Virginia Gail Powers

1940 ~ 2022

Graveside Service

Herriman City Cemetery
May 10, 2022 2:00 PM

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May 10, 2022 12:00 PM

Funeral Services

6250 South 2200 West, Taylorsville, Utah
May 10, 2022 12:00 PM


6250 South 2200 West, Taylorsville, Utah
May 10, 2022 10:00 AM

Virginia Gail Wauson Powers passed through the veil and returned home on the 3rd of May 2022. Born the 18th of November 1940 to Thomas Maron Wauson and Beryl Eileen Manley Wauson. The oldest of 5 girls, Loren Claire Wauson Molieri, Mary (Garth) Reid, Jan (Walt) Faulkner, and Sydnie Wauson (Bob Werner).

Born in Long Beach, California, she was soon moved to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the early months of 1941. She was a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack preceding the United States involvement in World War II. There it was discovered that she was deaf.

Being deaf from an early age was never an excuse to not give her whole self into everything she did. Extraordinary is possibly the only word that can accurately define Virginia. A member of the “Daughters of the American Revolution” she was recognized for her genealogical research. Her love of academics was only surpassed by her love of Christ and her family. She remains the only deaf teacher to be asked by the Los Angeles Unified School District to teach a “hearing” class with the assistance of an interpreter which she declined. She chose instead to follow her dream of teaching English literature to deaf students.

On the first day the School for the Deaf opened she saw the love of her life, Robert “Bob” Frank Powers. She told herself that she would marry that man. On the 1st of January 1958 she did just that and converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Together they had four children, Robert (Jan) Powers Jr., Raymond Powers (Teddie), Robin Eileen (Steve) Loder, John Powers (Kristen). That resulted in having a grand total of 18 grandchildren, and 27 great grandchildren. They stayed by each other for 67 loved filled years, 64 of marriage here on earth, and will continue for eternity.

She had an amazing love for the Church, Christ and all her callings, including becoming Relief Society President. The calling she loved more than the rest was when she and her husband were asked to serve a family history mission for the Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Being the unbelievably motivated woman she was, decided with her husband to extend their mission many times. With a one year break, they stretched the typical 18 month calling to nearly 10 years spanning from 2004-2015.

Preceded in death by her parents, Thomas and Beryl Wauson, her sister Loren, and her great grandson Jameson Dee Powers. Nothing seemed impossible for her and the fact that she was deaf just made everything she accomplished that much more impressive. She didn’t see it that way but that’s just who she was. Creating a “highlight reel” of her feats is not a short list by any stretch of the imagination and doesn’t seem to be fair or do her justice. She was a pillar of strength, a symbol of faith, and a testament to the will power of a determined person.

So many people love and miss her, but none as much as her otherworldly devoted and equally as impressive husband. The two of them together showed everyone they met what true love is. She’s gone for now, but she is not the type of person to be forgotten for years to come. She touched the lives of so many and I believe they are a bit better for it. Virginia set out to make a dent in this world and ended up leaving a crater in everyone’s heart until we meet again.

Funeral services will be held beginning at Noon on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at the ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located 6250 South 2200 West in Taylorsville, Utah. A viewing will take place prior to the services beginning at 10AM. Interment to follow at Herriman City Cemetery.

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Sister Powers definitely made a positive influence in my life. She, along with Elder Powers were a delight to work with in the Family History Library. Their love and concern for everyone was palpable. Always positive, always hard working, and always on the Lord's side, they made a huge impact in the Library. I have missed having them in the Library and seeing their great smiles. My prayers go out to Elder Powers and all your family.
Love you!
Kristina Westbye

- Kristina Westbye

Bless Virginia and she is peace. I miss her in my close friend for years I lover her always remember our memories Hugs Margaret

- Margaret Ann Holcomb

Virginia was a powerhouse of a woman - so influential in my life as a young missionary in 1990 serving in California. I still remember her words of advice and guidance. Godspeed Sister Powers! Until we meet again ♥️

