Barbara Richins Crebs

November 21, 1937 ~ August 5, 2020


Aug. 14, 2020
10:00 AM
Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road, Sandy, UT

Barbara Crebs beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother passed away August 5, 2020, of natural causes.

Barbara was born November 21, 1937, in Salt Lake City, Utah to Aldo and Helen Richins. As an only child, she was peppered with love by her mother and father. In all their family pictures, Barbara was always dressed in the coolest clothes for the time and the obvious center of attention. In short, life was good!

As a teenager, Barbara was compliant and a model of obedience – not! From the stories that came up during family gatherings, Barbara oftentimes went against the grain. Not in a bad way, but “her way.”

In 1953, she met the love of her life Lee Crebs. However, Lee was not her father’s first, second, or even third choice. Regardless, Barbara, the stubborn person she was (still is), disregarded her father and ultimately married Lee in August of 1954. It was the best decision she ever made. Her father, through the years, learned to love and respect Lee.

Shortly after marriage, Lee joined the United States Army and Barbara, forever Lee’s sidekick, went along as a loving and supporting wife. While supporting Lee in the Army, Barbara gave birth to their first-born son Randy in 1957. If you were to compare the number of pictures and home movies she took of Randy, compared to Mike (1958) and Penny (1960), Randy was clearly her favorite. He wanted that published!

In 1958, Lee was honorably discharged from the Army and they returned to Salt Lake City. Shortly thereafter, Barbara gave birth to Michael followed by Penny.

With three young kids, sorry Michelle you came later, she was extremely busy and fully engaged in their lives. She made sure they all learned how to swim, knew what was going on at school (one year she was even the PTA president), taught them how to ride and how not to ride a skateboard (fell and cracked her tailbone), and gave out some of the softest spankings ever. The kids had to fake that it hurt to ensure Dad did not have to redo it when he got home.

In 1968, just when she thought things would start getting easier, Michelle was born. With the large gap between Penny and Michelle, the camera came out again and Michelle became the new favorite, Sorry Randy.

Now with three young kids and a new-born, Barbara had to call upon the previously mentioned stubbornness to keep the house in order. She had to keep everyone quiet so Lee could sleep (he liked working graveyards), break up fights between two rambunctious boys, prevent an eight-year-old girl from burning the house down with her Easy Bake Oven, and keep the “new favorite” fed and dry. How it was done no one will ever know, but whatever she did it left an indelible impression on her four children because none of them had more than two children – go figure.

As the kids grew up and left the nest, Barbara tried her hand at a few jobs outside the home, but the yearning of keeping her house tidy and welcoming called her back to what she liked most – home sweet home.

After Lee passed away in September of 2019, things were never the same for Barbara. She talked about him frequently and longed to be with him again. In the weeks before her passing, she bragged how they had never spent a wedding anniversary apart. Well, that streak still stands, because just 13 days prior to their 66-wedding anniversary Barbara left this earth to be with Lee.

Mom you will be forever loved by your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and husband who you stood by for more than six decades. We will miss your dry sense of humor, your voice calling us into the house at the first sign of lightning (our playmates always got a perplexed look on their face when we ran home), the $30.00 you gave us for every birthday (the $30.00 started in the 80’s, but she did not believe in cost of living raises. However, legend has it, Penny’s husband Scott got $31.00), and the love you have shown us throughout the years.

The family would like to give special thanks to all the caretakers at Sagewood at Daybreak (senior living) and Canyon Home Care and Hospice. You were all awesome and showed great love and respect to our mother who more than likely showed you some of that dry sense of humor.
Barbara is survived by her son Randy (Gayle), son Michael (Lesley), daughter Penny (Scott), daughter Michelle (Blake), grandchildren Michael, Ryan, Colby, Lauren, Nick, and Madison, great grandchildren Carlon, Caylee, Emma, Leo, and Henry. Preceded in death by her beloved husband Lee.

Graveside service will be held at 10:00 am on Friday, August 14, 2020, at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South), Sandy, UT. Due to COVID 19, there will be no public visitation.


While reading the online obituary, I am laughing and crying. I have so many wonderful childhood memories living next door to the Crebs family. Our family moved to Tritoma Avenue when I was 8 years old. I didn't know neighbor ladies could be so much fun! Barbara would come to our back door and kinda barge in (she was family) to borrow a couple of eggs or sugar or to just tell us the latest news of the neighborhood. Barbara made my dad laugh when nobody else could. She would also yell over the fence from her back door, and sometimes pop her head over the top of the fence to let us know she was there. Whenever there was a siren within range, Barbara would jump in the car and try to find where the siren was coming from and where it was going. I jumped in her car at least one of those times and went for a ride of a lifetime! She was so determined, but always VERY careful too. Barbara is one of a kind - I was so disappointed when my husband and I moved into our home, and our neighbor lady was such a disappointment - nothing like Barbara. One of the last time I saw Barbara was at Harmons. As I was walking into the store, Barbara had stopped on her way out and was looking for her car keys. She was a bit frantic. I walked with her to the areas of the store she had been - no luck. We stood by the Pharmacy while Barbara emptied her purse - still no keys. I told her to stay put and I went to check with the Customer Service desk - no luck again. I met her back by the Pharmacy and she had that big grin on her face! While I was checking with Customer Service, she went out and found her keys in her car. Whew, right? Except, when she told me she found them in her car, she also told me she had left her car running! We both laughed so hard. I couldn't quit hugging her. I loved everything about that moment. She was on her way (oops, she didn't want me to tell her kids) and I had smiled for the rest of that day and every time I've told that story! I absolutely LOVED growing up on Tritoma Avenue and in White City with all the freedom a kid could want because of neighbors like the Crebs and Steeds watching out for us. To Randy, Mikey, Penny Lee, Shel-Bell - thank you for sharing your parents with us and for being such a big part of a great childhood. Love to you all.

