Nicholas Michael Hampton

1996 ~ 2021

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Nicholas Hampton was an absolutely amazing human being. Anyone who truly knew him knew that he had the biggest heart that was made of gold. He cared deeply and fiercely for his friends and especially his family. Nic made a room light up with his laughter, which was contagious! He was a social creature and made friends with almost everyone he met. One of my favorite stories of Nic was when he was a young kid. He was at a water park with his family, and he had disappeared out of nowhere. My parents couldn’t find him anywhere. He was later found at the Snack Bar chatting with a pretty girl. We are still unclear if he was trying to get a snack or if he was crushing on a girl.

Nic had made friends from so many places, such as school, or work. But one of the places where he made the most friends, was Italian Village. He worked there for so many years and became part of the Italian Village family very quickly. We had gone there so many times growing up, and Nic had wanted to work there since he was a kid. He loved working there and was very sad when he accepted his job at the prison. Mostly because he was going to miss all the amazing people and friends at Italian Village.

I am so very grateful for the relationship I had with my brother. We shared a lot of the same comedians, TV shows, movies, and music. We even got matching Supernatural tattoos. Needless to say, we always knew what to get each other as gifts. Nic always gave with his whole heart and was very generous.

Thanks to our mother, Nic was also a fierce animal lover. He even helped our mom sneak in and hide a couple of our cats until she was able to tell our dad what was happening. Nic got his first pet as an adult a little over a year and a half ago. He got a lot more than he bargained for with Cash, but Nic never gave up on him and took great responsibility and pride over him and his accomplishments. We always joked that Cash was sent down from God just for Nic in more ways than one. They both had a lot of energy, and they both loved to eat! Cash is going to miss Nic dearly.

I am going to cherish every one of the memories, gifts, and pictures that I have of my brother. He was taken away too soon, but I know that he is with my mom, and they are holding each other close. I will miss Nic so much.

As I think about all the memories of my amazing son, from the beginning he was very hungry. As soon as he was born, he tried to chew on his own fingers. That hunger remained through his life, but not just for food. It grew as an intense hunger for knowledge. Especially in History, he absorbed everything he read and heard. He truly loved the History Channel and especially loved to learn about his ancestry, Norse Mythology. Here is a quote written by Nicholas concerning his beliefs:

“I wish I lived as a Viking.
For some reason, I see more Honor in it than being a man who believes in that the world has no God or Gods,
yet I truly believe in God and the Norse Gods.
Can I have peace with both worlds, can there actually be peace with all.
When I hear stories and songs and tales, and all tell of strength and passion.
I will be a man of both sides, I will be the true me.”
--Nicholas Hampton

Nicholas grew up admiring anybody in uniform, Military and Police Officers. His dream was to become a Police Officer. Nicholas spent a couple of years as an Explorer for the Sandy City Cadet Program learning everything he could about being an officer. He was part of the Color Guard and participated in the memorial services for Officer Doug Barney. After he got his job at the prison, he realized that he enjoyed helping people in any way possible. He has served in many ways. As McGruff the Crime Dog and was going to be the Eagle Mascot for Corrections. One of his fondest memories was being Santa Claus for one event. He loved being attentive to the needs of children.

I have so many amazing memories of Nic. One of my favorites was at a combined Library and Utah Jazz event that I had taken him to Read to Achieve, during that event of the Jazz team member read a book to groups of children. Afterward, they had a drawing to give out prizes to some of the kids. Nicholas’ name was drawn, and he got to receive a blanket from John Stockton. As Nic walked up to him, as usual, Nic was a stout boy with a walk that matched. And after receiving the blanket, John did an imitation of Nic’s walk back. Thanks to Fox 13 News, we have a video of this.

Through the years, we got to see Nic’s incredible social side. Nic spent a lot of time in Day Care. One day when I was picking him up, I walked out to the playground and called his name, and said it was time to go. Suddenly, all the kids crowded around Nic to say goodbye. It was amazing to see how many friends he had, and how much they cared for him. Nic never seemed to have any problem making friends.

Nic also had the ability to give me and his mom stress. When he was in Kindergarten, Nic decided he didn’t want to be at school and was missing his dog, Itchy. So, at recess, he walked home without telling anybody at school. I suspect he made it all the way home before his teacher noticed he didn’t come back inside after recess. We received a call from the school administration that they found him at home, playing in the garage. When we asked him, all he had told us was that he just felt like he wanted to come home. But he eventually told his sister that he really missed our dog and wanted to see him as well.

Nic showed at an early age that he didn’t like bullies and wasn’t afraid of standing up to them. Even when they were bigger than him. For instance, in the first grade when we received calls saying Nic was getting into fights with sixth graders because they were bullying his friends.

Nicholas truly loved his family, especially his cousin, Ryan. He always looked up to Ryan and admired him growing up. They spent so much time together. They both went on several trips together with their grandfather to Chicago for the Cubs convention and Meza, AZ for the Cubs Spring Training. Nic and Ryan had numerous memories together and were great friends. Nic has lots of memorabilia from the Cubs thanks to his grandfather, Kenny.

Nic truly had many friends and loved playing with their kids. He never hesitated to get down on their level to play with them as Nic always held onto the child inside himself.

Nic told me recently that the greatest moment in his life was becoming the Godfather to his Best Friends’ daughter, Gigi. Holding her for the first time was an amazing moment. As soon as he held her, she felt so comfortable she was able to fall directly to sleep in his arms. I would like to thank Justus and Ennes for giving Nic that incredible moment. Both me and Nick cried when he was telling me about that amazing life event.

Nicholas truly had so much love in his heart and was always trying to help anyone in need. He proved to be such an amazing young man, and I couldn’t be prouder of him, and I will miss him forever.

Nic is survived by his father, Tracy, Sister, Sarah, Grandmother, Kathryn Stats, Aunt, Deb Nahvi (Melinda Bridges), and Cousin, Ryan Nahvi.

Nic is preceded in death by his mother, Deana Hampton, Grandfather, Kenneth M. Stats, Great Grandmother, Genevieve George, and Great Grandparents, Michael, and Gladys Hasty Stats.

A Celebration of Life will be held for Nic at a later date that is still to be determined.


I’m so sorry Nicholas had to go so soon In life. He was always so wonderful to me.
I pray Tracy and Sarah that you have peace in there heart.
Love you

- Tonia Hampton

I’m so sorry to hear this news about Nic. I didn’t know him very long but for the short amount of time I did know him he was such a great example to Ryker and all the boys on our football team. He will be missed.

- Brian McCoy

I only got to know Nic when he started working at the prison. But seeing his smiling face coming in helped make my day. Eventually we grew close and talked on a regular basis. My heart goes out to you all and I know I will miss seeing his smiling face and warmth of his hugs. He truly was an inspiration to me. Always willing to help me out, talk to me and just be a listening ear when I needed it. All my love.

- Virginia Parsons

My heart goes out to those left to mourn Nic. What a beautiful soul.

- Allison Madsen


What a beautiful tribute to an amazing son. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. May the great memories provide comfort in the days ahead.


- Jenn McKague

I am sorry that this has happened I loved nic so much we had a good time through the years.

- Alisha