- Sharla Jones

Sorry for loss knew her from old fullerton deaf branch in calif sweet lady will be missed

- steven e florence

Dear Brother Powers and to the extended Powers family, I mourn in my heart of her stepping to the other side of the veil, but rejoice she has left a great legacy in our Deaf and HH community and blessings upon her family. Virginia was truly a woman of her time being an exemplar disciple of Jesus Christ. I was privileged to have known and worked with her during my mission at the wonderful ASL Riverside Branch in 1983-1984 under the San Bernardino California Mission before I transferred to Montana for that last year. Even as a missionary, I learned many things about the gospel through her teaching of excellence always guided by the Spirit. While at times the branch and members had some difficulties, she was the main strength to calm things down and gave us strength. She always pointed us to look at Christ as the true beacon of hope and faith. Truly I saw her strength was like unto a drinking water "...fountain show[ing] unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto [Jesus Christ]—the fountain of all righteousness." (Ether 12:28). Indeed, her example was like unto our Savior and Redeemer when he met and told a Samaritan woman at a water well: "...whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give [them] shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give [them] shall be in [them] a well of water springing up into everlasting life." (John 4:14). She was there when someone needed some spiritual water. I shall never forget her sincere example of humility and grace were very powerful that even the adversaries of evil and problems melted away from her. To this day, I still think of her example when I sometimes meet my challenges of faith now and then. Later after my mission, I was delighted to meet her and Elder Powers again at the FHL in SLC and sought her advice how to seek my ancestors on my mother's side supposedly to be said some of them came from Italy. Her expertise and being in strong alignment with the Spirit of Elijah was amazing that she found the actual proof my unknown ancestors were musicians in northern Italy which later moved to England at the invitation of King Henry the 8th to become as royal musicians and from there, later generations moved to Colonial America and fought the British during the American revolution in the southern states. When I told my mother about this wonderful finding, she almost wept and was stunned. Having said this, this goes on and on how much her humility, resilience and service of the Savior touched the lives of many people, both Deaf and Hearing for the better and most of all, for her esteemed family. I look forward to meet her again someday and, in my prayers and condolences goes to you, Elder Powers... you were her pillar of the gospel built upon the rock of Christ, and surely you belong to your blessed wife and mother of your posterity after this long time, yet you both belong together for all eternity with your wonderful posterity to come. Thank you, Sister Virginia Powers. Love, Brother Eric F. Spanbauer

- Eric F. Spanbauer

Virginia was a true Saint and disciple of Christ as we know her for many years. We know she qualifies for the highest blessings in Heaven. We have seen her served with love and dedication to her family, friends and strangers. She has graduated with high honors from earth life to eternal life to be with families. Blessings to her family with love and strength.
Richard and Rebecca

- Richard and Rebecca Moore

Dear Powers Family, Sister Powers will be sorely missed by all, especially the LDS Deaf
Community. She was very influential and inspirational to me while serving my mission in Riverside. I got to knew some family members well and cherish those friendships. Her story is amazing. I never knew she was a convert to the church. My love goes out to her family, especially Brother Powers, and to her friends. I am.certain she is in paradise organizing something. ❤️ Sister Debora Gervasi Jamison

- Debora Jamison

We are so sorry for your loss. Our love and prayers are with you. Ted and marie smith

- Marie smith

My son Stan and I will be there Tues morning. Faith Bassett

- Faith Elizabeth Bassett

I am definitely sure that Sister Virginia Powers is a well known to everyone in the deaf community. While I served a mission in California San Bernardino Mission for 1 year in 1982-1983 then transferred to Washington DC mission for 5 months. I served in Riverside Deaf Branch, I met Elder Powers, he was Branch President. Sister Virginia Powers was Sunday School Gospel Doctrine teacher and RS President. I was very impressed by her teaching with spirit of the Lord with her. I have learned a lot from her teachings and a great examples. I was amazed that she had 2 church calling at the same time. She is a pioneer lady in Riverside Deaf Branch along with her husband Bob Powers. I met both of them again as they were called in FHL and attended the Salt Lake Valley 2nd Ward. My heart and my condolences to her and her family. May the Lord bless the family with love and peace.

