Marlise Holt Housley

1942 ~ 2021


July 25, 2021
10:00 AM
2350 E. 1300 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Marlise Holt Housley passed away in Saint George, Utah on July 20, 2021. She was born September 17, 1942 in Murray, Utah. She grew up in the middle of Salt Lake City in the middle of a large family consisting of four older brothers and four younger brothers. Then came twin sisters and one additional brother and one more sister. That she could thrive among so many rowdy, teasing and tormenting brothers is testament to her character and grit.
Her childhood consisted of many outings with numerous cousins, visits to her Grandma Erekson on the mink ranch and playing in the large gully formed by Red Butte Creek in her back yard on Salt Lake’s Yale Avenue.
She met and dated John Housley, the love of her life, and the two were married January 9, 1959. Soon thereafter she began a long career working for many businesses managing bookkeeping, cashflow, paying bills and running offices. She later co-owned Maric Sales, along with her husband, John, managing most aspects of the business. She had virtually no formal business/career training whatsoever, but had a gift, and was self-taught and trained, developing remarkable skills over time. She worked into her seventies until she began to experience dementia.
Marlise gave birth to two sons, Kelly, who lived only a few days and later, Eric. She has three grandchildren, Evan, Elliott and Jessica, along with eight great grandchildren. Marlise looked after two of her brothers, including an older brother, as he began to experience health issues later in his life. She and John welcomed family and friends each summer in their spacious back yard with a swimming pool in Draper.

She made friends easily and so looked forward to visits from nieces, nephews and many cousins with whom she maintained contact. Two highlights for her included attending the Shakespeare Festival each year with a sister and nieces and occasional cruises with her husband, John. Traveling with her brothers and their spouses later in her life was also a delight for her. She was fun for them to be around.
Marlise had a big heart, was blessed with great neighbors whom she loved. She had a soft spot for animals and cared for numerous dogs and cats as part of her family. Outside she looked after peacocks and deer and strays of all kinds.
As her health started failing, John and Marlise moved to New Harmony, Utah. Shortly thereafter, Marlise’s condition led her into memory care in St George. This provided an opportunity for a younger sister, Karma, to visit often and watch over her as she had watched over others during her life.
As a family, we are thankful for our memories of Marlise. We express our gratitude to Integrated Senior Care for their kind hospice services.
A family graveside service is planned for July 25, 2021 at 10 AM at Larkin Sunset Lawn.