- Staci Fenton Oliver
Barbara was a very SPECIAL lady. She always made me smile when she would come into Harmons to shop & beat up on Josh. I will never forget her kindnesses or her listening ear. She will be missed. Love to all the family. Thanks for sharing her with me.

- Margaret Graham
To the Crebs Family, We were so saddened to hear of Barbara's passing. We lived in White City near your family for over 17 years and we enjoyed being friends with them. Barbara was such a cute, funny and witty lady. Our hearts go out to all of you. May she rest in peace and know how very much she will be missed.

- Page and Linda Whetman
Our hearts are with all the family.🙏♥️ This is my second comment...the first one that was very long covering lots of memories sadly disappeared because I must have forgot to submit it!! I went back to read it to Ed & it was gone! Now that I have cried & got it out of my system, I will try again, maybe not so long this time. We loved Lee & Barbara and they loved us. Lee & Ed were childhood friends and I met Ed at a Halloween party given by Barbara at her folks home (their motel). I went there with another childhood friend of Ed’s, so it was the first time I met Lee & Barbara too. Ed & I ended up married (64 years now) and even tho we moved to Calif. in 1960 & Arizona in 1990, we stayed in touch off & on thru vacations & phone calls & sometimes Facebook with Lee. The last time we talked to Barbara was after Lee passed and she & I agreed that you never have friends again like your old friends, all the history & memories remains part of you forever & whenever you connect you just pick up where you left off like silly teenagers again. Like I said, we loved each other, And now they have moved on together in their spiritual journey as we will too. But in this moment I feel them close, maybe sharing a tear with me, maybe laughing. They had a good full life & their family was everything to them, Love & Blessings to all of you🙏♥️

- Pat Pullan
Barbara and Lee were such great people. Condolences to the family. Don & Lila Harman

- Don Harman
I will forever be grateful for Barbies humor and sympathy towards me during the darker times in my life. I love this family very much and Leo and I find solace knowing she's with grandpa and her parents again. ❤ I'm glad you all learned how not to fall on a skateboard, we'll keep that in our thoughts as Leo learns. We'll miss you gma Barbie.

- Brittany
I miss my friend, loved being your neighbor on Tritons for so many years. Till we meet again my friend

- Diane Spafford
Our hearts are with all the family in your loss. Ed & I were very good friends with Lee & Barbara since the 50’s.. actually Lee & Ed were childhood friends, & I met Ed at a Halloween party at Barbara’s mom & dad’s house (their motel). We moved to Calif. in 1960, but we kept in touch over the many years on vacations, etc.. & we always picked up where we left off! We talked to Barbara after Lee passed & we agreed that you never have friends again like your old friends because of all the history & mutual friends. There’s a part of us all that never grows up!! We loved Lee & Barbara & they loved us. And I’m sitting here crying remembering all those funny, crazy, wonderful memories we have of them. Love & Blessings to your family.♥️

- Pat Pullan
We were so sorry to hear of your loss. Barbara is a forever friend. Her sense of humor like Mike’s kept us in stitches. They loved to banter. We miss both Lee & Barbara. You all are in our prayers. Hugs & much love to you all.

- MaryAnn & Mike Carter
My deepest sympathy to the kids of Barbara and Lee. I remember them both with fond memories.

- Claradene Wycoff
Just want to let you know I am sorry for your loss but am glad that she is with your dad so he can continue to take care of her. She was the “craziest” neighbor I ever had but the “BEST”. Way to many things to list. Your Mom & Dad will remain on my mind forever.

- Thelma Gadd
Dear Crebs Family, I was so sorry to hear of your moms passing. i remember so many fun times with your family they are too many to name. Please know that I and my family love all of you and we are thinking of you. Love, Jo Ann Barker and family

- Jo Ann Barker
I am so sorry for your loss. Both your parents were such dear friends for so many years, words cannot express the love that I have had for them. During good times and bad, they were both there for us. BARBARA was a great example of what a friend is! All of my kids (not kids anymore) send their love to the Crebs Kids from the Stowe Kids, and wish they could go back for one more ballgame! Our thoughts and Prayers are with all of you! Love always, Janet

- Janet McMillan