Tracy Dustin Boren

1968 ~ 2022

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Our sweet and precious son and brother, our earth angel, Tracy Dustin "Dusty" Boren returned to his Heavenly home on December 1st, 2022 after struggling with dementia and then succumbing to a series of seizures while living in Sarasota, Florida. We are so grateful for the extended time we had with this remarkable young man! He brought such love, kindness and laughter into our family. He was a joy! It was a privilege to have been his parents and siblings.

Dusty was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on July 25,1968 to Sidney and Rose Boren. He attended school as a child at Willowood in Jackson Mississippi and other day care programs. Years later he was a resident at a boarding school, Stewart Home School, in Frankfort Kentucky where he enjoyed many sports and social activities. Later, Dusty moved to Sandy Utah to be with Rose and Bruce. For years he traveled between Utah and Florida to be with his parents. When he could no longer travel due to his dementia, he lived at The Haven in Sarasota, Florida until his passing.

He was always active...wanting to do everything , and he did a lot! Special Olympics was a big part of his life. He competed for years in - Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Swimming, Gymnastics and Track. He also loved water-skiing and football. For years Dusty was a regular participant in the annual Steve Young Classic where he raced in downhill skiing with many celebrities.

He loved horses and always wanted to go on trail rides whenever we were on vacations. Dusty also loved music, whether it was playing the drums and singing about " his baby" who he " loved", playing his various guitars or "boogieing" on the dance floor. He could do a mean swing!

His two biggest "heroes" were the Hulk and Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris. He loved Chuck so much maybe because he also did karate! He was also a big fan of Elvis and even had an Elvis outfit that he would wear. One of his favorite TV shows was Dukes Of Hazzard. A big thrill for Dusty was attending a Dukes Of Hazzard festival in Nashville, Tennessee where he met the cast members and rode in a General Lee car around the track. Some years later, he was able to meet the cast again in Salt Lake City’s Comic Con.

Dusty also loved motorcycles! His Father in Florida, Sidney, had some Harley Davidsons and he would take Dusty on extended bike rides, which he loved! For years he would watch the news, because his Father did. And his favorite ball cap was an " Ole Miss" one because his Dad went there. He also loved to go out on his Dad's boat in Florida and fish away.

Dusty loved getting dressed in his best Sunday clothes and going to church! Our congregation was so very accepting and loving. He was asked to be a door greeter, which he faithfully did for some 15 years. He loved saying hi to all who came through his door, making sure everyone received that Sunday's program. He was the Home Teaching companion to Bruce for many, many years and he loved that too! Although Dusty never learned to read or write he would copy from The Book Of Mormon for hours at a time. He loved going to "Special Needs Mutual " ( later SNAP), a weekly evening LDS program for special needs that would do Boy Scouts and a lot of fun activities. It was there, that after many years, with a lot of help from many Scoutmasters, that Dusty received his Eagle Scout! We are so proud of all he did and accomplished!

His father Sidney shared the following: “Dusty had a varied life most can only dream about. From a farm in Mississippi, to an urban life in many other States. From a small house, to a large house, to a large condo and back. He traveled by car, by motorcycle, by bicycle, by boat, by plane, and had a passport and used it. And he laughed and grinned the whole way. Loved by all he met. Friends he had many, enemy’s he had none. Heaven is blessed to have him.”

We are so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that makes it possible for our family to continue after death. Dusty will be resurrected and then we will behold the "real" Dusty-glorified and restored! To know Dusty was to love him and we so love him.

Thank you to all who had any part in his care these wonderful 54 years!

Dusty is survived by his father and step mother Sidney and Kathleen Boren, also his mother and step father Rose and Bruce Loosli, his brothers McKay (Rebecca) and their children, Tate, Thatcher, and Cicily and Logan and his sister Maddie and many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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There is no way to express how his family will miss him and we look forward to the day when we can be together for all eternity.


Sweet Rose and Bruce,
So sorry about Dusty passing away. He was a joy in our lives and a very friendly person. Love always to you and your family.

- Marianne Loosli Madrigal

Dusty was such a special and loving man❤️ I have been Rose’s Visiting Teacher for many years. Every time I came to visit Rose, Dusty would come in and say Hi and be so sweet🥰. Every time I came to Church, Dusty greeted me at the door and gave me The Sacrament Meeting Program. He would talk to me for a few minutes and smile. My son and wife had a Special Needs School in Bountiful, Utah, every time they took the students Bowling, I took Dusty a few times….he Loved to bowl. He was a great bowler and he always won😄👏. I Love Dusty and his great Family. I have visit taught Rose for many years and we are great friends. Bruce is a great friend and he is my awesome dentist. Madison and Logan are special and a great sister and brother to Dusty❣️ I Love their whole Family and I pray they will find peace and comfort❤️ Dusty is in Heaven and is so Loved❤️

- Ron and Charlene White

We are so sorry for your loss.
We will miss Dusty. He was the best greet at the door of the chapel. He always made sure you had a program.
God bless you and we send our love.

- Vic and Kitty Naccarato

Rose and Bruce, with Dusty's passing, we extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathy. We loved his smile and enthusiasm and are grateful for the example he was. Our love and best wishes, David and Tisha

- David and Tisha Mecham

Dusty you will always be in my heart I Love and miss you so much.

- Cassandra Higdon

I am late in sending you my love I had for Dusty. I was Dusty's Scout Master when he earned his eagle scout. I enjoyed him each week at SN scouts (mutual). As everyone who had time with Dusty they knew what a special young man he is. Loved the pictures you posted as it reminded me of the good times we had.
I hope that you are receiving the comfort that comes from knowing him and how he made everyone around him lives better.

- Charlie Richards