Sally Jean Smith Aste

June 18, 1937 ~ August 30, 2020

Our beautiful mother, Sally Jean Smith Aste, passed away on Sunday, August 30th, 2020. She was 83 years old. She survived our dad Keith (Chico), by 23 years. Sally is survived by her sisters Sidney and Susie, her baby brother Jim, her four sons (Stephen, Scott, Spencer and Shawn), her five grandchildren, and one great grandbaby who will get to know his Great Grandma Sally through stories and photos and loving memories.

Sally was born in Logan, Utah, and raised in Salt Lake City. She attended East High School, and received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah. A Chi Omega, she was on the University of Utah ski team and in turn produced four great skiers that love to ski to this day! She played golf and tennis and enjoyed the Cottonwood Country Club for over 30 years. Sally was a big fan of her Utah Jazz.

Mom taught 6th-grade at Crestview Elementary, where her granddaughter, Jordan teaches today! She was in real estate for 50 years. She played piano, and inspired others to play, too. She was a bridge player, and she loooooved reading – there were always books coming and going from the library, and she wrote down the titles of everything she read. Mom was always organized; lists, calendars, planning. Don’t start thinking Sally was a nerd, though. Sally was truly the life of the party. She was an excellent friend to many people, including the “Gopher Girls.” They all loved good times and shenanigans together! There was a five- or six-year stretch when Sally and her friends Pat Chatwin and Jean Bess would dress up as full-on witches every Halloween. The three of them together were a sight to behold – Wicked Witch of the West meets Three Stooges slapstick. They drove around the city in their witch costumes, one year going to a local TV station and scaring the heck out of the news anchor – on live TV!

Our trips to Newport Beach every summer with the Aste, Chatwin and Bess families and others, were as special and raucus and fun as you could imagine. Beach and boardwalk and bikes and beverages. Things got messy sometimes! Precious, precious memories. And Mexico! Mom and Dad went every year with great friends.

Sally embraced her son- and daughters-in-law with her whole heart, and she adored her grandkids and great-grandchild. Mom was resilient. If she ever got sick, even with the common cold, she fought it and refused to allow it to get in the way of her daily life. None of us remember Mom ever lying in bed for a whole day from being sick. When we were away from Utah, on phone calls she always asked, “are you healthy and happy?” And she listened with her sweet mind and kind spirit. When we’d ask her, “are you healthy and happy?” 99.99% of the time she said, “yes”. She loved being happy.

We love our mom dearly, and we will all miss her terribly. That she and Dad are together now makes the loss a little more bearable.

Rest in happiness, Mom.

Stephen, Scott, Spencer and Shawn

Contributions to Sally's Memorial Fund will help defray funeral and other related expenses. We would also love to plant a tree in her honor, with a memorial bench.


We are so sorry to learn of your loss. Sally was always a trusted friend on whom each of us could count. We will remember her and Chico with fondness forever.

- Shirley & Chuck Murray
I send my sympathy to Sally's family. I pray that your lovely memories of her will soften your grief. Sally has been a friend since our days at Uintah Elementary! Over the years, we went to the "ward shows" at Yale Ward (mostly to see which boys were there), walked all the way to the U of U stadium to see a football game when we were 10, had a great times as Gopher Girls, skied together, went to the U. and graduated together, and had Gopher Christmas parties off and on for years. We became close again in the 90's when we were both widowed within about a year of each other. She sold my house for me and helped us find a wonderful new one. I love what was written in the obituary, "She loved being happy." And her friends loved her because she made us happy too, listened to our problems, and was always up for going out to lunch. She even seemed happy at Pacifica. I was sorry I couldn't visit her because of COVID-19 . I will truly miss her beautiful smile and her cheerful phone calls. In these hard times, I will try to follow her example and be optimistic and happy no matter what.

- Judy Tidwell
I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I will always remember the fun times we had with Chico and Sally at our family parties. Thinking of all of you.

- Holly Sutton
Sally was always a delightful personality on the golf course or tennis courts or bridge table. My condolences to her family and friends. Sweet Sally will be missed.

- Karen Bettilyon
Dear Sally's Boys: Steve,, Scott, Spencer & Shawn: I read in today's Tribune that Sally had passed away. I'm glad I was in SLC to see the obit. I am very sorry for your loss for your Mom was a very special person. Always inclusive to every one and for good measure ready for a little bit of mischief. She was a dear friend to me and to CC while she was alive.. Best wishes to all of you; you have reason to be proud Bud (Sr.)

- Harold Mack (Bud) Brown