Marty Stenerson

1964 ~ 2022

Marty Stenerson loved making art, listening to music and dancing, reading great novels and poems, practicing yoga, eating fresh vegetables grown in his garden, drinking and playing pool, telling stories and jokes, growing flowers and giving them to his lovers, sailing on the Great Salt Lake, walking in City Creek Canyon, and enjoying the treasured company of his enormous circle of friends and family. He punned and rhymed and swore and invented words just to keep language and life interesting, and his eyes lit up when he got a laugh or a rise out of you. He maintained an extensive vinyl library of jazz, blues, and rock and roll, and he refused to listen to synthesized music of any kind.
For many years, he captained brine shrimp harvesters, rising at 4 a.m. to drive out of the South Marina into the pitch dark, chatting on the radio with the spotter pilot overhead. He later became an extremely precise drapier who constructed exquisite window treatments and soft furnishings for the best homes in Utah.
Marty started drawing as soon as he could hold a crayon and never stopped. His thousands of paintings and drawings of nudes, boats, boxers, and musicians featured dynamic compositions, exacting draftsmanship, and powerful contrasts of color and form. Over time, his art became more fluid and improvisational, and he remarked that the most important and difficult part of a canvas was the space between two figures.
Richard Martin Stenerson was born in Elkhart, Indiana on June 10, 1964, and died in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 13, 2022. He is survived by his son Ryan Taylor, his sisters Kara DiOrio, Sarah Chupp, Betsy Virgil, his mother Katherine DiOrio, and his father Sterling Stenerson. A private ceremony honoring his life was held on May 21st in Salt Lake City. In lieu of flowers and in recognition of Marty’s care for people facing homelessness, donations to organizations including the Fourth Street Clinic and The INN Between are encouraged.


Oh good I just found out about this. I am heartbroken and in shock. Marty was a great man and great artist who touched and enriched many people’s lives. I’m just trying to come to terms with this. He’s got the cosmos as his new canvas. RIP my friend, the world’s a lot duller without you.

- John Ned

Marty there are no words for how much you will be missed. You have left a huge hole in the universe.
You introduced me to some of my life long loves and I will always be grateful for your friendship, insight, intelligence and kindness. Know you were loved by so many and have left an indelible mark on everyone.

- Wendy K

I came upon this obituary that Marty has passed after looking him up on google tonight October 15 2022. In the nineties he loved next door to me @LaFrace apartments, I was the manager at that time. Many of his paintings were in a gallery in Park City and I know his pencil drawings were the best, he did one one for me made the frame and gave this boat drawing to me. It’s been on my wall all of these years. I have always loved it, now I treasure it. Marty was a special person to me. God bless you all, my heart is broken and I last saw him in the nineties, he was so good to me

- Sharon Philpot

Stumbled across this.

Kara, Marty, Betsy and Sarah lived on the corner of Plum and Bower. Our block was huge, the summer lasted forever it seemed.

So sorry you guys lost Marty.

- Doug Bader (From Plum Street)