Kellie Connelly

1959 ~ 2023

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Kellie Connelly, 63, passed away on March 5th, 2023 due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Kellie was born on July 6th, 1959 in Murray, Utah to Gary G. Connelly and Marian A. Connelly. Kellie graduated from Brighton High School where she sang in many school performances. She was well known in school for her singing prowess and people loved her beautiful voice. Kellie was so very proud of her academic achievements at the University of Utah where she achieved straight A’s in Psychology. Kellie’s first job experience was at Dee's Family Restaurant on 7200 S. Highland Drive. Later on, Kellie began to work for her parent’s company, A.T.S Industrial Supply, where she flourished as an excellent inside sales representative. During her successful career at A.T.S., she would meet the love of her life Scott Stephenson. They shared a lot of passions and love for each other. One of their greatest shared passions was cruising together. Kellie had so many loves and passions that kept her so happy in life. She loved her family more than anything and that started with her son Coty and grandchildren, Jordan and Tristan. One of her all time favorite memories was when she was able to take Jordan and Tristan to Alaska on a cruise for a couple weeks. Kellie also was very fond of what she would consider her stepchildren; especially Scott’s son Marcus. For years, Marcus would love to be at Grandma Kellie’s home and enjoyed all the unconditional love she had for him. Kellie was an amazing example of unconditional love. She had strong desires to provide love, especially to those that might not have received the love they needed. This was possibly from her own life experiences growing up, so she felt so deeply for kids and people. She also loved her other step children: Brad, Sean and Brianna. She loved their kids also as her own grandchildren. If you knew Kellie and talked to her at all you would definitely hear about her other loving children, “our boys”: Max, Sam and Sumo. She loved her dogs so much and showered them with love and doggie treats. So many doggie treats that maybe Sam and Sumo were a bit overweight. Later in life Kellie found a true passion for going on cruises and sailing all over the world, Kellie‘s home away from home was the cruise ship as evidenced by well over 30 individual voyages. The best part for her was that no matter what part of the cruise she was on she would find the casino. She loved to play the slots and loved to send Coty evidence of her massive jackpots winnings. That was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life was to go on cruises and sail the world.

Kellie is survived by her son Coty, grandsons Jordan and Tristan, brothers Corey and Chris (Jodi) and their 7 children and many nieces and nephews, her mother Marian, her stepdad Gary Jones, her partner Scott, his children and grandchildren. Kellie was preceded in death by her father Gary G. Connelly, her grandparents Esther Connelly and Dorothy Anderson-Rasmussen.

A celebration of Kellie's life will be held on March 16th, 2023 from 6:00 - 7:30pm. Immediately following, services will occur from 7:30 - 8:00pm. Both remembrances will take place at Le Jardin, 1910 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy Utah.

A special thanks goes out to the first responders and emergency personnel.


Thanks for being the best neighbor ever! Thanks for not kicking ladybird out of bed when she snuck in your doggy door and climbed into your bed! Thanks for becoming our Ute friend! You gave the most amazing gifts but mostly You were the best example of love thy neighbor! You loved my food! (Not many do) I’ll miss your cute smile and seeing you out the back door every single morning rain or shine! Til we meet again sweet Kellie! 🤍🫶🏻🤍

- Amy and Seth Buhler

Coty I am so sorry that you are hurting. Those that love the most hurt the most I was told and I find it to be true. The last time I saw your mom was at my mom's funeral she hugged me for a long time. It meant a lot to me. I love you Coty. God bless

- Jody Duran

Coty I am so sorry that you are hurting. Those that love the most hurt the most I was told and I find it to be true. The last time I saw your mom was at my mom's funeral she hugged me for a long time. It meant a lot to me. I love you Coty. God bless

- Jody Duran

You were the best mother in law anyone could have asked for. You extended your love to me when you no longer needed to. The love and support you showed me throughout the years has taught me so much I am forever grateful that I was able to know you! My heart goes out to everyone during this difficult time but especially to Coty and our two boys, jordan and Tristan. You were taken from us too soon and will be deeply missed. Thank you for being a never ending example of pure love to me and my kids. Take care of those doggies in heaven! I imagine sumo, Sam, and Sarah are so happy to be with you again! I know my boys will be so blessed to have you as their guardian angel and look out for them on the other side like you have done here on earth.

- Jenn

I worked with Kelly at ATS Industrial for several years. She was well informed on all of the complicated tools we sold to the machine shops. She will be missed.
Wishing her family peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow.

- Doug Pratt

Dear Marian-I was so very sad to see Kellie's obituary. She was beautiful and a combination of you and Gary. I am more than sorry for your loss and sending love to you and all of your family.

- carolyn frandsen