Michelle Lee De Korver

1969 ~ 2019

Dear Michelle, Mom, Meemaw, Mommichelles,

It hurts to say goodbye as you have departed from this earth, but we know it is not forever. Not being able to hear the sound of your voice, or see your beauty is difficult to handle as we admit that you have left this world. However, with gifts of love, service, generosity and humility we will continue to move forward and carry your light and example to others.

Your life began in Wenatchee, Washington on May 23, 1969 when you were born to Wilson "Bill" Edgar Stevens Sr. and Karen Oliva Schroeder. From the moment that you were born, everyone knew that you were a valiant child of God who wanted to always control her future. In your desire to always do right as a child you were always quick to let others know where they could improve. You were the third of seven children, Christine, Sheryl, Tami, Bill Jr, Allen and Nathan and always enjoyed spending time with them. You had the opportunity to live in many different places, from California, to Ypsilanti, Michigan and Lake Jackson, Texas.

You attended different schools during your childhood, but graduated from Brazoswood High School in Texas. You stated that you were never good at math and always had poor grades, but we know different since you received a commendation for most improved in math and found report cards that showed you on the honor roll demonstrating once again your desire for perfection. After High School you attended Rick's College in Rexburg, Idaho and studied to be a dietitian. The family though always thought that you were an English major, due to your great grasp of the English language.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you chose to serve an honorable mission in the Canada, Halifax mission. During this time you showed your dedication to serve the people of Canada and fulfill your commitments as a servant of the Lord. Little did you know that as you transferred from area to area that you were actually following in the path of your future, as the man that you would eventually come to love and marry was serving also. In your last area, you finally met the young man that would say, "I really, really, really like you."

After returning home from your mission, you immediately moved to Utah to live with your sister, Tami, so you could date that young man and determine if marriage was in your future. After a short courtship, and lack of patience, you finally told him that if he would ask you to marry him that you would not say no! On May 9, 1992 you married Robert Kent De Korver Jr in the Portland, Oregon temple for all time and eternity.

Quickly you were anxious to start your family and begin your eternal calling as a mother, and shortly thereafter you were blessed with our first child Mark Robert De Korver. A little redhead that looked exactly like your baby pictures. You were crushed as you lost our second child, but quickly rebounded with the birth of our first daughter Courtney Elaine De Korver, a bright blue eyed blonde. Wanting to make sure that our kids were all close in age you gave birth soon after to our second daughter Triahna LeAnn De Korver, a beautiful dark headed fuzz ball. It took time after her to have our final child Aaron Reed De Korver, another red head, and one that fulfilled your dad's curse of having a child just like you.

Your children were blessed to have you as a mother as you exercised patience, as Aaron would stick his mouth over your big toe just to get a reaction. Or you would watch Triahna's cheerleading routines over and over again while listening to Mark practice his trumpet. You were considered a caregiver as you would patch up our kids wounds, with grape soda on Courtney's burned foot or patching up the boys heads from shovels and glass tables. And you taught Mark and all of the children that they would never be faster than you and that you could call them for dinner a block away. It was always fun and inspiring to watch you interact with your children, and they especially loved playing X Box games and Dungeon and Dragons with you.

As life moved forward you always had jobs that involved children and participated in several different roles in the Eagle Mountain community. You spent a few years as the event coordinator for Pony Express Days and volunteered for the Eagle Mountain library where you received the library volunteer of the year award in 2005. We were happy to support your decision to follow your dream of becoming a librarian, as you served as the Assistant Librarian at the Highland City library. With your charm, artistry, and leadership you assisted in building their new library into a great asset for the community. You created a special bond with not only the coworkers, but also the children of the community, by creating and building one of the greatest children's programs in the state. To see your attention to detail, enthusiasm, and the gift of communication, it is of no wonder that the children of the library loved Ms. Michelle.

After life as a librarian you were blessed to expand your role to grandmother, or Meemaw as the grand kids would call you. First of all came Lucy and then Lorena, both with very different personalities, but both the light of your world. Apparently your love of children was looked favorably upon from the heavens above as you were also able to call Joshua, Lisa, and Jeremiah grandkids as well. Your grandchildren always loved to come over and climb on your lap to read or just to talk. It was always awesome to watch your eyes light up and your smile grow bigger when they would walk through the door.

It was shortly after you left the library world, that you were diagnosed with stage IV nsclc lung cancer. A big shock to all of us, because you had never smoked. You committed to fight for the sake of you, your husband, your children, your soon to be born grandchildren and because "cancer sucks"! You went into this fight with a positive cheerful attitude and set an example for others to follow as you continued to participate in activities that involved your husband, and children. Michelle you were selfless with your time and even though you were ill, you still served others to relieve their suffering, without even thinking of your own illness. You knew how to demonstrate your intense emotional desire to serve others.

In the early morning hours of August 27, 2019 with your family by your side you started a new chapter in your life as you passed from this world into your eternal state. Michelle we love you and will miss you. We are going to miss your smile your knowledge and your enthusiasm. However, we are stronger knowing that we had the best wife, mom, and grandmother that we could have. Your example will go forward and we want you to know that people, especially your grandkids will know you, not just hear about you. WE LOVE YOU MICHELLE!

You are survived by your husband of 27 years Robert Kent De Korver Jr. Your children, Mark (Brittany) De Korver, Courtney (Ruben) Calixto, Triahna (Joshua) Everett, Aaron De Korver and five beautiful grandchildren Lucy, Lorena, Joshua, Lisa, and Jeremiah. You are also survived by your parents, Wilson "Bill" and Karen Stevens Sr. and Robert and Elsie De Korver Sr. (in laws). As well as 3 sisters and 2 brothers, Christine Stevens, Sheryl (Joseph) Miller Jr, Tami (Ralph) Hall, Allen (Carla) Stevens, Nathan (Syrena) Stevens, who all live in Washington State. You are also survived by many nieces and nephews. You were preceded in death and reunited with your grandparents Clarence Edgar and Selma Voss Stevens, Gottlieb LaVerne and Martha Marie Conner Schroeder, and brother Wilson "Bill" Edgar Stevens Jr.

Your visitation will be held Monday, September 2, 2019 at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Rd (10600 South) Sandy, Utah from 6:00 pm ‚ 8:00 pm, and on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 from 9:30 am ‚ 10:30 am at the Eagle Mountain Utah West Stake Center, 1330 East Ira Hodges Scenic Parkway in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Funeral services will follow at 11:00 am at the Eagle Mountain Utah West Stake Center. Interment to follow at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Rd (10600 South), Sandy, Utah.

The family would like to thank the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and Community Nursing Services for their care of Michelle. In lieu of flowers the family suggest making donations to the Michelle De Korver Charitable Account with any America First Credit Union, or to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City Utah, or to donate a book to your local library in Michelle's name.

For additional information, please visit larkincares.com.