husband, confidant and best friend Brian Deloy Howell (67), her daughter Teresa Amanda Howell (32), her son Benjamin James Howell (31), her son in law Arthur Philip Harrell III (36), her daughter in law Brianna Renee Howell (28) and
her 9 Grandchildren listed from oldest to youngest, Christian, Lily, London, Charlee, Chandler, Mackinzie, Scarlett, Lindsey, and Avalon. Her Mother Jacqueline Skoubye Roblez, Nancy Roblez, Mark and Elaine (SP) Roblez, Lauren and Steve (SP) Flygare, Barbara and Chris (SP)
Dunn, and Mathew Roblez.

Married on the 6th of September 1980, Jeanne and Brian Howell had a love story like no other, enjoying almost 43 years of married life whilst being together for 45 years. Meeting at the University of Utah, Jeanne was already accomplishing a life long goal to be a teacher; a goal that she knew she wanted to accomplish while in 5th grade. As Brian’s math tutor they grew as a unit and became inseparable. Traveling the world together to places like Tabubil Papua New Guinea, Groote Eylandt Australia, Johannesburg South Africa, Utah, New Mexico, and landing finally in Arizona they have nurtured relationships with people throughout the entire world. Embedding themselves in every culture they could and affecting everyone and everything around them positively.

Jeanne Roblez Howell lived her life in the abundance of numbers. Enjoying the synchronicity life brings she would often say how lucky she felt to be alive and able to enjoy life. She recounted often how lucky she was to be able to love and be loved by so many. She taught in over 3 different continents and in turn affected countless students' lives. She often said, when asked when she would retire, that she would “die with chalk in her hands after doing a cartwheel when she turned 115.”

She had an appetite for life that reached unfathomable depths and the cup often got filled as she enjoyed her adventures to places like Mount Olympus - Greece, Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa, Sedona, Park City, Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Pagosa Springs, Chiricahua National Monument and countless others. She would empty her cup by telling everyone about her adventures in the most upbeat attitude she possibly could. She was a beacon of light that did not need to go out. She had no frown lines, instead she had happy lines from always laughing and seeing the best in people.

As one of her previous students said, “She could humble you, and then gloat on you and teach you how to be better in one sentence.”

Her journey through life is one of abundant joy, unquestionable love, teachable moments, courage, strength, perseverance, friendship, motherhood and more. It is impossible to fully encapsulate the person who was Jeanne Roblez Howell in writing. If you were lucky enough to meet her you were sure to feel her warmth, her joy, her genuine nature, and knew how much love she had to give.

She strove for greatness and she accomplished it always. Jeanne was over prepared for everything she set out to do. For hiking she would always carry ample supplies and would route her hikes by the minute. Jeanne was struck by a flash flood around 2:08PM during one of her
favorite hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park on Fairyland Loop Trail. In the pictures that she shared to her family throughout the hike, the skies were clear with no threat of rain. This unfortunate and devastating situation has struck all of her family and friends to their core and left a blight on the world that may never be corrected.

Jeanne Howell was fundamentally respectful to others with an internal drive to help them succeed and achieve all they could be. As one of her defining characteristics she would want this to be a teachable moment as well. She would remind us to see the positivity in life even when it seems like that light has diminished. She would encourage us to stand together and love one another. She would address our concerns and shower us with love to help lift our spirits in this trying time. She would want us to prepare for everything and plan accordingly. She would caution you to be cautious. She would admire you for your love and friendship and she would want us to seek out the best in others.

At 64 years old her life was indeed cut short but her legacy will live on and bound effortlessly onward. She would tether herself to our life-strings and dictate that we lift each other up through the darkness. She would want us to come together and enjoy our life thoroughly.

Jeanne Roblez Howell Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Confidant, and Ultimately the most Loving and Giving Individual you will ever meet. You will be missed.

We will always love you.

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with Deepest Sympathy to Jeanne family and friends she will be missed a lot Her radiant smile and happy face

- Helen L Alden

Dennis and I wish the entire Howell Family peace and comfort during this time.

- Carol Ratto

Our hearts and condolences go out to Jeanne’s family at the loss of such a vibrant, inspirational and truly amazing woman. I knew Jeanne and her family through our time in Groote Island.

- Melissa De Koning

Lovely Lady; valued enthusiast. She will be missed. She was such an example to all of us who wish we could do 1/10 of her achievements. .

- Bobbi Burton

I knew Jeanne when I was a child. My dad, Blaine is friends with Brian and Jeanne. I remember her bubbly, happy, joyful personality. She could light up a room with her smile. Her and Brian were a dynamic couple. I remember a trip to Mesa Verde with them when they lived in New Mexico. She was the one who taught me how to make camp chili with Fritos! So good! My deepest condolences for her family during this tragic loss. You will be in my prayers.

