Michael Stevens Larsen

1941 ~ 2021

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July 12, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Larkin Sunset Lawn 2350 E. 1300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84108
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    July 12, 2021
    11:00 AM
    Larkin Sunset Lawn 2350 E. 1300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84108
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    Michael Stevens Larsen passed away in his home on 7-2-2021 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    He was born on 11-27-1941 to John Alvin and Leone Hope Larsen. Mike came from a family of 10 children and is survived by Opal, John, Jan and Eric.

    He is preceded in death by his parents, his brothers Jerry, Douglas, Robert and his sisters Laural and Carol.

    He has 4 cherished children from his first marriage Tamara, Kimberly, Brandon and Cameron. Cameron and his sweet wife, Angela, brought two beautiful and caring granddaughters into the world, Isis and Marceline. They loved their Grampa dearly.

    Mike finally found the love of his life and married Susan on June 13, 1997. Mike said getting married on the 13th would make it a lucky marriage. With Sue, he helped raise two wonderful stepsons, Alexander and Edward. Mike always said the two boys “are sons in my heart.”

    Alexander and his wife, Casey, brought him a new granddaughter, Elyse Claire, on March 5th, 2021. He said of Elyse “I know her life will be great and she’s beautiful.”

    His career began early, working at Liberty Park. He joined the Sea Scouts and discovered a deep love of the water. He knew at a young age that he would join the Coast Guard and convinced his older brother to sign him up when Mike was only 16. After six weeks of basic training, the Guard figured out the error and sent Mike home until he was 17. When he finally turned 17, he signed up and left for basic training all over again. He served two years in the hardest area to be Coast Guard, the Sector Columbia River, known for its strong water flows and powerful waves. One time, Mike was left for 18 hours on a buoy to clean it before his ship remembered to come back and get him. There was never a job too tough or dangerous for Mike.

    After two years, he was given an offer to transfer to a Coast Guard base in Honolulu, Hawaii. On the CGC Buttonwood, he traveled all over the Pacific to many small islands and met many wonderful people. He even ended up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

    When Mike moved back to the mainland, he was certain he wanted to be a firefighter. He moved to California and applied to the fire department in LA county, but he really just wanted to come home to Utah.

    He became a volunteer at South Salt Lake Fire Department in 1966. At that time, they didn’t even have uniforms. When funding finally came, Mike was hired as the third man on. He was Lieutenant, then Captain and finally a Battalion Chief.

    Mike retired on March 30, 2000, after 34 years of service. It was a grand retirement for a grand firefighter. Mike raised a lot of young firefighters, they were all his boys and they know who they are… He truly loved you, “The Brotherhood”.

    Mike always maintained other businesses throughout his career. All of his jobs involved fixing something or making something better. Most notable was Mike’s job climbing and fixing flagpoles. Sometimes, he would climb 200 ft flagpoles that were atop 200 ft tall buildings, leaving Mike impressively high in the air. One of his favorite memories was helping to install a flagpole in the Beehive on Hotel Utah. He tied into the beehive and guided the pole that was dangling from a helicopter into place. Once it was guided in, he tied onto the flagpole and climbed up to the top to release the cable. All in a freezing, blowing snowstorm.

    Mike will be remembered for his kindness and generosity. He would give anyone the shirt off of his back and was the first person to volunteer to help family and neighbors. He took immense pride on his projects, as anyone who has seen the pristine condition of his car and his lawnmower can attest to. He will be missed dearly by his family and friends and his wonderful dog, Lexi.

    Come celebrate Mikes great life and tell a story or two. There will be a gathering at 10:00 am at Larkin Sunset Lawn 2350 E. 1300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84108 on Monday, July 12th, 2021. We can talk and visit and then there will be an open mic for an hour. Mike will then receive full honors from the Coast Guard and his Fire Department.


    Sue We are so so sorry for your loss Mike he was my favorite uncle loved him lots I know he's up in heaven with mom dad sisters and brothers and is happy love ya !

    - Charles and Amber Murdock

    Susan, I am so sorry for your loss… if there is anything I can do. Let me know. Love Dan

    - Dan Chamberlain

    Sue my heart is broken that Mike has gone on. He was kind and gentle, extremely smart and giving.
    You two were an amazing couple. People always pray and hope to have such a loving and beautiful relationship. I love you Sue and I pray you are okay. God Bless You Sue Always.😘❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇💋🌟🌟🌟❣️❣️❣️

    - Barbara Tollefson

    Mike's strong and open energy exuded him...
    When meeting him,
    it was as if the air opened around him
    and spread out...
    When Mike was in a room or around you,
    it was like a glue flowing...
    A bond is felt...
    encompassing his wife Sue, and his family...his Lexie...
    It's like an all inclusive magnetic bond...
    pulling his marriage, pulling his work, pulling his brotherhood...pulling his dog...
    Mike's energy pulling everyone together in life.

    - Patti McConnell

    Mike was my officer for many years at the fire dept/but more then that he was my friend/in a dangerous situation he alway mad sure you were safe and went home/I will miss my friend thanks for the good time and helping me grow as firefighter and man love and prayers sent to Sue and the family

    - Randy W Jacobsen

    We rejoice in the memories we have of Mike and we share the sorrow of loss from his passing. Remembering good times and laughter is our solace and we will always be grateful for the times we had together. Sue, you are in our warmest thoughts and prayers for strength and Peace as we mourn the loss of Mike with you. We love you and will be here for you.
    Love, Cynthia, Judd and Sarah.

    - Cynthia and Judd Cool

    Mike was a Great Cousin, always had a big smile and greeting. He helped me on numerous projects and always asked about my Dad and Mom. Going to Miss You Cuz !

    - Kenny Larsen

    Mike was one of the good guys on the department.

    - Rob White