Kenneth LeRoy Sturzenegger

1950 ~ 2022


Larkin Mortuary (260 E South Temple)
Aug 20, 2022 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Funeral Service

Larkin Mortuary (260 E South Temple)
Aug 20, 2022 11:00 AM

Kenneth LeRoy Sturzenegger “Kenn” passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in the presence of family. Kenn was born in Salt Lake City on November 25, 1950.

Parents: Dorothy Aileen Davis and John Michael Sturzenegger (deceased).

Kenn was the oldest of four boys and is survived by: Dave (Kari), Steve (Connie) and Todd (Jerri-Ann) and is also survived by 13 nieces and nephews.

Kenn was an extremely intelligent individual who could adapt to just about any experience or situation. Kenn knew what he wanted in life and would never allow himself to be thrust into anything that was undesirable.

The person that Kenn became was due to his life experience and ability to adapt and build upon the knowledge he gained.

Throughout his life, Kenn had a number of varied and numerous occupations. After achieving his Eagle Scout rank, Kenn spent a summer as a counselor at the Boy Scouts of America’ Camp Steiner in the Uinta’s. The following two summers he was employed at the Boy Scouts of America Teton Canoe Base.

Kenn used that experience to set up a canoe rental venture, which evolved into the building and repair of aluminum canoes and boats. Finally, that led him to the manufacture and construction of aircraft powered airboats.

Kenn enjoyed a long career in airboat manufacture and then in the repair, construction, and maintenance of aircraft engines.

Because of his skill and experience in these areas, he became an incredibly talented welder of almost all types of metals with aluminum being his specialty. Due to these skills, he was in high demand for his inspection skills and construction of large, steel-framed commercial buildings.

Kenn engaged in purchasing distressed homes and in repairing, upgrading, and then selling them. From this, he eventually became a real estate agent.

Kenn could repair just about any engine or fix any mechanical issue. He spent an immense amount of time studying on the internet or researching books on any topic that engaged him.

For over thirty years, one of Kenn’s most regular and consistent recreations was square dancing. He participated in many square-dancing events and conventions and became very proficient at it. Even when he was not feeling well, he made a real effort to attend his weekly square dance events.

Towards the end of his life, Kenn's most passionate interests were guns and his beloved dogs.

Kenn had a very active sense of justice especially when it came to anything personal, and as many individuals learned, Kenn was not hesitant to fight for what he believed was just. Kenn studied just about every aspect of the law, and it could be said that he probably knew more about the law than the vast majority of attorneys. From time to time, he would hire an attorney, but only because he didn’t have the legal licenses to accomplish what he wanted without them. The law was a passion and a hobby and many a conversation included the humorous question and jibe, “Who are you suing this week?” It is widely believed that Kenn leaves behind 3-4 unresolved lawsuits, all initiated by him.

Kenn’s next great passion was his dogs. He owned a number of dogs throughout his life, but he was exceptionally fond of his two current dogs: Winston and Barkley. The three of them would often huddle on the bed in the evening and enjoy a meal of shrimp and/or crab. Kenn would also feed them maraschino cherries and ice cream. If he were invited over to someone’s house for a meal, he felt it appropriate to bring his dogs over to enjoy the same meal. He can be quoted as frequently saying, “My dogs eat what I eat!” Winston and Barkley will miss him immensely.

Kenn’s greatest hobby in his later years was guns and ammo. He would often purchase a firearm and attempt to adapt or modify it to his liking. If he didn’t succeed or like the result, he would simply sell or trade it off for something else. He was continuously researching on the internet for ideas and looking for methods of adaptation. He would often refer to it as his “gun porn”.

For decades, Kenn reloaded his own ammunition. Initially he would take existing components, reassemble and reload them. Kenn was certainly in a class of his own. He could adjust and adapt any amount of gunpowder to any situation. He knew how to repair and polish his own brass. He could adjust and modify the shape of the slug and coat it with material to help in its performance. He even cast his own lead slugs. Kenn only bought pre-manufactured components if he had no other way of making it himself. He enjoyed taking his dogs out in the field to go shooting.

Kenn was his own man. He regularly swam against the mainstream and he was never a conformist. Kenn stuck to his guns and would only give up if he had absolutely no other alternatives.

Kenn certainly had his admirers and his detractors. If you found a soft spot in Kenn’s heart, he would do just about anything for you. He could be very kind and very helpful and he used his knowledge frequently to that end. If a person ended up on the wrong end of that spectrum, however, they would be in trouble. If Kenn felt there was an injustice of some sort, he would spare no expense of both money and time to bring about his standard of justice.

Kenn believed in a Father in Heaven and the eternity of the soul. He said often that he loved being alive and doing the things that this life affords us.

We wish him well throughout the eternities and look forward to the day when we can all be reunited with him again.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at 11:00 AM at Larkin Mortuary (260 E South Temple) with a viewing an hour prior. Interment will be at Salt Lake City Cemetery.


He will be missed so much, in so many ways.

- kay mather

So sorry for your lost it’s never easy to loose a family member. But being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaching makes it much easier to accept. God Bless each of you at this time. To all members of the Sturzenegger’ Family!
Todd, Steve, Dave and other family members. Shirley A Blakeman

- Shirley A Blakeman

We lost a great friend of square dancing in Ken. It was an honor to have been able to spend that time together during his life. Such a beautiful obituary. There was much we still did not know about him. One thing we will always remember is him personally thanking us for a great night of dancing, and how much he appreciated our contribution to the activity. Ken always gave at the door whether or not he danced. He will be greatly missed. Our sincere condolences to his family.

- Craig and Sandi Satterthwaite

Kenn was my cousin 1st cousin once removed. I am 5 days older than him. I did not know he passed or I would have come to his service. We both went to West High. Kenn had a brilliant mind. Often said by teacher's that he had the highest I.Q.. in the school. At least we were Facebook friends. So sad he is gone....

- Valerie McGuinness Roberts