Robert Edom Porschatis

1939 ~ 2022

Robert Edom Porschatis was born January 19th, 1939, to Hattie and Paul Porschatis. He passed peacefully with his family beside him on October 11th, 2022, due to a long illness that he endured for many years. His family made every effort to ensure that his last days were joyous, and any physical pain and suffering were assuaged. Blessings and prayers were also bestowed upon him where the Spirit and family members on the other side comforted him and ensured him that they were waiting for him and missed him.
Bob had many passions, talents, and hobbies, all of which are reflected in his beloved nine children in one form or another. At an early age, he began developing his craft in auto mechanics where he excelled. In high school, he already had built a 1939 Ford coup hot rod while working at the very first franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken in Salt Lake City. He had a prosperous career as an auto mechanic and started at the young age of 21 for Petty Ford in Sugar House. He retired from Larry H. Miller Ford at the age of 65. He had many cars and trucks throughout his life, all of which were Fords showing his dedication to the brand. He especially loved his 1964 Ford Galaxy, which he kept all original and garaged it his entire adult life. In his retirement years, he entered his Galaxy into car shows and parades.
Bob also loved trains, both model trains and real-life trains. He had a multitude of Lionel trains numbering over one hundred freight cars - a collection he started as a young boy in the 1940s and all of which he kept his entire life. His family has many memories of running his Lionel trains around the Christmas tree every year. He also loved riding the steam engine passenger train in the historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada. In his retirement years, he had his entire train collection running throughout his house on the floor, where he would run them for his grandchildren’s amusement.
Bob was also a very talented carpenter. He built a cabin with his family in the mountains of Brighton, Utah, that he worked on continuously throughout his life. He loved being in the outdoors in the fresh mountain air envisioning and building his dream one nail at a time. His cabin took him many years to build, and it was never quite complete, as he would always find new projects. His imagination and ingenuity really shined through in the creation of his cabin. His family has many beautiful memories of going there and enjoying the outdoors with him.
Bob leaves behind 9 children, Jody (Eddie), Rob, Michael, Mary (Daniel), David, Steven (Anita), Amber (Chandra), Nicole (Andrew), Adam, and 13 grandchildren. Bob had a deep love for all his children. He loved talking about how blessed he was to have such wonderful and ambitious kids. He was very proud of every one of them.
He is preceded in death by his parents and his brother Marvin. Married Julie White; later divorced, and Claudia Wilcox; later divorced.


Bob will be missed. I have many memories of Uncle Bob growing up. He had a very interesting laugh and smile. It was always hard not to smile when he was smiling.

The Burke’s love your family very much. Our prayers of comfort are with you.

- Laura Burke