Eric R. Lynn (The Irishman)

- Eric R. Lynn

I met her and husband in 1986 or 1987. My husband knew Bob Powers, they were childhood and classmates and dormitory. Bob Bahling learned that Bob Powers disappeared. My husband Robert had no knowledge what happened to Bob Powers. When Robert Bahling moved to Los Angeles, CA from Indiana in 1984. Someone learned that Robert Bahling from Illinois, if Robert Bahling knew Bob Powers. He said yes, where is Bob Powers? He is in Riverside. Later, when the basketball game there, Robert Bahling finally met Bob Powers. They were happy to see each other and introduced Bob Powers’ wife and also introduce to Robert Bahling’s wife Pina. They were happy very well ever since. We loved Virginia very much. I am sorry for loss. My condolences to Powers family……. 💕❤️🤟😔

- Pina Bahling

To my dear departed friend, Sister Virginia Powers, I am very sorry to miss some opportunities of visiting with you and your family especially your daughter, Sister Robin, who is my dear trusted friend & confidant while I was living in Utah for many years. She was a wonderful interpreter on numerous appointments back then. And for you, dear friend, Robin, your father and your whole family, I am very sorry for your loss. All of you have my deepest condolences with my deepest thoughts and prayers. Lastly, all of you, will be reunited with your beautiful Mother, Sister Virgina Powers. With love, Brother Christopher Palaia (Northern California)

- Christopher Palaia

We knew VA Powers for years. She was a wonderful person and she had lots of good example. Of course, we will miss her and we will never forget her as long as we live. We knew that she will be in the Paradise World real soon and she will meet lots of her old friends and families there. She looks around 20 years old younger now and can able to play the sports there. She will be very busy there too.

- Keith and Karen Gamache

I first went to Fullerton Branch on a Sunday, I enjoyed Sunday School class with Sister Powers teaching the class. I first met her. I have seen her couple of times at church and CSU Northridge. Sister Virginia Powers is a special woman with sweet spirit and knowledgeable in scriptures. She has a great talents and virtues. I did, do and will do appreciate her with kindness and concerns for everyone. She was, is and will be always a great spiritual and special woman. I will surely miss her. I want to close this with the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

- Rufus Clark

Our Dearest Robert, ••• Bob as we have always called & known you by • Virginia & Bob Powers • You two are a Beautiful Combination of People & Names • Respected Names • We Love the strong Examples you two have always shown • The Love & Respect you have for Each Other • for God & Jesus Christ & His Church.
I am so grateful for the technology of • Von & I want you to know that we love you Both Very Much • We Pray for your Comfort, knowing that you, Bob, did Everything to make Virginia Happy❣️

- Von & Betty Jones

Our Dearest Robert, ••• Bob as we have always called & known you by • Virginia & Bob Powers • You two are a Beautiful Combination of People & Names • Respected Names • We Love the strong Examples you two have always shown • The Love & Respect you have for Each Other • for God & Jesus Christ & His Church.
I am so grateful for the technology of • Von & I want you to know that we love you Both Very Much • We Pray for your Comfort, knowing that you, Bob, did Everything to make Virginia Happy❣️

- Von & Betty Jones

Virginia "Ginny" was my role model when we were students at Riverside School for the Deaf. After she married Bob Powers, she continued to write me letters giving me advices and sharing wisdoms and God's love. We may have lost touch but every reunions or workshops she and I would catch up. Bob, my condolence for your loss and may memories of her linger on as mine. Hugs!

- Francine Lauer Skedsmo