Owen Kent Covey

September 28, 1939 ~ June 4, 2020

Kent was born on September 28, 1939, and died on June 4, 2020. He will be missed.


I vaguely knew Kent at the University of Utah. He was obviously one of the smarter persons I've known. He was a very "straight forward" person. What he said is what he thought. The proof of his intelligence was demonstrated by how he managed to marry an extremely wonderful woman, Alyce. They were an amazing combination. My heart is surly with her and Kent's siblings.

- Craig Dunford
Kent Covey and I were in the same pledge class, Alpha Gamma Rho, National Agricultural Fraternity, U. C. Davis, in the Spring of 1958. I have many fond memories of Kent from our college days. Once, his Dad picked us up in California in his Beach Bonanza airplane, we landed in Nevada to load up some fine beverage not readily available in Utah, and then proceeded to Salt Lake. It was Thanksgiving vacation and Kent and I went duck hunting in Wyoming and endured some pretty cold weather. A trip I never forgot. My condolences to his family.

- Frank A Van Konynenburg
I have many wonderful memories made with Kent. Most come from our out of door escapades. He taught me a lot. Our hunts and fishing times were some of the best. I also have never forgotten a couple of plane flights with him. His wedding with sweet Alice was beautiful. I surely miss him.

- Don Parker
I’m sorry that Kent has passed. Kent was a unique individual and friend. I have so many good memories from hunting and fishing together over the past 40 years.

- Dan Godfrey