- Chrissy Anderson Probst

We are shocked as we just learned of Jeanne and her passing. We are living in Illinois and so we are late on receiving the news. Brian and I grew up as friends in Rose Park and when we met Jeanne she was so sweet. We had some great trips to the four corners area of Utah and Colorado. Also had some memorable trips to Moon Lake. We will never forget her zest for life! Our love and condolences to Brian and the entire family.! We hope we can reconnect in the near future. We are planning on moving back to Herriman Utah where we have a home. Best phone number to call is 385-227-4835 if you like to reach out. Love Blaine & Diane Anderson

- Blaine & Diane Anderson Family

Hello Ben and Tessa it's Manuel Chavez. I live in Saratoga Springs, Utah now and I came across the news article. I am so very sorry for this sudden tragedy. I would love to speak to both of you, please reach out to me at my email:
I will share more information within the email, I am praying for the both of you.

- Manuel Chavez

To the Howell and Roblez families,
I cannot express in words my condolences. Jeanne will be missed by many. I will keep the families in my prayers.
Always, Rosa Melendez (cousin)

- Rosa Meléndez

Red about Ms Howell’s death today and I just wanted to say how sorry I am for her family and friends

- Carlena Teipel

Jeanne is associated with my fondest memories of AISJ. She brought joy to every day and every student. I am honored to have walked on the same campus as this inspirational spark. My boys remember her driving up in in her convertible and we were sure she lived every minute to its fullest. I am sorry for your sadness - I am sure you are overwhelmed with messages from around the world. Melissa

- Melissa Johnson-Schnyder

We were pals at Bloomfield High. Both the Tri City Record in Farmington and the Journal in Cortez, Colorado printed my memorial to her:
Inspirational teacher Jeanne Howell mourned

Friday, Sep 1, 2023 11:15 AM
Former Bloomfield High School math instructor Jeanne Howell is gone. She was an incredible person that knew long before college as a girl what she wanted to be as a grown-up: a teacher. She always had this passion. She inspired both students and her colleagues with her attitude and energy. She loved her students, and because her love was genuine, many loved her.

She had many interests, and hiking was definitely one of her passions. She was hiking the very popular Fairyland Loop Trail at Bryce Canyon National Park when a thunderstorm delivered heavy rain to the hiking trail. She was trapped, and could not escape.

Jeanne had a beautiful sense of humor. She liked to dress up whenever she felt like dressing up, and her apparel was unique. For the BHS prom, she wore an obnoxiously shiny orange dress. In class she wore wigs, and she had an impressive collection. For one school event, she combined a large Afro-style wig with a multicolored muumuu. Her most notorious look combined a teardrop platinum wig with the point aiming at heaven, with a pair of black and white stripped stockings that did not compliment her skinny legs. She strongly resembled a former punker-chick girlfriend, but I digress.

She loved sports, and as a Utah Ute alum, she rooted for the Utes louder than anyone else. She also mercilessly razzed Brigham Young University Cougars fans. She could discuss sports with professional commentators and hold her own, which was so cool!

Jeanne, you were a blessing. I miss you!

Joe Hubbard


- Joe Hubbard

My sincere condolences to your family. I am late posting this since I learned only recently of your loss. We maybe saw each other once after high school at Olympus, and I’m not sure Jeanne would remember me, but I remember her as having a great laugh and being quick to smile. Here are a few other things I remember of her. We had Kindergarten and 6th grade classes together at Cottonwood Elementary, she was a very good competitor in school playground games at recess time when that was not common for girls, and she took my male ego down a notch by beating me in an arm wrestling contest in 8th grade Spanish class! That was around the time Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in tennis – and our Olympus Jr. High P.E. teachers had public bets on that. I believe she used to umpire baseball in my little league. I know her brother Mark used to umpire some of our games (Hello Mark! I was the guy with the submarine pitching style) and my dad, Bill Lemmons, used to coach at the time that Jeanne’s dad, Vic, was, I think, in charge of the umpires. My mom remembers Jeanne’s family as very nice and thinks Vic and Bill golfed together at times. By coincidence, I too used to live in Papua New Guinea but as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1989-91 near Mt. Hagen. And coincidentally I taught high school for 28 years, but I taught English as a Second Language and always in the U.S. I was going to send you a few old elementary school class photos, but I can’t upload them to the Larkin condolence site, and I’m guessing you have them anyway. mwason89@gmail is my contact if you would like electronic copies of those photos. Again, I am very sorry for your tremendous loss.

- Mike Larrabee

The world has lost the rainbow on a gloomy day .. the sunflower in the field of life … someone who impacted the lives of everyone she met
Jeanne has gone but will live on with love in the hearts of all who knew her
Condolences to Brian Tess Ben and all their families. Kevin and Helen Cornish ( Queensland)

- Helen and Kevin Cornish

So sorry for the loss of a beautiful soul.
We met in PNG when she was pregnant with Benjamin. Tess was the cutest little girl.
Your mum was a superwoman ❤️

- Charlene Jacobsen