Pilar Gorlinski

1952 ~ 2022

Pilar was born February 25, 1952. She passed away at her home on December 21, 2022. Pilar enjoyed life in every aspect, including walking in Brighton Canyon, plays, theaters, and vacations. She loved all the proms, graduations, experiences, and all the laughter and pride it brought. She has shown great strength and dignity through life’s challenges. Her most precious times were with family and gatherings. She has now moved on to the rest of the family that has passed, and is with mom, dad, and countless others for another family gathering. With all our love, Mary, Sarah, Jordan, Tyler.


Pilar was my best friend for over 50 years. She was someone you could count on to think the best of you in any situation. At first, she was my sister Marilyn's friend, and Marilyn lived with Pilar's family for a couple of years. Then she lived with me and Marilyn for many months as she recovered from knee surgery. We went on lots of vacations together. She took care of my mother-in-law Jean for ten years, as Jean declined with Alzheimer's. Pilar was totally dependable and gave Jean the very best care. She was 100% honest and loyal. I'm very sad to learn that she's gone. I wish I could have been there for her when she needed help.
She will be very much missed by family and friends.

- Sharon Holland