Ronald Wong

1948 ~ 2023

On March 22, 1948, Ronald Wong was born into this world. Born to Gam Hing Wong and May Jean Wong. Born and raised in East Los Angeles to Chinese immigrant Ronald learned the value of hard work, and dedication to what he wanted to pursue in life. From an early age Ronald found a passion for electronics specifically Ham radio communication, earning his ham radio license at the age of 12 (W6ONG). Using that passion and turning it into a career, and becoming a radio engineer. While using his education working for southern California Edison, Boeing, McDonald Douglas, and LA county. While early in his career with the county he designed different communication systems for the LA county fire and sheriff’s depot, then later he became a manager and soon managed the development of future communications systems. When not working Ron loved the great outdoors with sports and hobbies such as, fishing, shooting, skiing and later in life hunting.

Even though Ronald was building a successful career that was by no means his greatest accomplishment. In 1981 on a bus on a skiing trip he met his future wife, Marsha Sebastian. After a short courtship Ronald and Marsha were married November 7, 1981. Ronald was about to show how much of committed husband he was, then 4 years later his greatest accomplishment was about to be fulfilled, and that would be the birth of his son David Wong forming his family that he wanted to have, and that would be his greatest achievement, His family.

Through out the years Ronald would prove to be a loving and committed husband, and father. Every decision that was made his first thought was his family. That was situation that life through at Ron that showed how strong he was. Experiencing the draft scare of society of the Vietnam war of the 1960’s, beating cancer, whatever life through at him he persevered to assure he was able to provide, and take care of his family. Ronald’s family is his greatest accomplishment showing his devotion to his family, by providing and protecting. When it comes to being a father, he made sure he was there every day for his son. He loved spending time with his son teaching him to play golf, going to the range shooting, or simply helping him with homework during school.

Sadly with all his strength, he was not able to defeat his final challenge. The last two years of his life he was fighting against liver disease which he was diagnosed with shortly after moving to Utah from Southern California. When diagnosed Ronald continued to fight every single day to assure he was there for his family, even in sickness he continued to fight for his family. On a sad day March 13, 2023, Ronald passed away comfortably at his home in his sleep. He will be missed, but the impression he has made on the world, people that were in his life, lessons he taught will continue. Ronald Wong is survived by his loving Wife Marsha Wong, loving son David Wong, granddaughter Melina Munoz, and sister Linda Chin.

The family will hold private services.


We have known Ron, Marsha and David since they moved to Utah. They are a great family. We enjoy visiting with them. We offer our condolences to Marsha and David. We will miss Ron and are grateful that we met him and had the opportunity to get to know him. Marsha and David, our Savior will comfort you as you mourn the loss of your husband and father. The following poem is by an unknown author.

Ever Near Us
Ever near us though unseen,
The immortal spirits tread,
And all the universe is life;
There is No Dead.

Marsha and David, know that you are loved.

- Duncan and Leanne Wright

Our Condolences to the Wong Family… Ron is an amazing man… A perfect husband and father who set an example for his son to follow… a true legacy who we have much respect for.. Our son saw him as “Grandpa Ron” he loved to see the kids having fun and his son is his everything … I will always remember how much his face would light up when he talked about how proud he was of Davey The love he has for Marsha is remarkable… you will always be celebrated and your legacy will forever live on… We love you Ron! Your friends always,
The Rodriguez Family

- Victoria Rodriguez

We are so privileged to have you as friends and neighbors. We have talked about how you have felt the guiding hand , leading you to Utah. Please know that you are loved and cared for and will continue to be watched over here. I assured Ron of this in his last blessing and that he could rest in peace knowing this. His wishes and duty of caring for his family will be carried on.
God be with you all until you can be together again. We love you.

- Scott and Pam Hansen

We will miss Ron! We are sorry we won't have him to grow old with in our neighborhood. But we're glad we have Marsha and David as new friends. Ron's goodness and friendliness will be a great asset in heaven. May God bless the Wong family in their loss.

- Ken and Cathy Berg