Malcolm A. Sleater

1942 ~ 2021


May 24, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
2350 E. 1300 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
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    May 25, 2021
    11:00 AM
    2350 East 1300 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
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  • Back in ’42 on December 22nd, I was born of goodly parents, Irene Lamont and LeRoy Mills Sleater. I have three older brothers, Keith LeRoy, Kaye Lamont, and Michael Allison. I grew up in their worthy shadows, near East High School. Before becoming a Leopard, I attended Douglas Elementary and Roosevelt Jr. High.

    I enrolled at the University of Utah in ’61. I then pledged and joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity and even lived in the Sig House just off Campus. There I developed many lifetime friends who encouraged me to serve a mission. I worked for the Bureau of Mines thru ’74, then I served honorably for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Boston, Massachusetts area. While there, I learned to love all things New England, including the Red Sox.

    Upon returning, I worked in construction, initially mentored by a wonderful fraternity brother, Scott Miles. While working as an independent General Contractor, I passionately sought my FAA certified private pilots’ license, logging nearly 500 hours as PIC. During my flying days, I was an instructor of many students, including Mike Hill.

    My handiwork and professional skills are evident in many homes, where I labored, especially along the East Bench of the Salt Lake Valley. When needed, I often called upon my nephew Kevin to build and install cabinets. Though I did not express it, I enjoyed working by his side. My dream was fulfilled when Thomas Lund came to work with me and became the first official employee of Sleater Construction. Together we finished many projects. Ironically, Tom later became my boss. We worked alongside each other for many great years.

    Along the way, I was adopted by many families whose kindness and generosity exceeded anything I could have imagined: The Hill, Thompson, Curtis, Lund, Theurer, Miller and Olson families were extra special. They became my family, as my brothers grew their own families. They made my daily life so very rewarding. Thank you for making me a part of your lives and for including me in your families.

    I enjoyed filming and photographing all the fun events we shared. The smiles I captured behind the camera, helped me find purpose and acceptance. It led me to film and edit many East High games. No one loves East High more than I do! Kyle and Barbara and the rest of the Curtis clan, thank you for your generosity and fun memories.

    I am especially grateful for Jamie Lund, and his persistent dinner invites during the summer of ‘94. You sparked a friendship of nearly 30 years and generously let me be a part of your family. You allowed me to see the world; Washington DC, Sun Valley, Brazil, San Fransico, OBX, and Italy. I never would have seen those places had it not been for you guys. And Amy, I will miss your beautiful home and the great memories we made. I always loved taking your calls!

    Katy, Mary, and Abby, you have grown up to be wonderful young ladies with families of your own. Tom, I am so glad you found Lindie and that she continued to allow me to be part of the gang. Lindie, your kids were the closet things I had to my own. I especially loved the last year we spent together playing games and passing time during the pandemic. Mollie, Sallie, Tommie, Annie, and Lucie I will be watching over you. Enjoy the playhouse!

    Maybe it was too many Diet Cokes and Dunford Chocolate Donuts, but Prostate Cancer annoyed me since my first diagnosis in 2016. Despite my natural stubbornness, the cancer spread. I express appreciation for wonderful care givers especially Dr. Scott Samuelson and Dr. Cherie Brunker. To the very the end, Kevin, Mike, Jamie, and Thomas rallied to my cause getting me to seemingly endless appointments, hospital stays, infusions, injections, and treatments. I thank them along with Nurse Ana and Aide Lubia for their tender care. I finally passed away, quietly, with minimal labor, at 9:19 pm Thursday evening, May 20, 2021!

    Memorial Services will be under the direction of Larkin Sunset Lawn at the address of 2350 East 1300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108. A viewing will take place Monday evening, May 24, starting at 6:00 and running till 8:00 pm. Then Tuesday morning, May 25, another viewing will occur at the same place from 10:00 till 11:00 am. At my personal request, a celebration of life will be held at 11:00, it will last less than on (1) hour, guaranteed. The service will be available through zoom at the following link:

    The Interment will shortly follow for family and close friends where I will be laid to rest at the Salt Lake City Cemetery next to my Parents, LeRoy and Irene.

    I thank all who have so abundantly blessed my life as our paths have crossed and re-crossed over the years! I look forward to seeing you all again, until then, take lots of pictures and smile!


    Forgive me for not knowing what to say other than Malcolm was such a kind and thoughtful person! Just a little story, About ten years ago Kevin and Malcolm helped remodel my home, they knocked out a wall between my kitchen and living room we were going to put the vent in the floor which we were OK with but Malcolm came up with a better idea and went the extra mile and blended it in with the vent in the wall. I honestly know in my heart anybody else would’ve just slapped it together and called it good. I learned that’s not how Malcolm was he was a very honest and a thoughtful man! I know he is loved by all that have met him and he will be missed and never forgotten. Sincerely Scott and Deya Reed.

    - Scott Reed
    So grateful to have met and worked with Malcolm these last few years. A good soul. Thankful for all those that adopted him over the years into their families as well. That love and care for others is what makes mortality joyful in the midst of the tough times. See you on the other side my friend.

    - Scott Rackham
    My family and I had the pleasure of living below Malcom for the last year and a half. The first time we met Malcom, he helped us get our keys out of our locked truck. Despite numerous failed attempts from all of us, Malcom would not quit until the job was done! We wished we had known him more, and longer, but in the short time we knew him we learned that he was kind and talented and always willing to help. From fixing our leaking tub, to bringing cookies to our doorstep before church, we are grateful to have crossed paths with him in this lifetime. He truly was a good man.

    - Darian Dutton
    Malcolm was a great guy, I will always remember him helping my father at the Shop N Go. He was a loyal customer and friend to us all at the store. He would always tell me to fix the sticky Fresca button on the soda machine! which I did get around to eventually! haha! Wish he didn't have to leave, he will be missed.

    - Ted David Smith
    Dear Malcom, You embodied so many God like attributes... and continually, and graciously shared them with everyone you met. The Swenson family, along with so many others, have been richly blessed to have known you... and to have been recipients of your kindness your smiles and many cherished photo’s and game films. I can honestly say that after this life I hope I find myself near Malcom Sleater... because then I know I will be near my Father in Heaven! We Love You Malcom!!

    - Doug Swenson